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Basic Info

What is Magnesium Oxide?

Magnesium oxide (Mg O) or magnesia is a white hygroscopic solid mineral that normally exists in the form of periclase and is the resource of magnesium (see likewise oxides). It has the empirical formula of MgO and also is composed of the lattice of Mg 2+ions and O 2 – ions which are bound together by ionic bonds. Magnesium hydroxide is developed in the existence of water (MgO+H 2O → Mg (OH) 2), however it can be reversed by heating up to eliminate water.

Magnesia is historically known as white magnesite (literally, a white mineral from magnesia) to distinguish it from biotite, which is a black mineral containing a substance now called manganese.

Although “magnesium oxide” usually refers to MgO, the compound MgO 2 is also known. According to the prediction of the evolutionary crystal structure, MgO 2 is thermodynamically stable at a pressure higher than 116 GPa (Gpa), and the semiconductor low valence oxide MgO 2 is thermodynamically stable at a pressure higher than 500 GPa. Because of its stability, MgO is used as a model system to study the vibration characteristics of crystals.

Magnesium Oxide Uses

  1. Light magnesium oxide is utilized in ceramics, enamel, refractory crucibles, refractory bricks, and so on. It is also used as a brightening representative, adhesive, paint as well as paper-making filler, as well as an accelerator as well as activator for neoprene rubber.
  2. Dead-burned magnesia is magnesia, which is granular as well as brick-shaped, and is extensively used as a refractory material for steelmaking heaters, concrete kilns, and also glass burning furnaces.
  3. Fundamental granular refractories are mainly utilized in the steel refining industry. Block refractories are made use of as the heating system, or granular refractories are used as upkeep products, which are connected to the furnace wall surface by splashing or layer to boost the refractory capacity of the heating system.
  4. Magnesium oxide produces positive charge in water, and most of the put on hold matter is negative fee, which can take in as well as improve the filtering impact.
  5. One of the main uses magnesium oxide is as a fire resistant. Conventional fire retardant products generally make use of halogen-containing polymers or flame-retardant blends made up of halogen-containing flame retardants.
  6. Carefully crushed magnesium oxide can be utilized as optical finishings. Coatings are transparent at finishing densities in between 300 nm and 7 mm.
  7. It is generally utilized in the prep work of dental medications to neutralize extreme gastric acid. Typically made use of prep work are: milk of magnesia– emulsion; magnesium cover sheet– each tablet computer contains MgO0.1 g; systemic acid powder– a powder made by blending magnesium oxide and sodium bicarbonate.
  8. In medicine, it is used as antacid and also laxative, for hyperacidity and duodenal ulcer illness, and likewise for glass dye, phenolic, plastic and other markets.

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Application of Magnesium Oxide in Silicon Steel

After the grain-oriented silicon steel is decarburized and annealed in a continuous furnace, it is necessary to uniformly coat the upper surface and the lower surface of the steel strip with a magnesium oxide coating solution. Magnesium oxide mainly acts as a spacer to prevent strip steel from sticking during high-temperature annealing. At the same time, it can remove impurities such as nitrogen and sulfur in the steel. In addition, it also reacts with silicon dioxide on the surface of silicon steel to form an excellent magnesium silicate insulating bottom layer. . Therefore, the coating quality of magnesium oxide coating solution on the surface of grain-oriented silicon steel plays a vital role in the quality of silicon steel products.

At present, the magnesium oxide coating solution is coated by a two-roll coating machine. The two-roll coating machine includes an upper coating roller, a lower coating roller, a tray, a magnesium oxide coating liquid circulation device, and a spray pipe for spraying the magnesium oxide coating liquid in the magnesium oxide coating liquid circulation device to the upper surface of the strip ;The lower coating roller is immersed in the tray, the magnesium oxide coating solution sprayed by the spray pipe on the upper surface of the strip overflows and enters the tray, and the lower coating roller uses the magnesium oxide coating solution in the tray to coat the lower surface of the strip steel. coating.

