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Basic Info of Methyl Cyanoacetate

What is Methyl Cyanoacetate?

Methyl cyanoacetate is an intermediate product of pharmaceutical organic synthesis and the synthesis of some bioactive compounds used in agriculture. It can be used to synthesize various 1,2,5-tricarbonyl compounds. It undergoes calcite or fluorite catalyzed kn ö venagel condensation with aromatic aldehydes to obtain the corresponding arylene malenitrile and (E)- α- Cyanate ester. It is also commonly used as a nucleophile in the electrochemical oxidation of catechol.

Methyl cyanoacetate is a reagent for the synthesis of methyl 2-amino-4-trifluoromethyl thiophene-3-formate; A compound for the synthesis of DPP-IV inhibitors for the treatment of type 2 diabetes. In addition, it is also prepared α- Intermediates of cyanoacrylate, malononitrile and 1,1-cyclohexanediacetic acid dyes. Used as ultraviolet absorber or stabilizer, pharmaceutical intermediates. It can be used to synthesize various 1,2,5-tricarbonyl compounds.

Methyl Cyanoacetate Uses

  1. Methyl cyanoacetate is prepared α- Cyanoacrylate, malononitrile and 1,1-cyclohexanediacetic acid are intermediates of dyes. Used as ultraviolet absorber or stabilizer, pharmaceutical intermediates. It can be used to synthesize various 1,2,5-tricarbonyl compounds.
  2. Methyl cyanoacetate is an important pharmaceutical and chemical raw material; important chemical products such as cyanoacetamide, malononitrile, gabapentin, and pyrimidinamine can be synthesized by using methyl cyanoacetate as a raw material.
  3. Like ethyl cyanoacetate, methyl cyanoacetate is also an important intermediate for pesticides. The preparation of 2-amino-4,6-dimethoxypyrimidine can be used to prepare sulfonylurea herbicides, and it is also a pharmaceutical methyl 2-cyanoacrylate. ester intermediates.
  4. Methyl cyanoacetate is mainly used in the manufacture of adhesives (such as medical sticky methyl 2-cyanoacrylate), vitamin B6, malononitrile, and so on. Using a similar process, ethyl cyanoacetate as well as butyl cyanoacetate can be obtained, which are primarily utilized as adhesives and also cyanoacrylate quick-drying adhesives, as well as can be used for the bonding of pharmaceutical or auto components and household appliances.
  5. Methyl cyanoacetate is an intermediate product in the organic synthesis of medicine and the synthesis of some biologically active compounds used in agriculture. It condenses with aromatic aldehydes catalyzed by calcite or fluorite to give the corresponding arylene malononitriles and (E)-α-cyanocinnamate.

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Production Method of Methyl Cyanoacetate

  • Esterification of Chloroacetic Acid and Methanol The esterification of chloroacetic acid and methanol is carried out to generate methyl chloroacetate. The refined product of methyl chloroacetate is obtained after rectification, and the crude product is obtained by cyanidation reaction with sodium cyanide, and then the finished product of methyl cyanoacetate is obtained by filtration, atmospheric distillation and vacuum distillation.
  • Esterification of cyanoacetic acid and methanol: Add cyanoacetic acid, methanol and sulfuric acid into the reactor, heat under reflux for 3 hours, cool down to 10°C, add sodium carbonate solution to neutralize, and distill at 132-136°C and 2.133kPa, that is, In the finished product of methyl cyanoacetate.
  • Its preparation method is similar to the preparation method of ethyl cyanoacetate, namely, cyanoacetic acid and methanol are obtained by acting in the presence of sulfuric acid. NCCH2COOH+CH3OH[H2SO4]→NCCH2COOCH3+H2O


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