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Basic Info of Methanesulfonic acid

What is Methanesulfonic acid?

Methanesulfonic acid (ch3so3h, MSA) is a strong natural acid. The chemical oxidation of dimethyl sulfide in the environment leads to the formation of a huge quantity of MSA. MSA is biodegraded by the formation of carbon dioxide and also sulfate. It is thought about an eco-friendly acid because it is much less toxic as well as corrosive than not natural acids. MSA liquid remedy has actually been considered as a design electrolyte for electrochemical procedures.

Methanesulfonic acid is an alkanesulfonic acid in which the alkyl group directly attached to the sulfo useful team is methyl. It has a feature as a metabolite of E. coli. It is an alkane sulfonic acid and a solitary carbon compound. It is a conjugated acid of methanesulfonate.

Methylsulfonic acid is a caustic chemical substance, referred to as MSA. 70% methanesulfonic acid is generally made use of in electroplating field, material driver as well as digital cleaning agent. It has a broad application possibility in electroplating area and also has been verified to be an excellent replacement for fluoroboric acid or phenol sulfonic acid. Methanesulfonic acid electroplating service is extensively used in tin and also tin lead alloy electroplating. The brilliant pure tin electroplating of methanesulfonic acid kind has fine, attire, brilliant silver white, good solderability as well as is suitable for premium digital sector, The plating option has high layering speed, vast existing thickness range, rapid deposition rate and also exceptional deep layering capability. After standard aging examination or long-lasting storage space, it can still keep good welding performance, devoid of fluoroboric acid, easy to deal with wastewater, reduced corrosivity and for environmental protection. 99% methanesulfonic acid is generally used to generate antibiotic intermediates.

Methanesulfonic acid Uses

Methanesulfonic acid is made use of as solvent and also catalyst for alkylation, esterification and polymerization responses, pharmaceutical intermediate, 70% focus for electroplating.

Methanesulfonic acid is a basic material for medicines and also pesticides, and also can also be utilized as a dehydrating representative, a paint treating accelerator, and a fiber treatment representative.

Methane sulfonate electroplating option has actually been applied to tin and tin-lead alloy electroplating. The product features are as complies with:

  1. Methanesulfonic acid kind brilliant pure tin electroplating, the finishing crystal is fine, consistent, intense silver-white, with excellent reproducibility. Solderability, appropriate for the electronics industry.
  2. The electroplating option has high electroplating speed, vast current thickness variety, fast deposition rate and also superb deep plating capability.
  3. After basic aging test or long-term storage space, it can still preserve good welding efficiency.
  4. Does not contain fluoroboric acid, simple to treat wastewater, low corrosiveness, and for environmental protection.

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Synthesis of Methanesulfonic acid

  • Oxidation of methyl thiocyanate with nitric acid: carefully heat nitric acid and effective negative water to 80-88 ℃, add methyl thiocyanate in several times, and the temperature will automatically rise to about 105 ℃. After the reaction is moderated, the crude product is obtained by heating to 120 ℃ and reacting for 5 hours. Dilute the crude product with exchange water, add 25% barium hydroxide solution, adjust the pH value to 8-9, and filter. The filtrate was deeply reduced and crystallized, and the nitrate was washed with methanol to obtain barium methanesulfonate. Then add the alkali into the exchange water to boil, add sulfuric acid while hot, decompose, filter, and concentrate the filtrate to anhydrous under reduced pressure to obtain the finished product.

  • Methyl isothiourea sulfate is prepared by chlorination, oxidation and hydrolysis: methyl isothiourea sulfate is added to water, and chlorine gas is injected at 20-25 ℃ until the color of the solution turns yellow, there is oil layer at the bottom of the bottle, the temperature drops, and a large amount of residual chlorine is discharged from the exhaust pipe, which is the end point of the reaction. The reaction solution was extracted with chloroform. After drying, chloroform was evaporated at 60-62 ° C under normal pressure and then distilled under reduced pressure. The fraction at 60-65 ℃ (2.67kpa) was collected to obtain methanesulfonyl chloride. Under stirring, 80 ℃ hot water was added dropwise and hydrolyzed for about 2H until the oil droplets in the reaction liquid disappeared. The syrup was concentrated with water under reduced pressure.


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