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Basic Info of Methyl Eugenol

What is Methyl Eugenol?

Methyl eugenol (ME) (4-alkyl-1, 2-dimethoxybenzo-carboxylate) is a natural compound, belonging to phenylpropane and also methyl ether of eugenol. Me is a commonly distributed natural plant item, generally dispersed in more than 200 plants of 32 family members in the tropics. It is consumed by human beings and pets in several plants as well as fruits (e.g., fennel, nutmeg, basil, blackberry essence, banana as well as citrus). Me is a light yellow, oily, normally happening liquid with clove like aroma and exists in several essential oils.

Greater concentrations of methyl eugenol in basil vital oils are not typical. However, 20% methyl eugenol was discovered in the oil of O. sanctum (hegnauer 1966). Methyl eugenol has actually been detected as the primary substance in O. basilicum var vital oil. At least, stem oil from Taiwan (42.9-64.3%) and also O. basilicum from the very same resource (53.1%) (Cheng and Liu 1983). 46.8% methyl eugenol was located in o. gratissimum oil originated in Brazil (vostrowsky 1990). Brophy and jogia (1986) reported the concentration of high methyl eugenol (24.7%) from O. basilicum plant materials grown in your area in Fiji.

Methyl eugenol was initially identified in essential oils from Asarum root and asarum root, and subsequently reported to be present in heated blackberries, peppers Angelica seeds, mountain radish, fragrant bee grass, alpine plants, clove buds, nutmeg, pepper, nutmeg, tarragon, basil, laurel, myrtle leaves and berries, rosemary, fragrant fruit berries and frankincense leaf oil.

Methyl Eugenol Uses

  1. Methyl eugenol is made use of as a flavor representative in jelly, baked food, non-alcoholic beverages, eating gum, candy, pudding, spice and gelato, as well as is also commonly used as a flavoring element in perfume (0.3-0.8%), face cream and lotion (0.01-0.05%), toiletries as well as cleaning agents. In addition, me has actually been utilized as an anesthetic for rats, as well as it is likewise used as an insect attractant along with pesticides.
  2. Methyl eugenol is additionally an element of numerous important oils used in aromatherapy, massage therapy oils as well as alternative medicines. Some necessary oils, including citronella (Cymbopogon spp.), basil (Ocimum spp.), Laurus nobilis (Laurus nobilis) and tea tree (Melaleuca spp.), may contain a high proportion of methyl eugenol and be utilized as fragrances in customer items, such as individual care products and also family cleaners. For example, citronella oil, which might include methyl eugenol, is an active component in some commercially available personal bug spray lotion as well as sprayed on the skin. It is also utilized in outdoor candles as well as flashlights as an ecological bug spray.
  3. Methyl eugenol is a kind of phenylpropene, which is typically discovered in nutmeg, sweet pepper, lemon lawn, tarragon, basil, star anise and fennel. Methyl eugenol has actually been shown to hinder histone deacetylase (HDAC) task in the human colon cancer cell line HT29. Substances that display HDAC repressive residential properties or interfere with HDAC complicateds have potential applications in cancer treatment and also chemoprevention.
  4. Methyl eugenol can be used as an improver of clove fragrance. It can produce mild information in the flower scent, herb fragrance or oriental fragrance. It can be used in a percentage for rose, carnation, Ylang Ylang, lavender, gardenia, hyacinth, brandy, acacia, tuberose, basil, lavender, laurel rum, male Cologne, etc it can additionally be utilized for edible essence, mainly as a modifier of poignant scent, supplying ginger flavor, and so on it can additionally be made use of in cigarette essence.
  5. GB 2760-96 specifies that it is permitted to use seasonings for food. It is mostly utilized to prepare mixed seasonings as well as supply ginger like flavor. Due to low volatility, it appropriates for cooking food as well as tobacco.

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Application of Methyl Eugenol

Methyl eugenol can be made use of as a logical referral criterion for the metrology of the complying with analytes:

  • Wonderful pepper crucial oil utilizing high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). The purity of the drawn out substance was after that identified by gas chromatography combined with a fire ionization detector (GC/ FID).
  • The stem bark of Cinnamomum zeylanicum Blume was discovered using reverse phase high performance liquid chromatography (RP-HPLC) and ultraviolet visible detection.
  • Rosa hybrida utilizes gas chromatography paired mass spectrometry (GC-MS) modern technology.

Synthetic methyl eugenol has been widely used:

  • As a flavoring agent for a selection of refined foods, soft drinks as well as sauces.
  • In perfume.
  • As an essential oil in aromatherapy.

From the viewpoint of Entomology, synthetic me has been effectively made use of for:

  • Drosophila Study (tan and Lee 1982) and quarantine testing (see Metcalf and also Metcalf 1992 evaluation; Vargas et al 2010).
  • Estimates of survival rates in indigenous Drosophila populations (Steiner 1969; Newell and also haramoto 1968) as well as all-natural ecosystems (Tan 1985; Tan and also jaal 1986).
  • To identify the relationship in between fruit phenology and regional fruit fly populace characteristics (tan and Serit 1994).
  • Keeping track of the activity of native Drosophila between different ecosystems (tan as well as Serit 1988).

Preparation of Methyl Eugenol

A preparation method of eugenol methyl ether, which is characterized by comprising the following steps:

  1. Add an appropriate amount of sodium hydroxide solution to the reaction kettle, and drop an appropriate amount of eugenol under the condition of stirring.
  2. Keep stirring, control the reaction temperature at 20 ~ 30 ° C, and slowly add excess dimethyl sulfate.
  3. After dropping, continue stirring for 1h, and then temperature rise to 40 ° C ~ 50 ° C for 1h to decompose methyl sulfate.
  4. The product is obtained by liquid separation and vacuum distillation of the organic phase.

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