m-Xylylenediamine CAS 1477-55-0 MXDA

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Basic Info of m-Xylylenediamine

What is m-Xylylenediamine?

The appearance of m-xylylenediamine is a colorless liquid with an almond odor. Long dew is yellow in the air. The viscosity is similar to that of dibutyl phthalate. Soluble in water and organic solvents.

Meta-xylylenediamine is an epoxy resin curing agent containing benzene ring aliphatic amine, also known as MXDA. Meta-xylylenediamine (MXDA) as epoxy resin curing agent has low viscosity and can be cured at room temperature. The benzene ring in the molecular structure endows the cured product with better heat resistance than vinylamine. Water resistance, acid and alkali resistance and chemical resistance, can be widely used in casting, bonding and anti-corrosion coatings.

The mixture of m- and p-xylene is used as raw material, and the ammoxidation reaction is carried out with air and ammonia to generate m-terephthalonitrile. After washing with water and drying, catalytic hydrogenation was carried out in ethanol and potassium hydroxide solvent at 4.5MPa pressure and 90°C. The catalyst is removed from the reaction solution, ethanol is recovered, and vacuum distillation is performed to obtain m- and p-xylylenediamine.

m-Xylylenediamine Uses

M-xylene- α,α 0-diamine is the source of m-xylene diisocyanate, which is used as an intermediate in the manufacture of epoxy resin and polyamide resin.

m-Xylylenediamine is primarily used to make epoxy material treating representative, photosensitive plastics, rubber additives, polyurethane materials and coatings, and so on. Material curing representative is the raw product of polyurethane resin as well as useful synthetic epoxy resin. It is likewise used in rubber additives, photosensitive plastics, pesticides, coverings, nylon items, fiber ending up agents, corrosion preventions, chelating representatives, lubricants, paper handling. There are additionally applications in various other elements.

The special structure of MXDA determines that it has a variety of excellent physical and chemical properties and is widely used. MXDA and its cyclic hydride can be used as epoxy resin curing agent, excellent curing performance at room temperature, good heat resistance, water resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, and can obtain a transparent surface very well-finished cured resin, low viscosity, easy to operate Good performance. At the same time, MXDA is an important fine chemical intermediate. It can synthesize polyamide with dibasic acid, and can synthesize m-xylene diisocyanate, a monomer of polyurethane, and its benzene ring hydride can also be used to synthesize diisocyanate. At present, it has been used in the synthesis of rubber crosslinking agents, pesticides, fiber stabilizers, surfactants, etc.

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Application of m-Xylylenediamine

MXDA applied to floor coating.

MXDA is applied to anti-corrosion coatings.

MXDA shall be used for electronic pouring.

M-phenylenediamine can be used for:

  • It is used as monomer for synthesizing poly (vinyl polyurethane) glass body.
  • It is used as the starting material for synthesis of polysubstituted biguanides protected by carbamate.
  • It is used to synthesize polyamide by catalytic dehydrogenation of diol.

Preparation of m-Xylylenediamine

A method for preparing m-xylylenediamine, characterized in that:

In the autoclave, take Raney nickel as catalyzer, take the mixture of aromatic hydrocarbon and alcohol composition as solvent, be 40-120 ℃ at reaction temperature, and reaction pressure is under 2-10MPa condition, make isophthalonitrile hydrogenation The reaction 20-90min generates m-xylylenediamine; wherein the hydrogenation is carried out through the hydrogen gas inlet distributor arranged in the high pressure reactor; the heat exchanger of the high pressure reactor adopts an external circulation heat exchanger, and the high pressure pump will The heat exchanged reaction liquid is sent to the external circulation heat exchanger for heat exchange;

The flow rate of the high-pressure pump and the volume ratio of the reaction solution in the autoclave are 5:1 to 20:1; the mixture of aromatic hydrocarbons and alcohol is a solvent, is a mixture of toluene and methyl alcohol, and the volume ratio of the two is 1:1 One-15:1; the mass ratio of isophthalonitrile and solvent is 1:1-1:10; the mass ratio of isophthalonitrile and Raney nickel is 2:1-15:1, isophthalonitrile and hydroxide The mass ratio of sodium is 140:1-50:1, and the mass ratio of isophthalonitrile and water is 160:1-70:1; Temperature of reaction is 40-120 ℃, and reaction pressure is 2-10Mpa, and the reaction times is 20-90min; The gas outlet area of ​​the hydrogen gas inlet distributor is 3~10 times of the cross-sectional area of ​​the high-pressure reactor; The heat exchanger is a corrugated casing heat exchanger.


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M-xylylenediamine is a corrosive substance, which strongly stimulates the skin and mucous membranes, and can cause sensitization effects. After accidental contact with the skin, immediately rinse with plenty of soapy water. After accidental contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.

M-xylylenediamine products are generally packaged in plastic or iron drums, 180 or 200 kg per drum, fireproof, moisture-proof, and stored and transported according to the regulations for flammable and toxic substances. Meta-xylylenediamine is stored in a cool, dry warehouse with a temperature not lower than 15℃. Do not expose to the air for a long time, avoid water, and it will fail when exposed to water. If it is solidified at low temperature, it can be slightly heated and reused without affecting the performance.

Quality Control of m-Xylylenediamine

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