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Basic Info of L-Glucose

What is L-Glucose?

L-glucose is the enantiomer of D-glucose, a naturally taking place carbohydrate used in various mobile processes. L-glucose is an artificial sugar used to synthesize L-glucose pentaacetate, a possible drug for the treatment of type II diabetes. Additionally, L-glucose can be used as a colon cleanser prior to colonoscopy.

L-Glucose (L-(-)-Sugar) is the enantiomer of D-glucose. L-Glucose can promote food intake, L-glucose can not be biologically used by cells as a power source because it can not be phosphorylated by hexokinase. However, some L-glucose utilizing bacteria containing NAD + dependent L-glucose dehydrogenase capable of oxidizing L-glucose have been identified.

L-Glucose Uses

  1. L-glucose is the enantiomer of D-glucose (g595000). D-glucose is a naturally taking place carb utilized in a multitude of mobile processes.
  2. L-glucose is a synthetic sugar made use of to form L-glucose pen taacetate (g596510), a potential restorative agent for kind II diabetes mellitus.
  3. L-glucose has actually also been discovered to be a cleansing and has been suggested as a colon cleanser that does not cause damages to liquid and electrolyte degrees connected with the lot of scent-laden passing through cathartics generally utilized. Preparation for colonoscopy.
  4. L-glucose has been used in phosphate buffered saline (PBS) option to generate the metabolic feedback of Saccharomyces cerevisiae. It has actually also been used to research the substratum competition pattern of iicb glucose transporters.
  5. L-glucose has actually been proposed as a reduced calorie sugar for clients with diabetes.

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Characteristics of L-Glucose

  • Does not provide human energy

  • It has the same taste as D-glucose
  • Because oral microorganisms can not ferment L-glucose, it will not cause dental caries
  • Bacterial decay and putrefaction are immune
  • It can be used as a substitute for D-glucose without additional fillers
  • Stable in aqueous solution
  • Including the food that needs heat treatment to be stable in the work
  • It can be used for baking food and Maillard reaction can occur
  • It is suitable for patients with diabetes


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