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Basic Info

What is Lithium Hydroxide Monohydrate?

Lithium hydroxide is a strong base, as well as its chemical residential or commercial properties are a lot more comparable to the team 2 hydroxides in the periodic table of elements, however rather different from the group 1 hydroxides. It is a white tetragonal crystal, which is strongly corrosive as well as irritating to the skin, with a melting point of 450 ° C and also a family member thickness of 1.46. The disintegration temperature is 924 ° C. A little soluble in ethanol, soluble in water, but less soluble than various other alkali steel hydroxides. Monohydrate is gotten after moisture absorption in air or formation in liquid solution. Responds with sulfur dioxide, hydrogen chloride, hydrogen cyanide as well as other acid gases. It can additionally completely react with strong or weak acids in liquid solution. Take in co2 in the air to produce lithium carbonate.

In 1944, anhydrous lithium hydroxide was used as a carbon dioxide absorbent in submarines, and lithium hydride was used as an inflation source for military balloons.

In 1950, the isotope 6Li was used as a raw material for the production of thermonuclear weapons such as hydrogen bombs, and the US atomic energy industry began to use lithium hydroxide in large quantities, which made the lithium industry achieve amazing development.

Lithium compounds are widely used in military and civilian industries because of their unique chemical and physical properties. The electrolytic aluminum industry is the largest user of lithium. The addition of lithium carbonate in aluminum electrolysis can reduce the melting point of the electrolyte and increase the current efficiency of the aluminum electrolytic cell, thereby increasing the aluminum output by about 10% and reducing the power consumption by 8-14%; in addition, it can also inhibit 22%-38% of harmful fluorine discharge. In the United States and Europe, the aluminum industry consumes about 40% of lithium carbonate.

Lithium Hydroxide Monohydrate Uses

  1. Lithium hydroxide monohydrate is primarily made use of as the starting product for many other lithium chemicals, such as lithium fluoride, lithium chloride, lithium bromide and also lithium iodide. Due to the fact that these materials are prepared in liquid service, there is no unique advantage in operation anhydrous hydroxide for preparation. Lithium hydroxide can be made use of as the starting product to prepare other weak and also strong acid salts. The prep work of anhydrous lithium hydroxide has been defined.
  2. The major function of lithium hydroxide monohydrate is to prepare lithium salt of fat (lithium soap), which is used along with mineral oil and other ingredients to generate lithium grease 36. This oil transcends to grease based on other metal ions. Lithium grease is an excellent lubricant at heat, specifically at reduced temperature level. As a result of the low water solubility of lithium soap, they can also adequately withstand the deterioration of water.
  3. Both lithium hydroxide and lithium hydroxide monohydrate are easy to soak up carbon dioxide. Anhydrous lithium hydroxide can be successfully utilized as carbon dioxide absorber in life support systems in undersea as well as aerospace applications.

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Application of Lithium Hydroxide Monohydrate

Lithium hydroxide is used as a grease additive (thickener, antioxidant, extreme pressure agent), which can improve heat resistance, water resistance, stability and mechanical properties, and can be used in bearings of automobiles, aircraft, cranes, etc.; used as lithium Electrolyte raw materials for batteries. Roasted solid lithium hydroxide can be used as a carbon dioxide absorbent for crew members such as spacecraft and submarines. The early American Mercury, Gemini and Apollo programs and space shuttles all used lithium hydroxide absorbents, which have reliable performance and contain Carbon dioxide can be easily absorbed in the gas of water vapor. Its chemical reaction formula is: 2LiOH+CO2→Li2CO3+H2O, 1g of anhydrous lithium hydroxide can absorb 450ml of carbon dioxide, and one person only needs 750g a day to absorb all the exhaled carbon dioxide. In addition, lithium hydroxide is also widely used in the preparation of other lithium compounds and lithium salts, as well as lithium soaps, lithium-based greases, alkyd resins, developing agents for spectral analysis, additives in alkaline storage batteries, photographic developers and catalysts wait. As an additive to the electrolyte of alkaline storage batteries, it can increase the capacity by 12% to 15%, and increase the service life by 2 to 3 times.

At present, the world’s lithium-based grease production accounts for 73.41% of the total grease production, of which China accounts for 82.42%, North America accounts for 68.34%, and Europe accounts for 67.98%. In addition, LiOH’mO is also widely used in chemical industry, national defense, battery and other fields. In the battery industry, it can be used as an alkaline storage battery additive to prolong its life and increase storage capacity; in national defense, it can be used as an ion exchange resin to absorb radioactive isotopes, and can be used as a heat carrier for nuclear reactors and a protective agent for metal surfaces; in aerospace, LiOH • H20 can be used for air purification in submarines and pilot’s breathing mask; LiOH”H20 can also be used as water purifier, emulsifier for porous concrete production, raw material for special optical glass, synthetic vitamin A and many other lithium salt products.

Battery-grade LiOH • H20 is a high-grade product specially used in the production of lithium-ion batteries. The use of battery-grade LiOH’H20 will further expand with the continuous development of lithium power batteries and energy storage batteries.

Chemical Reaction of Lithium Hydroxide Monohydrate

  1. When lithium hydroxide is heated to 600°C in the absence of air, lithium oxide and water are generated. The chemical reaction equation is: 2LiOH=Li2O+H2O.
  2. Under heating conditions, lithium hydroxide reacts with magnesium or calcium to generate metallic lithium and corresponding oxides. (1) 2LiOH+Mg=2Li+MgO+H2O (2) 2LiOH+Ca=2Li+CaO+H2O.
  3. Lithium hydroxide reacts with chlorine or iodine to generate lithium halide and lithium hypohalite. (1) 2LiOH+Cl2=LiCl+LiOCl+H2O (2) 2LiOH+I2=LiI+LiOI+H2O.
  4. Lithium hydroxide reacts with zinc to form lithium zincate and hydrogen gas. The chemical reaction equation is: 2LiOH+Zn=LiZnO2+H2.
  5. Lithium hydroxide reacts with acid to generate lithium salt (or hydrated lithium salt) and water of the corresponding acid. (1) LiOH+HBO2+7H2O=LiBO2·8H2O (2) 2LiOH+H3PO4=Li2HPO4+2H2O (3) 2LiOH+H2SO4=Li2SO4+2H2O (4) LiOH (excess)+HClO4=LiClO4+H2O.
  6. Lithium chloride can be generated when lithium hydroxide reacts with a mixture of ammonium chloride and lithium tetraiodomercurate (II), calcium chloride or barium chloride. (1) 4LiOH+2Li2HgI4+NH4Cl=LiCl+7LiI+Ohg2NH2I+3H2O (2) 2LiOH+CaCl2=2LiCl+Ca(OH)2 (3) 2LiOH+BaCl2=2LiCl+Ba(OH)2.


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