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Basic Info

What is LAURETH-4?

Laurenth-4 is a defoamer that is non-toxic, odorless, and non irritating. It has characteristics such as resistance to hard water, acid and alkali, and excellent compatibility. And its defoaming performance is also very good.

Lauryl alcohol polyether has defoaming properties. Polyether based defoamers are currently a major variety of defoamers, with advantages such as non-toxic, odorless, non irritating, resistant to hard water, acid and alkali, and good compatibility with the system. Compared with another major category of silicone based defoamers, although their defoaming performance is not high, their foam inhibition performance is quite excellent. Lauryl alcohol polyether can be used as antistatic agent and emulsifier in cosmetics. It should be noted that it is highly likely to cause skin allergy and acne.

Heat KOH (1g) and lauryl alcohol (24.8g) in the reactor to 85 ℃, then vacuumize and fill nitrogen for 2-3 times. Heat the mixture to 120 ℃~130 ℃, and add ethylene oxide (EO), propylene oxide (PO), or their mixture. After the reaction is completed, the solution is neutralized with H2SO4 (98%) and filtered to obtain Laurenth-4.


  • Surfactants
    Laurenth-4 jobs by decreasing the surface area tension in between two compounds (such as two liquids or liquids and also solids). The surfactant molecule includes a hydrophilic end (attracted by water) and an oleophilic end (drawn in by oil). This permits surfactants to bring in and put on hold oil, dirt, and other contaminations that build up on the skin, and also clean them away.
    Surfactants exist in several cleaning agents and shower gels.
  • Emulsifier
    Emulsifiers can raise the consistency of the product, consequently achieving consistent distribution of neighborhood skin care results. When the formula has water and also oil components, they are particularly necessary. Mixing water and oil will certainly create a dispersion of oil beads in water (as well as the other way around). However, if the item is enabled to clear up, these two stages might separate. To fix this trouble, emulsifiers such as laureth-4 can be contributed to the formula to aid the beads keep diffusion.

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Application of LAURETH-4

  • CN201811249391.5 discloses a makeup remover composition and its preparation method and application. Wherein, by weight percentage, the cleansing composition is mainly made of the following raw materials: 20% to 60% vegetable oil, 10% to 30% laureth sulfate, 15% to 30% laureth-4, 5%-25% emollient, 1%-10% foam stabilizer and 0-1% plant acne remover. The makeup remover composition has a good makeup remover effect, does not require secondary cleaning, is mild and non-irritating to the skin, and has a good moisturizing effect.

  • CN201510980429.6 discloses a massage cream containing plant extracts and a preparation method thereof. The present invention adds allantoin, glycerin and methyl p-hydroxybenzoate after fully dispersing and dissolving carbomer in water, heats, mixes, vacuum defoams after heat preservation, obtains water phase; then white mineral oil, poly Mix methicone, isocetyl stearyloxystearate, cetearyl alcohol, emulsifier, laureth-4 and propylparaben, heat and stir until completely melted, Obtain the oil phase; add the oil phase to the water phase, mix well, heat and keep warm, vacuum defoaming and cooling; then add thickening stabilizer, homogenize and cool down, add triethanolamine aqueous solution, mix well and cool down, add plant extract and Preservatives, mixed well to get massage cream containing plant extracts. The massage cream has a high oil content, has good moisturizing and massage effects, and is not sticky; in addition, it has the effects of anti-allergy and soothing the skin.

What is the difference in between sodium lauryl sulfate and also salt lauryl polyether sulfate?

Both sulfates commonly present in appeal products alone or together are sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), also called salt dodecyl sulfate (SDS) and sodium lauryl polyether sulfate (SLES). Laurenth-4 in SLES just does not consist of salt.

Because of subtle spelling distinctions, these two components are easily confused, however there are significant differences between both. Their functions are comparable. Both ingredients can generate foam in the product, however the mix of salt lauryl sulfate (SLS) and also skin surface protein is stronger than that of sodium lauryl polyether sulfate (SLES). This suggests that sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) may be much more annoying due to greater exposure prices.


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