n-Tridecane CAS 629-50-5

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  • Appearance: Colorless liquid
  • Purity: 99. 0%min
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Basic Info

What is n-Tridecane?

Tridecane is a colorless transparent fluid, soluble in ethanol as well as ether, insoluble in water, as well as can be used as a resources for natural synthesis. It’s a chemical that some pests spray to protect themselves versus opponents. Tridecane has 802 isomers.

Tridecane is a short-chain aliphatic hydrocarbon containing 13 carbon atoms. Tridecane is a volatile oil component isolated from the essential oil of Piper aduncum L. Tridecane is also a material launched by the brown stinkbug.

Oily straw yellow transparent liquid with hydrocarbon odor. Flash point 190-196 ° F. The details gravity is 0.76. Boiling point 456 ° F. Repetitive or long term skin call might aggravate or redden the skin, which can become dermatitis. Direct exposure to high focus of vapor might trigger headache and also unfamiliarity.

n-Tridecane Uses

  1. Aromatics are used for chromatographic analysis of reference materials.
  2. Tridecane is used as a distillation catch-up agent. It is a component of various fuels and solvents used in industry.
  3. In industry, they have no special value except as components of different gas and solvents. Tridecane is likewise used as a purification chaser in the lab.
  4. The nymph of the southerly eco-friendly shield vermin generates triadecane as a dispersion/aggregation scent, which may be made use of as a defense versus predators. It is also the primary element of the protection fluid created by the vermin Cosmopella bimaculata.
  5. N-triadecane can be used as raw material oil for paint, rubber and latex production, lubricant surfactant, additive, derived tridecane dicarboxylic acid, used to produce high-grade perfume, musk T, hot melt adhesive and other adhesives, and the main raw material for high-grade nylon 1313. Chlorinated paraffin additive, toxic product isolating agent, cosmetics, etc.

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Preparation of n-Tridecane

A preparation method for chromatographic standard item n-tridecane, characterized in that: the steps are as follows:

  1. Get the raw material n-tridecane and carry out gas chromatographic analysis, and the measured content is more than 95%.
  2. Concentrated acid treatment, extraction and washing of the above raw material n-tridecane until the acid layer is colorless.
  3. Washing to remove acid.
  4. Concentrated alkali solution to remove excess acid.
  5. Washing to remove alkali.
  6. Add desiccant for dehydration, the desiccant can be anhydrous potassium carbonate, anhydrous calcium chloride, anhydrous sodium sulfate, phosphorus pentoxide, preferably anhydrous sodium carbonate.
  7. Rectification under reduced pressure, get 10mmHg, collect front cut, middle cut, back cut, middle cut is 110 ℃/1mmHg, content can reach 99.5%; After the front and back cuts are mixed, rectification under vacuum, Take 108-110°C /1mmHg, the middle distillate, the content can reach 97%, which meets the AR grade.


  • Health hazard
    Harmful and irritating if breathed in, ingested or absorbed via the skin.
    Environmental threats: Dangerous to the setting as well as can create contamination to water bodies.
    Explosion risk: This item is combustible and also irritating.
    Unsafe features: In case of high warmth, open flame or contact with oxidants, there is a danger of burning. In case of high warm, the internal stress of the container will certainly raise, as well as there is a threat of fracturing and also explosion

  • Individual security
    Particulate filter respirator suitable for the airborne concentration of the compound. Do not enable this chemical to enter the setting. In case of liquid, collect splashed fluid in sealable containers. Soak up residual deposit with sand or an inert absorbing. After that store and throw away according to neighborhood regulations. If strong, move splashed material into sealable containers. Where ideal, dampen first to prevent dusting. Thoroughly gather the residue. After that shop and get rid of according to neighborhood laws.


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