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Basic Info of Methanol

What is Methanol?

Methanol, also known as methyl alcohol, among other names, is a chemical substance and the simplest alcohol. Its molecular formula is C H 3 O H (methyl linked to hydroxyl group, usually abbreviated as MeOH). Relative density 0.792 (20/4°C), melting point -97.8°C, boiling point 64.5°C, flash point 12.22°C, auto-ignition point 463.89°C, vapor density 1.11, vapor pressure 13.33KPa (100mmHg21.2°C), explosion limit of vapor and air mixture 6-36.5% (volume ratio).

Methanol miscible with water, ethanol, ether, benzene, ketone, halogenated hydrocarbons and many other organic solvents. Typically used as a solvent, antifreeze, fuel or neutralizer.

Methanol is a light, unpredictable, colorless and also combustible fluid with an unique alcohol scent comparable to ethanol (alcohol consumption alcohol). A polar solvent, methanol is called xylitol due to the fact that it was as soon as controlled by the devastating distillation of wood. Today, methanol is industrially generated mostly by hydrogenation of carbon monoxide gas.

Methanol Uses

  1. Methanol used as fundamental organic raw material, solvent as well as antifreeze. Primarily utilized in the system of formaldehyde, significance, dyes, medicine, gunpowder, antifreeze, and so on.
  2. Methanol is made use of to prepare Karl Fischer reagent for the resolution of trace wetness in alcohols, saturated hydrocarbons, benzene, chloroform and pyridine.
  3. Methanol is occasionally utilized to fuel internal burning engines. In China, methanol offers gas for commercial boilers as well as is commonly used to create warmth and also heavy steam for different industrial applications as well as household heating. Its purpose is to change coal, which is under pressure from increasingly strict ecological guidelines.
  4. Methanol mostly utilized to prepare formaldehyde and also utilized as methylating representative and also solvent in natural synthesis.
  5. Methanol is the forerunner of most easy methylamines, methyl halides as well as methyl ethers. Methyl esters are generated from methanol, consisting of transesterification of fats and biodiesel production with transesterification.
  6. The system of condensing methanol to create hydrocarbons as well as also aromatics is the basis of several modern technologies related to the conversion of gas to liquid. These include methanol to hydrocarbon (mth), methanol to gas (MTG), methanol to olefin (MTO) and also methanol to propylene (MTP). MTG process was commercialized in motunui, New Zealand.
  7. Methanol is an appealing power service provider due to the fact that it is simpler to store as a liquid than hydrogen as well as natural gas.
  8. The European gas quality directive enables gas producers to blend to 3% methanol as well as the same amount of cosolvent in gas offered in Europe. China uses greater than 4.5 billion litres of methanol as transport fuel yearly, low concentration combined fuel for traditional automobiles as well as high focus combined fuel for methanol sustained cars.

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Application of Methanol

Methanol is extensively utilized and also is the basic organic chemical resources and also top notch gas. Generally used in great chemicals, plastics and also various other fields, made use of to manufacture formaldehyde, acetic acid, methyl chloride, methylamine, dimethyl sulfate as well as other organic products, is likewise among the vital basic materials for pesticides and medicines. Methanol can be made use of as a brand-new type of clean gas after deep handling, as well as it can additionally be combined with gas.

Methanol is easy to react with sulfuric acid and carbonic acid, but it is difficult to react with hydrochloric acid at 0 ℃; At 160 ℃ and under the action of sulfuric acid, metaphosphoric acid or boron trioxide, methanol can lose water to form methyl ether ch3-o-ch3. Methanol vapor can also lose water to form ether through alumina and thorium oxide (the temperature is 200 ℃ and 400 ℃ respectively). Methanol can be used as solvent. Metal halides and organic acid salts are more or less soluble in methanol, sulfate solubility is very small, and carbonate is completely insoluble in methanol. Methanol is also a raw material for preparing formaldehyde, formic acid and inorganic or organic acid esters.

Preparation of Methanol

  1. High pressure method
    That is to say, under high temperature (340-420℃) and high pressure (30-50MPa), the synthesis gas uses zinc-chromium oxide as a catalyst, which has a large production capacity and a high single-pass conversion rate. However, the high-pressure method has many disadvantages, such as high synthesis pressure and temperature, large equipment investment and operating costs, complex operation, difficult temperature and pressure control, many by-products, and large loss of raw materials.
  2. Low pressure method
    That is, the synthesis of odor raw materials is carried out at a low pressure (5MPa) and a temperature of about 275 ° C, and a copper-based catalyst is used to synthesize methanol. The low pressure method is characterized by high selectivity, less impurities in crude methanol, and good quality of refined methanol.
  3. Medium pressure method
    That is, the synthesis gas is used as the raw material, the operating pressure is 10-27MPa, the temperature is 235-275°C, and the catalyst is a copper-based catalyst. This method is characterized by large processing capacity, huge equipment and large area.


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