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Basic Info of L-Lactide

What is L-Lactide?

Lactic acid: Lactic acid was first extracted from milk and is a carboxylic acid, which belongs to alpha-hydroxy acid and is classified as “fruit acid”. Common fruit acids include glycolic acid, citric acid, mandelic acid and so on. Low-concentration fruit acid has the effect of exfoliating the stratum corneum and improving rough and dull skin. The high concentration of fruit acid can act on the dermis layer, stimulate the new generation of collagen, and have certain freckle and wrinkle removal effects.

L-lactic acid: If you have studied chemistry, you will know the concept of “chirality”, which means that two molecules are in a mirror image state, just like our left and right hands. Lactic acid is chiral, one is called L-lactic acid (L-lactic acid) and the other is its mirror image called D-lactic acid. Although it is the same molecule, the effect of different chirality is completely different. L-carnitine, for example, can speed up calorie consumption, while its mirror image, D-carnitine, is toxic to the human body.

L-polylactic acid: Polylactic acid has a polymer obtained by the polymerization of lactic acid, which also has chirality. L-polylactic acid is a nano-scale filler that can be injected subcutaneously. However, because L-polylactic acid injection is currently not approved in China, and public hospitals have not carried out treatment, it is rarely used clinically. Then the L-lactic acid smear that is relatively popular on the Internet should refer to the second type mentioned above, L-lactic acid (L-lactic acid).

L-Lactide Uses

  1. L-Lactide is obtained from the polymerization of L-lactide. It has many useful properties, such as biodegradability and non-toxic to human body and environment. Its polymer poly-L-lactide is used to repair the fracture of posterior orbital floor.
  2. (3 S) -cis-3,6-dimethyl-1,4-dioxane-2,5-dione can be used to synthesize poly (L-lactide), polydisperse lactic acid oligomers, bicyclic and tricyclic lactide derivatives containing optically active tripyridine.
  3. L-lactide can be used as a substitute for biomedical materials for tissue regeneration, matrices for drug delivery systems, and commercial polymer materials to reduce the impact on the environment.


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