However, due to the magnesia coating solution in the coating recycling process, the flow of the magnesia solution in the tray is not smooth, the magnesia reacts with water to form magnesium hydroxide precipitation, and the magnesium hydroxide combines with carbon dioxide in the air to form easily precipitated magnesium carbonate. Magnesium carbonate and magnesium hydroxide have poor fluidity and are prone to agglomeration and deposition. Therefore, the fluidity of the coating liquid in the tray is not high. As time goes by, the coating liquid is prone to accumulation and fouling, resulting in poor coating quality of the lower coating roller, and there are gaps of different widths and quantities in batches along the strip rolling to the plate surface. Double lines, and the wear of the lower coating roller will directly cause product quality defects. In severe cases, it is necessary to stop the machine to replace the coating roller, clean the blockage of the circulation pipe, and deal with the fouling of the tray. On the one hand, these unfavorable factors have greatly increased the labor intensity of employees, on the other hand, they have interfered with continuous production on site, directly affecting production efficiency. Also cause magnesium oxide waste. In addition, the coating quality is affected due to liquid rejection at the edge of the coating roller, and at the same time interferes with the work of the coating machine, resulting in fouling at the edge of the coating roller and uneven coating at the edge of the strip.

Application of Magnesium Oxide in Environmental Pollution Control

The quick development of science and innovation has actually considerably improved the level of modern market as well as the quality of life of individuals in our nation, however at the same time, the “sequelae” of full-scale automation have actually been revealed: frequent reports of haze and also acid rain, moats reduced to stinky ditches, huge areas of cultivated land Dispose of after being contaminated. It is imminent to solve the problem of environmental pollution. In the link of environmental restoration, magnesium oxide materials have actually numerous advantages compared to other materials.

First off, my country’s magnesium source reserves make up 22.5% of the globe’s complete gets, of which the tested books of magnesite surpass 3 billion loads, the tried and tested gets of dolomite go beyond 4 billion bunches, as well as the magnesium salt sources consisted of in the western salt lake location are a lot more trivial The significant quantity of reserves attains inexpensive as well as high result, which lays the foundation for the massive application of magnesium oxide products. Second of all, magnesium oxide (MgO) has a huge details surface area as well as is a common alkaline planet metal oxide. It is typically white fluffy powder with a melting point of 2852 ℃, boiling point 3600 ℃. It has a face-centered cubic factor structure, and also magnesium atoms and also oxygen atoms are organized alternately on the polar surface area (111 ). Consequently, it has many surface energetic sites and solid sensitivity, and is an outstanding adsorption material. have a wide vision of application.

Anti-biotics such as penicillins, tetracyclines, cephalosporins, aminoglycosides and various other drugs play an essential duty in the current clinical system of our nation. According to statistics, my nation takes in regarding 200,000 lots of antibiotics yearly. Inappropriate manufacturing and also use or unabsorbed anti-biotics go into the atmosphere via metabolic process, as well as produce very hazardous items through deterioration, adsorption and various other processes, which are built up through the food cycle as well as eventually damage the body. At the same time, the big quantity of residual anti-biotics in the setting can trigger virus to mutate as well as generate resistance genes.

In order to minimize the tetracycline pooled in wastewater, a one-step calcination approach can be used to prepare MgNCN/MgO composites, which can properly catalyze hydrogen oxidation to break down tetracycline by Fenton response in the lack of light and also in a vast pH array. As well as Mengxian ready diatomite-based nano-MgO/SiO2 microporous ceramic membrane, which not only has strong adsorption force to tetracycline solution, but additionally can be recycled and easily recycled, which has an excellent market application possibility. Macan utilizes extrusion solidification technology to prepare nano-magnesia cellulose-based composite adsorbent, which can effectively adsorb edema amoxicillin. The maximum adsorbate is 6.26 mg/g, and also it still has great adsorption capability after 8 cycles of adsorption.


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