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Basic Info

What is Monobutyltin Oxide?

Organotin compounds are an important product of tin deep processing, with the characteristics of various varieties and wide applications, and it is the fastest growing field of tin consumption. Organotin products are used as heat stabilizers in plastic processing industries such as PVC, and have been widely used in industrialization. As catalysts, they are widely used in chemical industries such as silica gel synthesis, polyurethane synthesis, and coating synthesis.

Butyl stannoic acid, also known as monobutyltin oxide, can be used to synthesize butyl tin series heat stabilizers and catalysts, and can also be used as a polyurethane catalyst, silica gel catalyst, and coating catalyst with excellent performance. The current method for synthesizing butylstannoic acid has problems such as complex synthesis, difficult control, low conversion rate, and low product purity. Overcoming these problems is an important topic in the chemical industry.

Monobutyltin Oxide Uses

Butyl stannoic acid is primarily utilized as a stimulant for the manufacturing of saturated polyester materials such as powder coatings, coil (steel) layers, and shielding paints, and also as a catalyst for the production of unsaturated polyester resins;

Monobutyltin oxide is utilized as plastic stabilizer resources, organic tin intermediate, esterification reaction stimulant, electrophoretic electrodeposition covering driver.

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Application of Monobutyltin Oxide

Preparation of Copolyester Hot Melt Adhesives
In a 2.5L polymerization reactor with a distillation device, add terephthalic acid (249.15g), ethylene glycol (183.77g), butyl stannoic acid (0.25g) and tetrabutyl titanate (0.5g), heat, Stir, and when the internal temperature reaches 148°C, the material begins to melt; add isophthalic acid (83.05g), Polyethylene Glycol 400 (30.40g), Diethylene Glycol (80.56g) in the above-mentioned reactant, then stir and heat up , when the internal temperature reaches about 193°C, water begins to distill out, continue to heat up to 200°C, and distill off the by-products generated by the reaction. Below 130Pa, the reaction time is 2.5 hours, and the polycondensation reaction ends. Release the vacuum state of the system, add microcrystalline wax (6.20 g) to the product of step (2) at 225° C. and normal pressure, and stir at constant temperature for 0.5 hour to obtain a copolyester hot-melt adhesive. Finally, the reactants are extruded and granulated, frozen and pulverized for use.

Preparation of Monobutyltin Oxide


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