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Basic Info

What is Magnesium Carbonate Powder?

Magnesium carbonate (Magnesiumcarbonate), molecular weight 84.31. White granular powder. Its trihydrate is a colorless needle-like crystal with a melting point of 165 ° C and also a loved one thickness of 1.850. Its pentahydrate is a white monoclinic crystal with a family member density of 1.73, which is decomposed by home heating in the air.

It undertakes metathesis reaction with acid stronger than carbonic acid to create salt and co2 as well as other compounds, which are slightly soluble in water, acetone as well as fluid ammonia. It takes in water and oil, so gymnasts, weightlifters, and also climber usually make use of magnesium carbonate, commonly called “magnesium powder,” to keep hands completely dry, but magnesium carbonate can create skin inflammation in some individuals. On top of that, magnesium carbonate can likewise be utilized as antacids, constipation medicines and also various other gastrointestinal related medications.

Although magnesium carbonate itself is not hazardous, some individuals might dislike it. Long-term or extreme use as well as exposure may affect the main nervous system, experience anxiety as well as cardiac problems. Unintentional contact with eyes or breathing will certainly irritate the eyes, respiratory system as well as digestion system, and long-lasting inhalation may also create pneumoconiosis.

Magnesium Carbonate Uses

Magnesium carbonate is mainly used for the following purposes:

  • As a desiccant or absorbent, food additive (pepper), stomach medicine and laxative.
  • For the preparation of chemical reagents, rubber fillers and fire retardant coatings.
  • For the preparation of carbon dioxide and magnesium oxide.
  • For the preparation of magnesium sulfate, magnesium chloride and water.

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Application of Magnesium Carbonate Powder in Different Fields

Due to the fact that the long-lasting use urea and also other plant foods can quickly cause the dirt to be acidic, magnesium carbonate can be directly contributed to the urea to preserve an appropriate pH worth of the dirt, which can generally boost crop return by 15%-40%, and also can likewise boost herbicides. The herbicide has the best result when the pH is 6.0-6.2. Magnesium carbonate can also make up for the loss of magnesium content in the soil. Dolomite fragments of 1.2-0.8 um can stream freely. Made use of as a filler for plant foods, it can enhance the problems for plants to use soil nutrients, minimize caking, and assist in the change of fertilizer ratio.

In the application of animals and also fowl feeds, calcium and magnesium are necessary nutrients for pets. Adding a proper amount of magnesium carbonate (or 0.1-1.5 mm particles) to animals and also chicken feeds can promote the development and also growth of animals., lowering condition is really advantageous. It must be kept in mind that when creating and using feed-grade magnesium carbonate, the material of damaging components need to be strictly regulated. The specific demands are as adheres to: Pb ≤ 30PPM, AS ≤ 10PPM; Hg ≤ 0.1 PPM, F ≤ 2000PPM, acid insoluble issue ≤ 5%, – 2mm magnetic steel fragments > 0.8%.

Magnesium carbonate is made into a new type of extender pigment after going through the generally made use of processes such as water separation, drying, pulverization, grinding and also grading, and after that through rinsing, chemical treatment, pH modification, surface therapy and other processes. Its chemical structure is stable, as well as it has several advantages such as weather condition resistance, anti-settling, fine powder, high brightness, simple diffusion, low cost, special procedure, etc. It can be utilized in various paints. The covering produced has the qualities of lowering the quantity of titanium dioxide, good hand feeling, great influenza, high hardness and also solid bond, as well as the application effect is better than that of hefty calcium carbonate.

In the application of environmental protection, magnesium carbonate can be made use of to boost the traveling of dust in coal mines and avoid as well as delay the surge of coal dust. Dolomite powder is used as a filter material for water therapy, specifically for the neutralization of alcohol consumption water, commercial water, swimming pool water, etc, along with iron, manganese, silicate and various other functions. Research study around is in progress.

Application of Magnesium Carbonate in Oily Sludge

The use of magnesium carbonate filter help to treat oily sludge can transform the structure of oily sludge fragments, destroy the security of the colloid, and boost the dewatering ability of the sludge. The dosage of filter help has an excellent influence on sludge dewatering. From the real test situation, with the progressive rise of the filter representative dose, the sludge details resistance gradually reduces and after that tends to be steady. The variant pattern of sludge specific resistance with the dose of filter help can reflect the variant pattern of real sludge dewatering to a particular extent. The experimental study on magnesium carbonate as a filter help shows that the feature of magnesium carbonate is to boost the pores of the filter cake and also permit water to spurt, however the type of magnesium carbonate is powder, which is insoluble in water, and also powdered magnesium carbonate can soak up part of the water.

Including magnesium carbonate filter aid to oily sludge can achieve smooth dewatering. When a specific amount of magnesium carbonate is added as a filter help, the water material of the oily sludge after filtering is fairly low, as well as the filter cake is likewise extremely solid. Change the addition amount of magnesium carbonate in the oily sludge, accomplish pressure filtration experiments under different stress differences, as well as measure the data of the filtrate quantity change with time.


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