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Basic Info of Natamycin

What is Natamycin?

In 1955, Struyk et al. isolated Streptomyces natal from South Africa, and separated a new antifungal substance – pimarcin.

In 1959, Bums et alia isolated Streptomyces chatanooga from its culture in Tennessee, United States. Later on, it was confirmed that picaricin and also tennesseecin coincided compound, and also were uniformly called Natamycin-Natamycin.

In 1978, the 5% natamycin suspension established by Alcon in the USA was authorized by the US FDA for professional therapy of fungal keratitis, and natamycin was used as the first-line treatment for fungal keratitis medicine.

In 1982, the United States FDA formally accepted Natamycin as a food chemical; my country’s Food Additives Standardization Technical Board formally authorized Natamycin as a food chemical in 1996.

Natamycin, likewise known as pimacin, is a highly efficient prevention of mold and mildew, yeast and fungi. It is used to inhibit mold, yeast and also fungis in food. It is very safe and also trusted for the human body as well as does not impact the item. It is commonly utilized in cheese, meat products, cakes, juices and other foods worldwide. The item is fine-tuned from Streptomyces natalensis via submerged fermentation and also multi-step extraction process, and also its preparation is made by mixing 50% natamycin and also 50% lactose.

Natamycin has a strong repressive impact on molds, yeasts and fungi, however has no repressive effect on various other bacteria such as germs and viruses. Natamycin has a certain resistance to warm therapy, is reasonably steady in completely dry state, and also can hold up against temporary high temperature (100 ° C); but because it has a cyclic chemical structure as well as is sensitive to ultraviolet rays, it is not appropriate for contact with sunlight. The anchor factor security of natamycin task is affected by pH value, temperature, light strength, oxidants and also heavy metals, so the item needs to avoid contact with oxides as well as sulfur hydrogen substances.

Natamycin Uses

  1. Eunomycin (l) comes from Streptomyces nataIensis and Streptomyces chat tanoogensis and is used to control bulb diseases.
  2. Eustatin is made use of to deal with fungal infections, consisting of Candida albicans, Aspergillus, Cephalosporium, Fusarium and also Penicillium. It is applied topically in the form of lotion, eye decreases or tablets (for oral infections). When carried out in these methods, the absorption of eustatin in the body is minimal. When taken orally, the gastrointestinal tract has little or no absorption, so it is not suitable for systemic infection. Natamycin tablets are additionally used to treat yeast infections and also yeast infection.
  3. Natamycin is used on the surface of food that is very easy to multiply and also exposed to air. For fermented cheese, it can uniquely prevent the reproduction of mold and permit normal development and also metabolism of germs. The item ought to be saved in a well sealed, no direct sunlight,<15 ℃.
  4. The action mechanism of natamycin, as a polyene antibiotic, is to bind the sterol on the fungal cell membrane layer. The cell surface of pet body does not have sterol, which is aloof to polyene prescription antibiotics. Consequently, natamycin is safe to body as well as tough to be absorbed by human digestive system tract. No mutagenic, cancer causing and sensitizing results. It is an all-natural antifungal agent with the characteristics of safety and security, high performance, natural and also health and wellness.
  5. Pimaricin is a preservative utilized as a coating on the surface of Italian cheese to avoid the development of mold or yeast. It is unsavory, odor-free, anemic, and also does not penetrate into cheese. It is very efficient for nearly all molds as well as yeasts, but it will not influence microorganisms, so it will certainly not impact cheese ripening and flavor enhancement procedure. It can be used as an impregnant, a spray or by other techniques, such as mixing right into a cheese layer. Its concentration range is 300 to 2000 ppm.
  6. Eustatin is likewise authorized by FDA to prevent fungal eye infections, such as blepharitis, conjunctivitis as well as keratitis. On August 17, 2007, EPA’s Biochemical Category Committee identified Eupatromycin as the energetic component of biochemical pesticides, while Streptomyces lydicus (the source of Eupatromycin) has been registered in the agency, with the registration numbers of 73314-1, – 2 and – 4 as microbial insecticides for greenhouse, nursery, lawn, agriculture and seed treatment.

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Application of Natamycin in Food Field

Because food is rich in nutrients, it is easily contaminated by some bacteria and fungi, and some fungi also produce toxins, such as penicillic acid and aflatoxin, which are extremely harmful to human health.

As a food preservative, natamycin can effectively inhibit the growth and reproduction of mold and filamentous fungi, and then control some harmful toxins to contaminate food. However, natamycin has no inhibitory effect on some probiotics such as sodium lactobacillus, so it will not It affects the processing, production and flavor characteristics of fermented foods.

GB 2760-2014 “Guidelines for the Use of National Food Safety Standards for Food Additives” stipulates that natamycin can be used in cheese and processed cheese and its similar products, cakes, sauce-marinated meat products, smoked barbecue meat, fried meat , Western-style ham, meat enema, fermented meat products, mayonnaise and salad dressing, fruit and vegetable juice (pulp) and fermented wine 11 categories of food.

Natamycin cannot be used in food other than the above food categories. It should be noted that in the food classification of GB 2760-2014, pastry and bread are two types of products. In other words, natamycin cannot be used as a preservative on bread. And if natamycin is added in the bread making process, it will inhibit the yeast fermentation, resulting in the bread not rising.

Preparation of Natamycin

1T fermenter, medium composition: yeast peptone 25g/L, glucose 90g/L, NaCl 2g/L, MgSO4 1.5g/L, pH 7.3-7.6, sterilization at 115-121 ℃ for 20-30min. Inoculated with Streptomyces fuliginosa, the inoculum amount was 5%. Fermentation initial pH7.4, process control pH5.9; initial aeration 18m3/min, after 15 hours 25m3/min, after 100 hours 18m3/min; initial stirring speed 50rpm/min, 8-15 hours 75rpm/min, after 15 hours The rotation speed was 105rpm/min, and the fermentation temperature was 29°C.

Fermentation for 35 hours, adding zinc sulfate 0.05%, manganese sulfate 0.02%, fermentation for 65 hours, adding sodium acetate 0.05%, sodium propionate 0.15%.

The total fermentation time is 120 hours. After the fermentation liquid is finished, 0.15‰ of animal proteolytic enzyme is added. After 6 hours of enzymatic hydrolysis at 50 °C, the fermentation liquid is graded, washed and centrifuged; 1:3, use differential centrifugation to collect crude natamycin, and then use 30%, 50%, and 70% alcohol to wash the crude product in a volume ratio of 1:1-1:2, and finally use acetone. , isopropanol for dehydration, and finally obtain a high-purity micro-sized natamycin slurry.

The slurry was dissolved in purified water according to the content of 20g/L. Hydroxypropyl-β-cyclodextrin was added according to the ratio of natamycin and dextrin 1:5, and the pH of the solution was adjusted to 7.0. The air temperature is 180°C and the outlet air temperature is 80°C to obtain a finished powder of natamycin with high solubility.


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