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Basic Info of L-Methionine

What is L-Methionine?

The molecular formula of methionine is C5H11NO2S, and also the molecular weight is 149.21. The taxonomic name is methylthiobutanine. It is normally L-form and is a component of healthy protein. White flake crystal or crystalline powder. The melting point of L-body is 280 ~ 281 ℃ (disintegration), soluble in water, insoluble in absolute ethanol, ether, benzene, petroleum ether and also acetone. The melting point of the racemate is 281 ° C (decay), soluble in weaken services of water, acid as well as antacids, quickly soluble in 95% ethanol, insoluble in ether. 

Both L-type and also D-type methionine have the same organic activity. In healthy protein synthesis, methionine is the first step in the “translation” of message RNA right into healthy protein. Without the visibility of methionine, protein biosynthesis can not start. It appropriates for the prevention as well as treatment of liver disease and arsenic poisoning, and is also made use of as an artificial additive. Methionine is widely used in the fields of medicine, food, feed as well as cosmetics, amongst which the amount of feed additives is the biggest. As the first limiting necessary amino acid for chicken, methionine is an essential additive in pet feed. Pet feed with methionine can help pets grow rapidly in a short time, boost lean meat and also reduce the feeding cycle, saving concerning 40 % feed. In the pharmaceutical industry, methionine is one of the major parts of amino acid mixture and also compound amino acids.

Along with taking part in the transfer of methyl groups in animals, the metabolic process of phosphorus as well as the synthesis of epinephrine, choline as well as creatine, methionine is additionally the raw material for the synthesis of protein and also cystine. With the continual rise of the worldwide population as well as living criteria, the need for methionine in the international market has actually preserved a quick growth trend for a long time. Today, there are four major varieties of methionine marketed in the market, particularly strong methionine, fluid hydroxymethionine, and also fluid methionine. Sodium salt and strong hydroxymethionine calcium salt. In the last few years, the global demand for methionine has expanded at a yearly price of 4% to 5%. In 2010, the annual production capacity of global methionine surpassed 1 million bunches, as well as the output had to do with 900,000 bunches.

L-Methionine Uses

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Application of L-Methionine

Preparation of L-Methionine


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