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Basic Info

What is Malachite Green?

Pigment Green 18 (Malachite Green) is an organic dye that is easily soluble in water, and its aqueous solution is blue-green. The killing effect on fish parasites and mold in fish eggs is remarkable, so it is also widely used in aquaculture.

Malachite green is an organic compound salt first synthesized by German organic chemist Hermann Fischer in 1877. It is a bright green crystal with metallic luster. Its chemical structure consists of three benzene rings connected to carbon atoms in the core, two of which are hydrogens in different benzene rings, substituted with diaminoamine groups (as shown in the figure below), which are classified as extensions of triphenylmethanes Dye 1. Although it has been replaced by malachite green, it has a completely different composition from the natural mineral malachite 2, and is named “Malachite” only because of its similarity in color.

In 1936, American scientists Fred Foster and Lowell Woodbury discovered that malachite green water solution in 1950s was found to be able to remove parasites in and outside fish. Prevention of complications of infection; multi-purpose sterilization and disinfection functions, the use of malachite green is still used to treat fish sickness and prevent infection.

Malachite Green Uses

  1. Malachite green is used for dyeing hemp, silk, acrylic fabrics and grass products, as well as bamboo, wood, etc. It can also be made into various lakes and pigments.
  2. Host staining for plant virus infection, bacterial spore staining, erythrocyte, roundworm egg staining; bacteriostatic or amoebicidal agents; bacterial polysaccharide reagents; clinical diagnostic reagents (determination of inorganic phosphates); gallium, tantalum, antimony Photometric determination, catalytic photometric determination of tungsten; spot test of sulfite and cerium, tungsten; acid-base indicator, pH0.0 (yellow) ~ 2.0 (green), 11.6 (blue-green) ~ 14 (colorless); redox indicator.
  3. Malachite green is traditionally used as a dye. To this end, thousands of tons of Mg and related triarylmethane dyes are produced every year.
  4. Malachite green is active against the oomycete hydrophthora that infects fish eggs in commercial aquaculture, and Mg has been used to treat hydrophthora and as an antibacterial agent. In Freshwater Aquariums, it is a very popular treatment for Ichthyophthirius multifiliis. The main metabolite, colorless malachite green (LMG), is present in fish treated with malachite green, a finding that is the basis of controversy and government regulation. See also antimicrobial agents in aquaculture.
  5. Malachite green is often used to catch thieves and thieves. Bait, usually money, sprinkled with anhydrous powder. Anyone handling contaminated currency will find that after washing hands, green stains will appear on the skin for several days.

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Application of Malachite Green

An approach for making a pine branch sampling, making up the complying with actions: 1. gathering yearn branches with pine needles, and also drying out the accumulated yearn branches; 2. preparing a 5% malachite green liquid service; 3. involving the pine branches totally in Malachite green service; 4. Obtain the dyed pine branches, completely dry the surface area water with absorbing paper, and then soak them in glycerol; 5. Obtain the pine branches, and also dry the surface area glycerin of the ache branches with absorbing paper to complete the ache branch specimens. The innovation utilizes alkaline malachite green to color the pine branches, and uses glycerin to soften the colored want branches. The purpose is to use the alkaline malachite eco-friendly to dye the want needles including turpentine into green., and also does not fade; the pine needles are softened by glycerin to keep the want needles in an extra natural state.

CN201310475312.3 reveals an approach for measuring phosphorus material in water as well as relates to a chemical measuring technique. It includes: adding 2.0 mg/L standard phosphorus solution, 2.0 mol/L sulfuric acid remedy and also 0.14 mol/L ammonium molybdate option to water, blending and also shaking well, after standing at room temperature for 10 min, after that including microemulsion, 1.10 mL0.10% malachite eco-friendly, weakened with water to the mark, drunk well, allow mean 70min at space temperature, determine its absorbance at 650nm wavelength, as well as calculate the phosphorus web content by linear regression equation; among them, phosphorus standard service, sulfuric acid remedy, ammonium molybdate The volume proportion of service, microemulsion as well as malachite eco-friendly was 1:1.7:0.8. The creation has high level of sensitivity and good accuracy. The created complex has long security time and also few interfering ions, can be used for the discovery of phosphorus web content in numerous water samples, as well as also has broad application leads for the resolution of various other examples.

CN201410345606.9 divulges a technique for gauging antimony material in polyester chips. That is, the typical malachite eco-friendly spectrophotometry was boosted and put on the resolution of antimony material in polyester chips for film. Under acidic conditions, low-valent antimony is oxidized to pentavalent antimony, and afterwards responds with malachite green to form a green facility, which is drawn out with isoamyl acetate, as well as the corresponding absorbance is measured at 625 nm with a 1 cm cuvette, and the concentration of antimony From 0.0 ug/mL to 10.0 ug/mL, it conforms to Beer’s legislation. The here and now creation takes on the method of completely dry ashing and then liquifying with sulfuric acid in the example therapy, to ensure that the example is totally liquified; in the present innovation, sodium citrate and also isoamyl acetate are firstly included procedure, and then malachite green service is included in make the created The intricate right away gets in the isoamyl acetate layer, preventing the sensation that the environment-friendly facility created by antimony as well as malachite green is unpredictable in water; the analytical instrument adopted in the present development is a global ultraviolet spectrophotometer, which decreases the analytical expense.


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