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Basic Info of Nicotinamide

What is Nicotinamide?

Nicotinamide, additionally referred to as vitamin B3 (nicotinamide, nicotinamide), is the pyridine 3 carboxylic acid amide form of nicotinic acid. It is a water-soluble vitamin that is not saved in the body. The main sources of vitamins in the diet are nicotinamide, niacin as well as tryptophan. The main sources of niacin include meat, liver, green leafy vegetables, wheat, oats, hand kernel oil, beans, yeast, mushrooms, nuts, milk, fish, tea and coffee.

Nicotinamide is a component of coenzyme I (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, NADP) as well as coenzyme II (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate, NADP). Nicotinamide in these 2 coenzyme structures in the human body has reversible hydrogenation and also dehydrogenation features, contributes in hydrogen transfer in organic oxidation, can advertise cells respiration, biological oxidation procedure and metabolic rate, as well as is of great relevance to keep the stability of the regular body. When lacking, pellagra is caused by the influence of cell respiration as well as metabolism, so this product is primarily made use of to prevent pellagra, stomatitis, glossitis, etc.

Niacinamide or nicotinamide (NAM) is a vitamin B 3 that exists in food as well as is made use of as a nutritional supplement and medication. As a supplement, oral management is utilized to avoid and also treat pellagra (niacin shortage). Although nicotinic acid (niacin) can be made use of for this purpose, the benefit of nicotinamide is that it does not cause skin flushing. As a cream, it is made use of to deal with acne. Water soluble vitamins Nicotinamide is the name of the supplement, while nicotinamide (NAM) is the taxonomic name.

The side effects are really little. High dosages may trigger liver troubles. It is risk-free to utilize the typical amount while pregnant. Nicotinamide comes from vitamin B household medications, particularly vitamin B 3 facility. It is the amide of nicotinic acid. Foods consisting of nicotinamide include yeast, meat, milk as well as eco-friendly veggies.

Nicotinamide was found in between 1935 and also 1937. It is in the list of important drugs of the Globe Wellness Organization. Nicotinamide can be made use of as general drugs as well as non-prescription drugs. Commercially, nicotinamide is made from nicotinic acid (nicotinic acid) or nicotinamide. In several countries, nicotinamide is included in grains.

Nicotinamide Uses

  • Niacin deficiency
    Nicotinamide is the preferred therapy for pellagra caused by niacin deficiency. Although niacin can be made use of, the advantage of nicotinamide is that it will certainly not cause skin flushing.
  • Acne
    Nicotinamide cream is used to deal with acne. It has anti-inflammatory effect and might be beneficial to people with inflammatory skin diseases.
    Nicotinamide increases ceramide biosynthesis in human keratinocytes in vitro as well as boosts skin leaks in the structure barrier in vivo. It has actually been located that the application of 2% topical nicotinamide for 2 as well as 4 weeks can properly lower the sebum excretion rate. Niacinamide has been shown to stop the activation of Toll like receptor 2 induced by dermatobacterium acnes, which ultimately results in the down-regulation of pro-inflammatory interleukin-8 manufacturing.
    Various other skin advantages of topical nicotinamide may consist of relieving the water obstacle stripped from the skin, decreasing irritation, enhancing collagen production, and reducing hyperpigmentation in the skin.
  • Skin cancer
    Nicotinamide in doses of 500 to 1000 mg each day can reduce the threat of skin cancer (other than cancer malignancy) in risky people.
  • Other
    In addition to being utilized as medicine, it is likewise commonly utilized as food and feed ingredients. The world’s production capacity has actually surpassed 30000 lots. In Japan, nicotinamide accounts for 40% in medication as well as 50% in feed additives. Food additives account for 10%.

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What does Nacinamide do to the Skin?

For a long time, niacinamide has been known as whitening gold, which has attracted numerous skin care ingredient parties to frantically pursue it. But what Xiao Yan wants to tell everyone is that there is a misunderstanding here: nicotinamide is not a magic drug that can “turn corruption into magic”, its function is to reduce the generation and transportation of melanin on the surface of the skin, thereby whitening Effect. This effect is to restore your complexion to its original whiteness, rather than letting you whiten indefinitely.

In addition to whitening, niacinamide can also help the skin retain moisture, relieve the skin irritation caused by the use of other cosmetics, and repair the damaged skin barrier. On the other hand, it helps the skin maintain the balance of water and oil and inhibit the secretion of oil. Without the spillage of oil, the adhesion of dust and other dirt can be reduced, thereby reducing the pressure on the pores, making the pores smaller and the skin looking more delicate.

It can be seen that niacinamide has an irreplaceable role in skin care.

  1. (Auxiliary) Whitening
    Niacinamide has an auxiliary whitening effect, which can help the skin return to its original whiteness and brighten the skin tone. Visually, the user may feel that the hair becomes longer or darker. The fundamental reason is that the user’s skin tone has become whiter, and the contrast between the hair and the skin tone is more obvious.
  2. The ingredients are mild
    The pH value of niacinamide is 7, which is neutral, will not cause irritation to the skin, and is more conducive to skin absorption.
  3. Delay aging
    Relieve dull complexion and rough skin, and bring the skin back to a better state.
  4. Water and oil balance
    Niacinamide can balance the moisture and oil of the skin, inhibit the secretion of oil, keep the skin dry and not easy to adhere to dirt and other dirt.

  5. Refine pores
    On the basis of controlling the balance of water and oil, it can reduce the pressure of pores on dirt and other dirt, reduce the accumulation of debris in the pores, so that the pores shrink and the skin becomes smoother and more delicate.

Preparation of Nicotinamide

Add 18.8g of 3-methylpyridine (0.2mol, purity 99%, water content 0.37%) and 47g of absolute ethanol to a 100mL ordinary photochemical reactor, turn on the cooling circulation system, turn on the 420nm violet lamp (power 10W), and start with The flow rate of 4.8g/h was introduced into nitrosyl chloride to make the liquid in the reactor form a better turbulent state. The temperature of the reaction was controlled between 15 and 18°C, and the reaction was performed for about 3 hours. The qualitative raw material 3-methylpyridine was converted in the middle complete. Stop feeding nitrosyl chloride, switch to bubbling nitrogen for 0.3h, add about 20g of sodium carbonate while slightly adjusting the flow rate, adjust pH to 7.6, stop ventilation, filter the precipitated sodium chloride 12g, the filtrate is pyridine-3- The ethanol solution of formaldehyde oxime was 66 g, the content of pyridine-3-formaldehyde oxime in liquid phase was 33.64%, and the molar yield was 90.95% in terms of 3-picoline.

The ethanol solution of 66g pyridine-3-carbaldehyde oxime was added into a 150mL four-necked flask, the stirring was started, 2g of copper acetate monohydrate and 0.34g of acetonitrile were added as catalysts, the temperature was raised and the reaction was refluxed. After about 6h, the conversion of the raw materials was completed, and 47g of acetonitrile was added directly. Ethyl acetate, after stirring and dissolving, was cooled to 10 °C and left to crystallize, filtered after 2 hours, and the crystal was recrystallized once with 100 g of a 1:1 (mass ratio) mixed solvent of ethanol and ethyl acetate at a temperature of 10 °C, and filtered. , the filtrate was applied mechanically, and the filtered crystals were dried to obtain 20.1 g of white needle-like crystals of nicotinamide. The purity of the liquid phase assay was 99.32%, and the rearrangement yield was 88.92% based on the raw material pyridine-3-carbaldehyde oxime.


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