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Basic Info of Methyl Oleate

What is Methyl Oleate?

Fatty acid methyl ester (FAME) is an important chemical intermediate in the chemical industry and is used in polymers, solvents, food preservatives, lubricants, cosmetics, textiles and other industries. Fatty acid methyl esters can be used to synthesize surfactants and are the main components of environmentally friendly detergents such as fatty alcohols, alkanolamides, and α-sulfonated methyl esters. Another major use of fatty acid methyl esters is as a typical green and renewable energy, namely biodiesel, which can be used in diesel engines and become a good substitute for diesel.

In the traditional preparation process of methyl oleate, concentrated sulfuric acid is used as a catalyst, and by-products such as ether and sulfate are often produced. Due to the strong oxidizing property of sulfuric acid, there are problems such as corrosion of equipment, difficulty in separation, and environmental pollution. The core of acid-alcohol esterification reaction is the choice of catalyst. For this reason, environment-friendly catalysts have received more and more attention. For example, solid-supported heteropolyacids, ionic liquids and heteropolyacid salts have been studied in catalytic esterification synthesis.

Ionic liquids are considered to be a new class of green solvents and reaction media due to their many advantages. Ionic liquids also show good application prospects in catalyzing organic reactions. In particular, imidazole-based acidic ionic liquids have been successfully used in esterification, In reactions such as cycloaddition.

Methyl Oleate Uses

  1. Methyl oleate is utilized as chromatographic reference criterion in biochemical research study.
  2. Methyl oleate is use of as an emulsifier, a stabilizer, a plasticizer and also an intermediate in fabric processing.
  3. Methyl oleate can be used as lubricant and lube additive.
  4. Methyl oleate was used to study the catalytic capacity of molybdenum oxide/ bipyridyl dicarboxylic acid crossbreed products.
  5. Methyl oleate is utilized as surface area energetic base material, natural leather additive, oil exploration non-fluorescent mud lubricant.
  6. Methyl oleate is utilized as plasticizer, water repellant, strengthening agent for material, and additionally utilized in natural synthesis.

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Preparation of Methyl Oleate

  • Preparation of Acidic Ionic Liquid [Hmim]HSO4
    The acidic ionic liquid [Hmim]HSO4 was prepared according to the literature [6]. Accurately pipette 8.0 mL of N-methylimidazole and 10 mL of deionized water into a round-bottomed flask, place the round-bottomed flask in an ice-water bath, cool it to 5°C, and add 10.2 g of concentrated sulfuric acid dropwise within 30 min under vigorous stirring , and then continued stirring at room temperature for 2 h. After the reaction was completed, the water was distilled off under reduced pressure under the conditions of vacuum degree of 0.085 MPa and temperature of 75 °C to obtain light yellow transparent ionic liquid [Hmim]HSO4 with a yield of 98%.

  • Preparation of methyl oleate
    In a 100 mL four-neck flask equipped with a reflux condenser, add 0.04 mol of oleic acid and methanol with a certain molar ratio of acid to alcohol, then add a certain volume of ionic liquid, and heat under reflux in an oil bath for 4 to 6 h. After the reaction, centrifuge at 4 000 r/min for 10 min, and the lower ionic liquid can be reused. The acid value of the upper layer solution was titrated according to the national standard GB/T5530-2005 medium-heat ethanol method. According to the acid value of the solution after the reaction, a certain amount of 0.2 mol/L NaHCO3 was added to remove unreacted oleic acid, and methanol was distilled off at atmospheric pressure to obtain methyl oleate.
  • Qualitative Analysis of Methyl Oleate
    The product methyl oleate was qualitatively analyzed by GC-MS, and it was determined that the obtained product was methyl oleate.


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