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Basic Info of Morpholine

What is Morpholine?

Morpholine, also referred to as 1,4-oxazacyclohexane, diethyleneimine oxide, is an anemic alkaline oily fluid with ammonia odor and also hygroscopicity. It can volatilize with water vapor and is miscible with water. Soluble in acetone, benzene, ether, pentane, methanol, ethanol, carbon tetrachloride, propylene glycol as well as other organic solvents. The vapor and also air create an eruptive blend with an explosion limitation of 1.8% to 15.2% (quantity portion). Morpholine is a second amine, and likewise has the buildings of inorganic acid as well as natural acid at the same time, and can form salts as well as amides.

Morpholine consists of additional amine groups as well as has all the normal responsive features of additional amine groups. It can respond with not natural acids to create salts, and also respond with natural acids to create salts or amides, which can be based on alkylation reaction, and can also be reacted with ethylene oxide, ketone or Willgerodt reaction. Because of the unique chemical buildings of morpholine, it has become one of the fine petrochemical items with crucial industrial use., descaling representatives, painkiller, local anesthetics, sedatives, respiratory system as well as vascular energizers, surfactants, optical bleaching agents, fruit chemicals, textile printing as well as dyeing accessories, and so on, in rubber, medication, chemicals, dyes, layers and various other markets It has a vast array of uses, as well as is made use of in the production of morpholine guanidine, Viralin, advil, ketone, naproxen, dichloroaniline, salt phenylacetate and also various other important medicines in medication.

The manufacturing techniques of morpholine primarily consist of DEA approach (diethanolamine method) and also DEG technique (diethylene glycol method). A new kind of polymer monomer, morpholine acrylate, which has created rapidly abroad in recent times, is additionally worth keeping in mind. Polymer morpholine is acquired by the response of acrylate as well as morpholine. This product is a water-soluble monomer, and also it is additionally water-soluble after polymerization, so it is made use of for the adjustment of water-based polymers; in addition, it is additionally widely used in the response of UV-curable materials Diluent; With the strengthening of application study, lots of brand-new details uses have actually been constantly established, ending up being a very rapidly creating polymer monomer.

Morpholine Uses

  1. Ingredients and also catalysts
    Morpholine is used as an additive to change the pH value of vapor system and also nonrenewable fuel source in nuclear reactor. Morpholine is likewise made use of for rust security of central heating boiler water circulation system in chemical plants. Morpholine was used to prepare alumina driver. They are prepared in the form of gelling agents for the therapy of hydrocarbons.
  2. Organic synthesis
    Morpholine is often made use of in the synthesis of enamines. It is an essential component in the production of linezolid, an antibiotic made use of to deal with Gram-positive microbial infections. It is also made use of in the cancer cells drug gefitinib. Morpholine is likewise used in the analgesic dextromorphine. Morpholine hydrochloride such as morpholine hydrochloride is made use of in the organic synthesis of intermediates.
  3. Farming
    Morpholine in the form of chemical emulsifier is used to safeguard fruits. This is achieved with a shaving process in which a layer of wax is applied to the fruit. This finish shields the fruit from insects and fungis. Ergosterol biosynthesis inhibitor is a derivative of morpholine, which is made use of as a fungicide in grains. Some morpholine fungicides used for cereal crops are amorofen, phenpromorphine and also triphenylmorpholine.
  4. Rubber industry
    Morpholine is widely made use of as an intermediate in the rubber market to produce DTOs, MDS, nobs as well as various other rubber vulcanization accelerators. More than 50% of the demand for morpholine comes from rubber vulcanization accelerators, and also about 30% of rubber vulcanization accelerators are used for nobs.
  5. Metal corrosion prevention
    Morpholine is utilized as corrosion prevention for copper, iron, lead, zinc as well as various other metals. It is extensively utilized in the fields of cars, mechanical tools and also clinical devices. Compared with its predecessors, such as cyclohexylamine and dicyclohexylamine nitrite, morpholine’s gas-liquid state is less hazardous to the environment.
  6. Production
    Morpholine is made use of to make paper, glass, soap, detergent, color as well as synthetic fiber. For creating a logical reagent for gauging nitrogen. Morpholine can likewise be utilized in pharmaceutical, leather, fabric, house care and ceramic markets.

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Application of Morpholine

Peptic ulcers occur at the pylorus and duodenum of the stomach and are mucosal damage caused by the digestion of gastric juices. The occurrence of peptic ulcer is related to many factors, which can be divided into protective factors and damage factors. The former includes mucus, HCO3- and prostaglandins secreted by gastric mucous cells; the latter includes gastric acid, pepsin and Helicobacter pylori. Excessive secretion of gastric acid is the main cause of peptic ulcer, so drugs that inhibit gastric acid secretion have become the means of anti-peptic ulcer. Such drugs can be divided into receptor antagonists and proton pump (H+/K+-ATPase) inhibitors. In the article “Application of Benzimidazole in Medicine”, we mentioned proton pump inhibitors, which have the characteristics of strong selectivity and less side effects than histamine H2 receptor antagonists as receptor antagonists.

