lycopene: dark red powder, has the unique smell and taste of lycopene.


Lycopene (CAS No.: 502-65-8), dark red powder, has the unique smell and taste of lycopene. The lycopene produced by microbial fermentation mainly uses fermented substrates such as corn steep liquor, soybean meal and starch as the medium, and uses Blake Sleatrispora as the strain. After fermentation, filtration, drying, extraction, crystallization and Manufactured by refining and other processes.

The main functions of lycopene are as follows:

1. Anti-oxidation, delay aging;

2. Improve the body’s immunity;

3. Improve male prostate function and increase male fertility;

4. Regulate blood lipids and prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases;

5. Reduce the damage of radiation and ultraviolet rays to the skin, and beautify the skin;

Ideal food nutritional colorant.

Application areas of lycopene include: tablets and capsules in the field of health products, coloring and nutritional fortification of food and beverages, and can also be used in cosmetics.


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