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  • Appearance: Glass-like solid
  • Assay: 99. 0%min
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Basic Info of Metaphosphoric acid

What is Metaphosphoric acid?

Metaphosphoric acid (HPO3) is a sort of easily deliquescent strong with high poisoning. Glassy colorless solid; Soft and transparent; Deliquescence; Sublimation at red heat; Slowly dissolve in cold water and decompose into phosphoric acid; Soluble in alcohol. Metaphosphoric acid is a polymerized glassy solid obtained by heating phosphoric acid for a long time. When phosphoric acid H3PO4 or pyrophosphoric acid h4p2o7 is heated to more than 300 ° C, transparent glassy composition (HPO3) n will be produced when cooled. Metaphosphoric acid can also be obtained by dissolving phosphorus pentoxide in cold water for partial hydration.

Metaphosphoric acid as well as phosphoric acid have the exact same anhydride: phosphorus pentoxide. The difference is that phosphorus pentoxide responds with hot water to generate phosphoric acid, as well as reacts with cold water to create metaphosphoric acid (or polymetaphosphoric acid (HPO3) n, such as trimethyl metaphosphoric acid (HPO3)3).

Phosphonate (1 -) is a monovalent inorganic anion obtained by deprotonation of among the two OH groups in phosphonic acid. It is a phosphorus oxide anion and a monovalent not natural anion. It is a conjugated base of phosphonic acid. It is a conjugated acid of phosphonate (2 -).

Metaphosphoric acid Uses

  1. Metaphosphoric acid is an inorganic reagent made use of for research objectives.
  2. Metaphosphoric acid is made use of in dental care to produce zinc oxyphosphate concrete; As a chemical evaluation reagent.
  3. Metaphosphoric acid is used as a drying out agent. Its derivative salt hexametaphosphate is used as a chelator and artificial additive. It is likewise used as phosphorylation agent, analytical reagent and also oral cement.


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