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Basic Info

What is N-Methylformamide?

N-methylformamide is a colorless, transparent, viscous oily liquid, soluble in water, and can also dissolve inorganic salts. It is hygroscopic and easily decomposes in acidic or alkaline solutions.

The reaction between N-methylformamide and hydrogen chloride can form two salts: HCONHCH3·HCl in non-polar solvents; (HCONHCH3)2·HCl in the absence of solvent.

It has almost no interaction with metallic sodium at room temperature, and will be hydrolyzed by the action of acid or alkali. The acidic hydrolysis rate is formamide>N-methylformamide>N,N-dimethylformamide.

The rate of alkaline hydrolysis is formamide-N-methylformamide>N,N-dimethylformamide.

N-Methylformamide Uses

N-methylformamide is used for acylation or transamidation chemical reactions with insufficient formamide.

N-methylformamide is used to prepare methyl isocyanate. It is used as an extraction solvent for aromatic hydrocarbons and acts as a ligand in coordination chemistry. It is used as a solvent in refineries and aluminum electrolytic capacitors. In addition, it is also used as a reagent in organic synthesis. In addition, it is also used as an anticancer drug in research and an intermediate in the production of certain drug compounds.

N-methylformamide is an important organic synthetic raw material used in the synthesis of pesticide insecticides, acaricides, and imidacloprid. It is also used in the production of pharmaceuticals, synthetic leather, synthetic leather, and as a solvent for chemical fibers and textiles.

N-methylformamide is an important organic chemical raw material and intermediate, and is a high-performance organic solvent used for synthesizing efficient and low toxicity monomethyl and bimetallic compounds. It can be used as a reaction solvent and refining solvent for organic synthesis, and is also widely used in pharmaceuticals, dyes, spices, electrolysis, electroplating industries, etc.

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Application of N-Methylformamide

Excess molar volume and excess Gibbs energy
Reported the excess volume VE measured in a dilution dilatometer over the entire composition range (N-methylformamide+water), (N-methylformamide+methanol), and (N-methylformamide+ethanol), as well as the total vapor pressure at 303.15K temperature. The measurement of total vapor pressure is carried out through an improved static method. For all mixtures within the entire composition range, the excess molar volume is negative; The measurement of vapor pressure shows that there is only a small negative deviation between these systems and the ideal state.

Vapor-liquid equilibrium
In Harris’s work, experimental VLE data were provided for N-methylformamide+hexane, N-methylformamide+benzene, N-methylformamide+chlorobenzene, and N-methylformamide+acetonitrile at 363.15 K. These data are devices that use computer-driven static gas-liquid equilibrium measurements. Use the NRTL excess Gibbs energy (g (E)) model to model the data. Calculate the activity coefficient of low boiling compounds at infinite dilution using the pressure difference method and NRTL equation.

As a potential treatment for colon cancer
We investigated the effect of N-methylformamide combined with anti-tumor drugs doxorubicin and cisplatin on the survival of colon cancer cell line (HT-29) cells. To better understand the chemical sensitization mechanism mediated by N-methylformamide, we evaluated the effects of N-methylformamide on cell volume and surface expression of some integrin molecules (VLA2, VLA5, and VLA6) in HT-29 cell lines. Method: Evaluate cell survival rate through clone formation experiments; Analyze the surface expression of integrin by flow cytometry; Measure cell volume using Coulter Channalyzer. Result: Non cytotoxic doses of N-methylformamide (170 mM) made HT-29 cell lines sensitive to the lethal activity of doxorubicin and cisplatin. Cell volume analysis showed that exposure to N-methylformamide resulted in an increase in cell volume. Flow cytometry analysis of VLA2, VLA5, and VLA6 receptors showed that N-methylformamide can increase the expression of three integrins by 30% to 40%. Conclusion: The plasma membrane may constitute one of the targets of N-methylformamide and may be involved in the differentiation and chemosensitization effects induced by the drug. In addition, the combination of N-methylformamide and anti-tumor drugs can improve the treatment of colon cancer.


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