Among morpholines, muscarinic acetylcholine receptors (mAChRs) antagonists, also known as M receptor antagonists, are used as anti-peptic ulcer drugs. In the process of gastric parietal cell acid secretion, M receptors, histamine H2 receptors and gastrin receptors are all involved and play a promoting role. In addition, M receptors are also involved in processes such as motor control, body temperature regulation, cardiovascular regulation and memory in the central nervous system. In the peripheral nervous system, they receive smooth muscle contraction, gland secretion, and the regulation of heart rate and myocardial contractility. Therefore, the indications of M receptor antagonists also include smooth muscle spasm, anesthesia, nausea and vomiting, and motion sickness.

The proteasome is a multi-subunit macromolecular complex widely distributed in the cytoplasm and nucleus of eukaryotic cells. It has a variety of catalytic functions and can selectively degrade intracellular proteins. Proteasome inhibitors inhibit the activity of proteasome, thereby affecting the expression of cell growth-related proteins, cytokines and signaling molecules, interfering with the original process of cell proliferation, differentiation and apoptosis, and inhibiting the growth of tumor cells more obviously.

Carfilzomib, a morpholine drug developed by Onyx Pharmaceuticals, was launched in 2012 for the treatment of multiple myeloma and is a second-generation irreversible proteasome inhibitor. In a clinical trial in combination with dexamethasone (NCT01568866), carfilzomib was associated with a lower rate of disease progression/mortality than the first-generation proteasome inhibitor bortezomib (36.9% vs. 52.3%), Median progression-free survival was longer (18.7 months vs. 9.4 months), with a more significant (one-sided p<0.001) efficacy.

On February 23, 2018, Baloxavir Marboxil, a morpholine drug developed by Shionogi, was approved by the Japan Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency (PMDA) for the treatment of influenza A and B virus infections. Baloxavir marboxil is a drug with a novel anti-influenza mechanism of action that is different from other antiviral drugs on the market. The drug is hydrolyzed into the active form against the influenza virus, baloxavir. Baloxavir marboxil is the world’s first approved polymerase acid endoproteinase inhibitor. Baloxavir is designed to inhibit the endonuclease activity of the polymerase acid (PA) protein, which is essential for influenza virus replication. few.

Long-term studies have found that inhibiting the biosynthesis of steroids is extremely important for the prevention and treatment of various skin diseases and deep infections caused by fungi. Inhibiting the synthesis of ergosterol in fungi can effectively inhibit the growth of fungi. Squalene cyclooxygenase is a cell membrane-bound enzyme that catalyzes the conversion of squalene to 2,3-epoxysqualene and is one of the rate-limiting enzymes in the sterol biosynthetic pathway. Therefore, researchers have developed a number of squalene oxidase inhibitors, which are used to disrupt the formation of fungal cell membranes, thereby killing or inhibiting fungi.

Amorprofen, a morpholine drug, was originally a bactericidal drug used in agriculture, but it was later found to have good antibacterial activity against all pathogenic fungi other than non-colored filamentous fungi such as Aspergillus and Penicillium. The drug can be used to treat psoriasis, candidiasis of the skin, vitiligo, onychomycosis and other fungal infections. It not only cures skin fungal infections, but also spreads easily to the nails after being applied to the nails, and maintains a long-term antifungal effect, making it an ideal anti-superficial fungal drug.

Anaplastic lymphoma kinase (ALK), named after its discovery in anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL), is a receptor tyrosine kinase that belongs to the insulin receptor superfamily. Studies have found that ALK can be expressed not only in ALCL, but also in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, non-small cell lung cancer, neuroblastoma, inflammatory myofibroblastic tumor and other tumors. Gene rearrangement, point mutation and amplification, so ALK gene has become a new target for anti-tumor therapy.

The morpholine drug Alectinib hydrochloride, launched in 2014, is a tyrosine kinase inhibitor targeting anaplastic lymphoma kinase (ALK) and RET receptor tyrosine kinase, which can inhibit tumor cell proliferation and induce cell death. The drug is approved for the treatment of anaplastic lymphoma kinase (ALK)-positive non-small cell lung cancer. Compared with Crizotinib, the first ALK inhibitor, Alectinib hydrochloride was significantly more effective (p<0.0001), and in clinical trial NCT02075840, patients who took the drug had a longer median progression-free survival (25.7 months vs. 10.4 months).

Preparation of Morpholine

  1. Morpholine can be prepared by dehydration as well as cyclization of diethanolamine stemmed from sulfuric acid. Add diethanolamine into the water reaction pot, decrease sulfuric acid at 60 ℃, after that raise the temperature to 185-195 ℃, and also maintain it for 30min. Great to below 60 ℃, decline sodium hydroxide option to pH = 11, trendy, filter, filter and also distill, and gather portions below 130 ℃. The content of spermine is more than 99.5%. The raw materials of this technique are easily offered, as well as it has actually ended up being the primary method of generating morpholine in the world. Morpholine can also be generated in the catalytic reaction of dioxane with ammonia.
  2. The prep work approach is dehydration of cyclized Diethanolamine in the visibility of sulfuric acid to obtain morpholine; After that, diethanolamine is included in the reaction pot, H2SO4 is added listed below 6 ℃, then heated up to 185-195 ℃ for half an hour, and also cooled to 60 ℃. The NaOH solution was dropped to pH = 11, and also the last 2 immersions were cooled down as well as filteringed system. Morpholine can be collected from portions listed below 130 ° C.

We can also acquire morpholine from the reaction of diethylene glycol and ammonia in the presence of stimulant and pressure. The raw products of this method are conveniently offered, and it is the primary technique for generating morpholine worldwide.


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