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Basic Info

What is Methylisothiazolinone?

Methylisothiazolinone (MIT) is a brand-new fungicide imported from Europe in my nation. Isothiazolinone organic compounds can prevent the growth as well as reproduction of numerous microbes (such as germs, fungis, yeast, etc), as well as are a course of broad-spectrum fungicides that are extensively used. Compared with various other sorts of fungicides, isothiazolinone fungicides have the advantages of noticeable effect and also quick activity rate in controlling the development and also metabolism of microorganisms as well as preventing the formation of biofilm.

Isothiazolinone is a water therapy agent with exceptional efficiency and also good miscibility. It can be miscible with various deterioration preventions such as chlorine, range inhibitors as well as dispersants, and also a lot of anionic, cationic as well as nonionic surfactants. It is offered in the marketplace Commercial products in circulation are generally a mix of 5-chloro-2-methyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one (CMI) and also 2-methyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one (MI), while Metal nitrite or metal nitrate will additionally be included in boost stability and prevent decay. The device of activity of isothiazolinone is to eliminate germs by damaging the bonds of microorganisms and also algae proteins. After contact with microorganisms, it can swiftly and irreversibly Hinder its growth, therefore resulting in the death of microbial cells, as well as has a strong inhibitory and also murder effect on common bacteria (sulfate lowering bacteria, sludge developing microorganisms), fungis (iron oxidizing bacteria, mold and mildew, yeast), algae, etc. It has the features of high biocidal effectiveness, great degradability, no residue, risk-free procedure, great compatibility, strong security, and low cost of use. At high doses, it has a significant impact on organic scum removing, as well as has been commonly used in iron and also steel smelting, oil area water shot, thermal power generation, papermaking, oil refining, chemical market, textile, commercial cleaning, pesticides, reducing oil water-based finishes, everyday chemicals, inks, dyes, leather and also various other areas.

Methylisothiazolinone Uses

  • 2-Methyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one is a bactericide and preservative based on isothiazolinone, which is used for personal care products. 2-Methyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one is also used to control microbial growth in aqueous solution.
  • It is typically utilized as a chemical in bath liquid, shampoo and cleaning agent, as well as can be utilized in cooling water, flowing water, paper making as well as paint finishing in industry.
  • Methylisothiazolinone is an antiseptic substance widely made use of in cosmetics. It is a call irritant and also sensitizer. Methylisothiazolinone has just recently been determined as a neurotoxin. Repetitive exposure will harm nerve endings.
  • Methylisothiazolinone, occasionally called MIT, is a preservative utilized in cosmetics as well as appeal items. It is a powerful fungicide, or “a chemical that can eliminate living organisms, typically in a careful method”. Bactericide is a general term, consisting of antibacterial agent, bactericide, antibiotic as well as antifungal agent. Finally, methyl isothiazolinone is utilized to avoid different germs and fungi from expanding in cosmetics and charm products, the most typical is shampoo. It is just accepted for wash-type formulations and has a low focus.

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Application of Methylisothiazolinone in Cosmetic

The activity of MI is quite high, and the persistence is very good. Due to the high safety of use, it can be promoted in resident products, face creams, sunscreen skin care products and paper towels, small towels, and Z-blade anti-dandruff shampoos all have huge potential markets. Internationally, Rohm and Haas has conducted a comprehensive toxicity and stability test on its Ncolone950. International colleagues and friends in the daily chemical industry can be used as a reference. The challenge test shows that the compound of 9.5% methylisothiazolinone and methylparaben and propyl acetate is in anionic emulsion (9.5% methylisothiazolinone: methylparaben: paraben Propyl vinegar = 0.005:0.2:0.1) and high SPF sunscreen medium both passed the 4-week challenge test. It can maintain good stability in skin care products with high protein nutrients. In shampoos containing zine, the active substance retention rate was still 100% after 4 weeks.

Regarding the use of the compound of methylisothiazolinone and other commonly used bactericidal preservatives (IDBc, DMDMH, parabens, etc.) in the antiseptic of cosmetics, there are the following points of view: first, the compound effect is better than that used alone, The advantages of different preservatives can be used to achieve “complementary advantages”; second, the economic feasibility is better, and because the aqueous solution of methylisothiazolinone does not contain organic salts, no protective agent can be added during compounding, making compound Matching becomes easier.


Hazard 1: According to a study by the American Society for Cell Biology, the fungicide methylisothiazolinone (MIT) hindered the growth of neurons in fertile rats.

Hazard 2: Elias Aizenman of the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine believes that methylisothiazolinone can not only cause dermatitis and allergic reactions, but may also affect developing embryos.

Hazard 3: In the report, the British doctor asked to suspend the use of this preservative immediately, because many patients had acute dermatitis, redness and swelling of the face.

Hazard 4: The British Association of Dermatologists warned that the allergy rate caused by this preservative is rapidly increasing, which may cause skin allergies or eczema outbreaks, calling for a ban. The British Skin Allergy Association pointed out that nearly 10% of patients are allergic to this preservative.


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