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Basic Info

What is Maltitol?

Maltitol is a kind of disaccharide alcohol obtained by starch hydrolysis and hydrogenation refining. It is a white crystalline powder or a colorless transparent neutral viscous liquid. It is easily soluble in water and its sweetness is slightly lower than that of sucrose. It has soft and delicious taste, low calorific value, heat resistance, acid resistance, moisture retention and non-fermentation properties, and does not raise blood sugar level after eating. It is a new type of functional sweetener, widely used in food processing, medicine , health products and other fields.

Health-care physiological characteristics: ①It can prevent dental caries. Maltitol is not fermented by oral microorganisms into acid and has good caries-preventing properties. In addition, a small amount of maltotriitol contained in the product can also inhibit the activity of maltase, further improving its stability to microorganisms. ② It can control the rise of blood sugar. When maltitol is ingested, blood sugar will not rise rapidly and insulin secretion will not be stimulated. It is hardly broken down in the body. ③ Maltitol has good moisture retention and non-crystallinity; maltitol has a certain viscosity, which can improve the taste of the product and promote human metabolism.

Maltitol is a good low-calorie sweetener and a good sweetener for children’s non-carious food. The human body cannot become energy after ingestion, therefore, it will not increase blood sugar and increase fat and cholesterol. It is an ideal medical food sweetener for patients with cardiovascular disease, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, and hypertension. Maltitol can be used to produce various health-care cakes, pastries, biscuits, etc. Sugar alcohols have a common feature, that is, they can cause diarrhea when ingested too much, so they have a laxative function when the intake is moderate. Maltitol intake of 100g per person per day will not cause gastrointestinal discomfort.

Maltitol Uses

  1. Does not raise blood sugar concentration
    After ingesting glucose or sucrose, they are quickly absorbed by the body, causing a rapid rise in blood sugar, thereby stimulating insulin secretion. Because the hydrolysis rate of maltitol in the human body is very slow, the released glucose is not enough to cause fluctuations in blood sugar levels, which will inhibit its absorption of glucose to some extent. After the human body ingests maltitol, the increase in blood sugar level and blood insulin level is very small, so maltitol is an ideal sweetener for people with liver disease or diabetes.
  2. Low calorie
    At present, it has not been found that the normal microbial flora of the human digestive system and the α-1,4-glucosidases secreted by the human body can decompose the glycosidic bonds in the maltitol molecule, that is, maltitol can resist acidic gastric juice in the process of human digestion digestion, hydrolysis by enzymes in the small intestine, and breakdown by microorganisms in the large intestine. This special physiological property makes maltitol a high-grade health-care sweet with good taste and low calorie.
  3. Inhibit excess body fat accumulation
    Insulin can increase the activity of lipase (LPL), and promote the storage of excess fat in animal adipose tissue. But maltitol does not stimulate insulin secretion, therefore, maltitol and fat have the function of inhibiting the accumulation of body fat when eaten together.
  4. Non-carious
    Dental caries first begins with tartar, which is formed by the bacteria in the oral cavity that synthesizes the ingested sugar into insoluble glucans. The acid produced by the bacteria in the tartar corrodes the enamel on the surface of the tooth and accumulates after a long period of time. dental caries. Since maltitol is not an acid-producing substrate, it will not cause bacteria to synthesize insoluble polysaccharides at all, so maltitol is a non-corrosive sugar that is extremely difficult to form dental caries.

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Application of Maltitol in the Food Industry

Maltitol can be used in ice cream, popsicles, cakes, beverages, biscuits, bread, pickles, candies and other products, and can be used according to actual needs. It is a very safe food ingredient. Maltitol hardly decomposes in the human body and can be used as a food ingredient for diabetics and obese patients.


  • Application of maltitol in chemical market
    Maltitol is steady to acid and warm. In the chemical market, it can be made use of as a basic material for artificial chemistry to produce artificial materials, surfactants, call agents, and so on. It can additionally be used as an additive and humectant in cigarettes to make cigarette hold water. Improve capability.
  • Application of maltitol in pharmaceutical sector
    From the analysis of metabolites, the human body has a low absorption price of maltitol, and the taken in maltitol is first hydrolyzed to generate glucose or sorbitol, which enters the corresponding metabolic pathways. Since the hydrolysis rate of maltitol in the body is really sluggish, the sugar released is not enough to create changes in blood sugar degrees. At the same time, the absorption of sorbitol launched by hydrolysis is slower, and somewhat, it will certainly additionally prevent the absorption of glucose. As a result, after the body consumes maltitol, the increase in blood sugar level degree as well as blood insulin level is really little. Additionally, it can additionally advertise the absorption of calcium. As a result, it can be made right into medical drinks and also other items, which are specially made use of for diabetes mellitus, liver illness, heart disease, arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, and so on. Blood pressure, weight problems as well as weakening of bones people.
  • Application of maltitol in cosmetics
    Due to the fact that maltitol has good hygroscopicity and also moisturizing homes, it can be utilized as a particular part of cosmetics and made use of as a moisture regulator. In other words, with the quick economic development as well as social development, people will certainly pay a growing number of focus to nourishment as well as health, and also the demand will also be expanded and also functional. As an useful sugar with important as well as unique functions– maltitol, will certainly be more and more favored by individuals, and also the marketplace possibility is extremely broad.


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