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Basic Info

What is Methoxypolyethylene Glycol?

Polyethylene glycol monomethyl ether is a by-product of polyethylene glycol, soluble in water, ethanol and also best polar organic solvents, less unpredictable than glycerin, secure in chemical residential properties, not quickly hydrolyzed, and also highly hydrophilic. Low vapor stress, secure to warmth, made use of as thickener and also lube in fabric printing as well as coloring industry and also daily chemical market. In the building materials sector, it is used as a raw material for concrete water reducers and strengthening agents. The polycarboxylate high-efficiency superplasticizer manufactured with this raw material has a strong ability to maintain the diffusion of cement fragments, so that the item has reduced dose, high water-reducing price, good support effect, longevity, no corrosion of steel bars and ecological friendliness Etc. It can be utilized in industrial concrete with high performance and also high stamina (over C60) for on-site mixing and also long-distance transport.

Polyethylene glycol monomethyl ether (mPEG) is the product of methylation modification on one terminal hydroxyl group of polyethylene glycol in molecular structure. In terms of drug structure modification, mPEG has unique advantages. First of all, due to its very similar properties to polyethylene glycol (PEG), mPEG has inherited PEG’s excellent water solubility, stability, biocompatibility and low toxicity.

Methoxypolyethylene Glycol Uses

  1. Enteric covering for controlled launch and also enteric coating.
  2. M-PEG36-alcohol is a PEG joint consisting of hydroxyl teams. Hydroxyl groups can be additional derivatized or replaced by various other responsive functional teams. The hydrophilic PEG spacer enhances its solubility in aqueous media.
  3. Methoxy group polyethylene glycol 350 has been made use of in a research study to examine the synthesis of novel thermosensitive micellar cyclophosphazene. It is likewise made use of to study the synthesis of new amphiphilic polymers (organophosphazenes) through progressive nucleophilic substitution.
  4. Methoxy group polyethylene glycol with an average molecular weight of 350. Methoxy group polyethylene glycol (MPEG) is made use of in different applications, such as micelles for medicine delivery and modification of therapeutic proteins to enhance their pharmacokinetics.
  5. Polyethylene glycol is a polymer derived from the hydrolysis of ethylene oxide, which is safe and also non annoying, and is widely made use of in numerous pharmaceutical preparations. Reduced molecular weight polyethylene glycol has reasonably high poisoning, and also on the whole, the toxicity of glycols is fairly low. Local application of polyethylene glycol, especially mucosal administration, can create annoying discomfort. In topical creams, this item can raise the flexibility of the skin and has a moisturizing impact similar to glycerol. High dosages of oral polyethylene glycol can create diarrhea. In the shot, the optimum concentration of polyethylene glycol 300 has to do with 30% (V/V), and hemolysis can happen when the focus goes beyond 40% (V/V).
  6. Due to the fact that only one terminal hydroxyl group of m PEG can participate in the reaction, it has high reaction selectivity and can be used as an excellent modification material in drug structure modification. The high impurity content and wide relative molecular weight distribution of industrial grade m PEG, especially the high content of polyethylene glycol (PEG), seriously affect the application of m PEG in drug modification. Therefore, the synthesis of single distribution m PEG has always been a hot topic in scientific research and industrial production.


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