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Basic Info

What is Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate?

Magnesium Vitamin C Phosphate is a vitamin C derivative. Derivating the 2-position hydroxyl group into a phosphate ester can improve the stability of vitamin C. The formed derivative can regenerate vitamin C after being hydrolyzed by phosphatase that is widely present in the body. Therefore, it has become the main component of feed additives, food fortifiers and high-end cosmetics whitening, and is a valuable fine chemical.

So far, there are two main methods for phosphorylation of vitamin C: one is phosphorylation of phosphorus oxychloride (such as described in European patents 388869 and 582924, U.S. patent 4179445, Japanese patent No. 60-69079, etc.), with vitamin C C is the raw material, and the hydroxyl groups on the 5th and 6th carbons are protected before esterification, that is, vitamin C first undergoes a ketal reaction with acetone to generate 5,6-oxyisopropylidene-L-ascorbic acid (5,6 -0 — isopropylidene-L-ascorbic acid), then dissolve it with pyridine solution, adjust the pH value with KOH, add phosphorus oxychloride dropwise to react, evaporate the pyridine, remove salt several times, concentrate, and then perform cationic resin exchange, and collect the elution liquid, add MgO for reaction, and finally the low carbon alcohol is crystallized, filtered and dried to complete. The main product is L-ascorbic acid-2-monophosphate, and the by-products are mainly L-ascorbic acid-3-phosphate, 2-pyrophosphate and di(ascorbic acid)-2,2′-diphosphate.

The reaction product requires complicated purification processes, and the entire reaction mixture cannot be dried using a simple method. The second method is to use phosphate for phosphorylation, such as the methods of US patents 4647672 and 5110950. The main product obtained is L-ascorbic acid-2-polyphosphate. If sodium trimetaphosphate is used, the product is L-ascorbic acid-2-polyphosphate. 2-triphosphate, but also contains a certain proportion of L-ascorbic acid-2-monophosphate.

The former can be degraded to monophosphates by excess alkali, the ratio of which depends on the stoichiometric ratio of the starting materials and the specific reaction conditions. It is not easy to purify L-ascorbic acid-2-monophosphate from the mixture, and the inorganic salt residue in the product is often very high. Although this method has a short synthesis route, there are many by-products, it is difficult to separate and purify the product, and the overall product yield is low. The synthesis process of traditional magnesium vitamin C phosphate is complex, contains many impurities, and uses organic solutions such as acetone, which causes damage to the environment.

Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate Uses

  1. Magnesium ascorbate phosphate has a synergistic effect with vitamin E.
  2. Inhibit tyrosinase activity, reduce melanin, and have freckle removal and whitening effects.
  3. After entering the body, it can eliminate oxygen free radicals, thereby having wrinkle removal and anti-aging functions.
  4. Magnesium ascorbate phosphate (1-ascorbate-2 magnesium phosphate) is a stable, synthetic derivative of vitamin C. According to reports, it is as effective as vitamin C in regulating collagen biosynthesis and serves as an antioxidant.
  5. As an antioxidant, GB2760-1996 stipulates that it can be used in foods containing fats, edible oils, hydrogenated vegetable oils, and instant noodles, with a maximum usage of 0.2g/kg. In infant formula, the maximum usage is 0.01g/kg (calculated based on ascorbic acid in fats). In addition, it can also be used as a nutritional enhancer for food.

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Magnesium Vitamin C Phosphate (APM) and Sodium Vitamin C Phosphate (APS)

Magnesium Vitamin C Phosphate is a vitamin C derivative, which is processed from vitamin C as raw material. Its appearance is white to slightly yellow powdery solid, ph (3X aqueous solution) is 7.0-8.5, color is less than 70, and the specific rotation is +43° -50°, the content of free vitamin C is less than 0.5%. This product is mainly taken orally or absorbed through the skin. After entering the human body, it is rapidly enzymatically decomposed by phosphatase to release vitamin C, exerting the unique physiological and biochemical properties of vitamin C. Function.

Magnesium Vitamin C Phosphate and Sodium Vitamin C Phosphate are highly pure stable vitamin C derivatives.

Magnesium Vitamin C Phosphate and Sodium Vitamin C Phosphate have long been used as whitening agents, and according to basic research in recent years, it has been found that they also have many excellent skin physiological functions. What is particularly important is that they have a strong ability to remove reactive oxygen species, and their application not only in UV protective agents, but also in free radical-related diseases such as infections, healing after burns, etc. will be the future development direction. The core function of vitamin C is to promote the synthesis of collagen. Magnesium vitamin C phosphate and sodium vitamin C phosphate have the promoting ability of vitamin C and the blocking ability of collagenase. In addition, they can prevent the shortening of telomere length, thereby extending the life of cells and exerting an excellent effect in preventing skin aging. Furthermore, they may or may not react with oxygen, but actively react with strong oxidants, so they can also be used to prevent and treat hair damage.


It has high stability to oxygen and temperature.

Safe and effective, it is an active oxygen remover in the skin.

Vitamin C has very good effects on skin physiology.

It has excellent improvement effects on various skin problems.

Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate Supplier and Manufacturer

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