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Basic Info of Lipase Powder

What is Lipase Powder?

Lipase (Lipase enzyme, glyceride hydrolase) belongs to the course of carboxyl ester hydrolase, which can slowly hydrolyze triglycerides right into glycerol and fatty acids. Lipase exists in fat-containing animal, plant and also microbial (such as mold and mildew, germs, etc) tissues. Including phosphatases, sterolases and also carboxylesterases.

In fact, the human body does not only depend on fiber to break down nutritional fat, the food digestion process additionally depends on the assistance of digestive system enzymes to a big degree, particularly the duty of lipase in this process can not be ignored. To be precise, without lipase, the body would have trouble absorbing the fat content of food.

Fats are extensively made use of in food, medicine, leather, everyday chemicals, and so on. Lipases are extensively located in animals, plants and microbes. Lipase is a class of enzymes with a variety of catalytic capacities, which can militarize the hydrolysis, alcoholysis, esterification, transesterification and also turn around synthesis of triacylglycerols and other water-insoluble esters. It additionally displays other chemical activities, such as phospholipase, lysophospholipase, cholesterol esterase, acylpeptidase activity, etc (Hara; Schmid). The various activities of lipase depend on the characteristics of the response system, such as advertising ester hydrolysis at the oil-water user interface, and also chemical synthesis as well as transesterification in the natural phase.

Lipase Uses

  1. Lipase powder is commonly used in diagnostic enzymes. Quantitative analysis of serum triglycerides, prostaglandin esters, fat analysis, biochemical reagents.
  2. Enzyme. Mainly used in lipid modification, lipid hydrolysis and cheese manufacture, it can prevent and control the rancidity of oil and fat in chocolate and dairy products. The maximum usage amount of lecithin hydrolysis is 10000LENU/kg crude lecithin, others are used in moderation according to production needs.
  3. Lipase powder is an excellent preparation for the special flavor of milk chocolate and cream cakes. It is added to egg whites to break down fats that may be mixed in, thereby increasing its foaming power.
  4. Food industry: Lipase has good emulsifying properties. Enhance the stability and fermentation resistance of the dough, improve the cooking quality and strength, and increase the product volume. It has whitening effect and improves the skin quality and internal color of steamed bread products. It can improve the internal structure of steamed bread, improve the appearance and texture, and improve the taste.
  5. Lipase is a catalyst for ester hydrolysis and can be used outside cells, which proves its wide substrate range and durability. The ester hydrolysis activity of lipase has been well evaluated to convert triglycerides into biofuels or their precursors.
  6. Food flavor enhancement: By decomposing the fatty acid in the raw material, it is converted into a substance with a special aroma to increase the flavor of the product. Such as liquor brewing, dairy flavor enhancement.
  7. Lipases are of course chiral, which means they can be used for enantioselective hydrolysis of prochiral diesters. Several procedures for the synthesis of fine chemicals have been reported.
  8. In the commercial field, lipase powder is widely used in laundry detergents. Thousands of tons are produced for this role every year.

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Application of Lipase Powder in Food Industry

As a multifunctional enzyme, lipase has a wide range of applications in food and other industries. However, due to the different sources of lipase, resulting in the diversity and instability of structure and properties, the research and application of lipase is relatively slow. The immobilized lipase can be reused, improve the stability of the enzyme, and help reduce the production cost.

Fats and oils are important components in food. The position of fatty acids in the main chain of glycerol, the chain length of fatty acids and the degree of unsaturation will affect the nutrition, sensory evaluation and physical properties of triglycerides. Lipases can modify the properties of lipids by changing the position of fatty acids or by replacing one (or more) of them, so that a relatively inexpensive lipid with low utilization value can be converted into a high-value fat.

Low-value fats can also be chemically transformed into higher-value fats, but the transesterification of lipases processed in this way alters the properties of low-value fats, such as palm oil to make cocoa butter. Palm oil has a higher content of palmitate, its melting point is 23°C, and it is liquid at room temperature, while cocoa butter contains more stearate, and its melting point is 37°C. Cocoa butter melts in the mouth and will give people a refreshing and smooth feeling. a feeling of.

The catalyzed transesterification of lipases in organic solutions has many other applications: simulating breast milk fat in infant formula, producing some important polyunsaturated fatty acids, low- or high-calorie lipids, and producing biodiesel from rapeseed oil. In addition lipase is also used in the production of corn oil, sunflower oil, peanut oil, olive oil and soybean oil.

