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Basic Info

What is Linalool?

L-Linalool is a key volatile compound in jasmine tea, spruce essential oil, and Litchi chinensis Sonn young leaves.

Linalool is a floral and pungent terpene alcohol. It exists in over 200 plants, such as citrus fruits and lavender. Linalool concentrations above 20 ppb have been shown to bring fruit and hops to beer. The concentration of linalool has been described as an indicator of hop flavor, and it has been suggested that when seeking to make “hop” beer, targeting the concentration of linalool instead of BU can achieve better results. Although this is a good idea, it requires the use of GC to measure the concentration of linalool in beer and calculate the utilization rate of linalool in the process. This is not the capacity range of a small brewery. Higher levels of linalool have also been shown to reduce the threshold concentration of odors such as diacetyl. Linalool exists in two chiral forms, namely R – and S-linalool, with higher flavor activity in the R form.

Synthesis: isolated from natural essential oils; Laurene reacts with hydrogen chloride to produce chlorolaurylene, which is hydrolyzed to form linalool; Isoprene reacts with hydrogen chloride to form chloroisopentene, which then reacts with acetone to form methylenone. It reacts with acetylene to form dehydrolinalool, which is then hydrogenated to form linalool.

Linalool Uses

(-) – Linalool is also used as a reference standard for the quantitative determination of lavender oil in Lavaflam tablets using gas chromatography (GC).

(-) – Linalool can be used as the following reactants:

  • Enantioselective preparation of snake green semi terpenoids through non enantioselective reduction of free radical cascade cyclization.
  • The total synthesis of (-) -5,6-dihydrogriseomycin B through (-) – linalool O-triethylsilyl ether.
  • Total synthesis of pladienolide B analogues.

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The Anticonvulsant Residential or Commercial Properties of Linalool

Linalool is a monoterpene substance typically discovered as the primary component of numerous fragrant essential oils, much of which have actually typically been utilized as a sedative. The psychopharmacological analysis of linalool on computer mice indicates that this substance has a dose-dependent as well as considerable sedative effect on the central nerves, consisting of the qualities of preventing convulsions, hypnosis, and also hypothermia caused by pentylenetetrazole, tetrandrine toxic substance, quinolinic acid, and also electrical shock. Connected to its device of activity, linalool is an affordable villain of glutamate and also a non affordable villain of glutamate. NMDA receptors in the cortex membrane; Furthermore, linalool can lower potassium stimulated (yet not basal) glutamate launch.

The numerous mechanisms that disrupt epileptic seizures may be needed to properly counteract epileptic sensations, and also it has actually been thought that medications are being established that have different results on regular and also overexcited neurons to maintain regular excitatory function. As a result, the anticonvulsant impact of linalool can be credited to the inhibition of potassium boosted (however not standard) glutamate release in cortical synaptosomes and the animosity of NMDA receptor, which is worthy of further study as a strategy for the development of antiepileptic medicines.


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