The application of lipase in the fat and oil industry has the following advantages: the temperature required is not too high, on the one hand, it reduces the consumption of fossil fuels and thus reduces the cost; on the other hand, because of the low temperature, the thermal degradation of unsaturated fatty acids will also Reduce, so that pure natural fatty acids can be obtained without distillation, unsaturated fatty acids have high nutritional value, and polyunsaturated fatty acids can protect mono- and di-glycerides in the production process. The main ingredient, such oils can slow down the growth of triglycerides in the blood to control the accumulation of body fat and high cholesterol.

Lipase can be added to food to adjust the fire and enhance the aroma of food by synthesizing aroma components such as short-chain fatty acid esters, alcohols, acetone, acetaldehyde, dimethyl sulfide and lower fatty acids.

For example, in cheese production, lipase degrades fat into free fatty acids, and free fatty acids are decomposed to form volatile fatty acids, isovaleraldehyde, diacetyl, 3-hydroxybutanone and other flavor substances, which improve the flavor of cheese and produce special fragrance.

Lipase can also catalyze the release of medium-chain (C12, C14) fatty acids from fat to produce smooth and sweet. Free fatty acids are released to participate in chemical reactions, and induce the synthesis of aroma components such as acetoacetic acid, β-keto acids, methyl ketones, aroma esters and lactones.

In the production process of lean meat, excess fat is removed by adding lipase; lipase also plays a very important role in the fermentation step of sausage production, which determines the release of long-chain fatty acids during the maturation process; lipase also It is used to improve the flavor of rice, improve the taste of soybean milk; improve the taste of fruit wine, and improve the fermentation speed of fruit wine.

Lipase is widely used in the dairy industry, and its current applications include the enhancement of cheese flavor and maturation time, the development of quasi-cheese products, and the lipolysis of milk fat and cream.

The production of free fatty acids from milk fat by lipase can be used in many dairy products, especially soft cheeses with special flavor characteristics. Lipase is also used in coffee mate to add creaminess.

In bread production, the use of lipase can extend shelf life, control non-enzymatic browning, increase bread volume, and improve bread structure.

The quality of black tea is largely dependent on dehydration, mechanical cutting and fermentation during processing. The enzymatic deterioration of membrane lipids in black tea production can produce characteristic volatile flavor compounds, which further emphasizes the importance of lipids for flavor development. The lipase produced by Rhizomucor mihe can reduce the lipid content in tea leaves and enhance the concentration of polyunsaturated fatty acids, thus ensuring the flavor of tea leaves.

Difference Between Lipase and Amylase Compare the Difference Between Similar Terms

Lipase (LPS) is mainly produced in the acinar cells of the pancreas. It can hydrolyze a variety of water-insoluble long-chain fatty acid glycerides and has certain specificity for long-chain fatty acid glycerides. Serum LPS mainly comes from the pancreas, and a small amount comes from the gastrointestinal mucosa. In normal blood, there is only a small amount of lipase, which is easily cleared by the kidneys. When the pancreas is hypersecreted, the pancreatic duct is blocked, or the pancreas is damaged or necrotic, the lipase flows back or is directly released into the blood, which increases the activity of lipase in the blood. Lipase can be filtered by the glomerulus and fully absorbed by the renal tubules, so lipase activity cannot be detected in urine.

Amylase (AMY) is mainly secreted by salivary glands and pancreas. It belongs to the class of hydrolases and catalyzes the hydrolysis of starch and glycogen. There are two main isoenzymes of amylase in serum, namely isoenzyme P (derived from pancreas) and isoenzyme S (derived from salivary glands and other tissues). The pancreatic juice secreted by the human pancreas contains amylase, which enters the duodenum through the pancreatic duct for hydrolysis. Due to the small molecular weight of amylase, it can enter the blood through microcirculation and be filtered in the glomerulus, so amylase can also be detected in urine, and the increase of AMY in urine is slower than that in serum.

  • The human pancreas contains the most AMY, and the salivary glands also secrete a large amount of AMY into the mouth. It is also found in the ovary, lung, testis, striated muscle and adipose tissue.
  • LPS in serum mainly comes from pancreas, and a small amount comes from gastrointestinal mucosa. Compared with AMY, LPS has higher tissue specificity.


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