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Basic Info of Isopropyl Nitrite

What is Isopropyl Nitrite?

Isopropyl nitrite (or 2-propyl nitrite) is an alkyl nitrite made from isopropanol. It is a transparent light yellow oil, insoluble in water.

Isopropyl nitrite is associated with maculopathy, visual impairment of central scotoma, bilateral foveal macula, and interruption of internal / external segment (is/os), which may be reversible.

Isopropyl Nitrite Uses

Isopropyl nitrite was used to prepare heterocyclic amide as rip1 kinase inhibitor. Jet propellant.

Production Method of Isopropyl Nitrite

In a reaction flask equipped with a stirrer, a thermometer and a dropping funnel, add 227.7g (3.3mol) sodium nitrite and 1L water, stir to dissolve, cool to -5°C in an ice-salt bath, and slowly add dropwise to 0. A solution of 147 g of concentrated sulfuric acid, 60 mL of water, and 180 g (3.0 mol) of isopropanol (2) at a temperature of ℃. The dropping rate was controlled at the temperature of the reaction solution at -2 to 0°C, and the addition was completed in about 2 hours. Low temperature reaction 1.5h.

The organic layer was separated, washed with saturated brine containing a small amount of sodium bicarbonate, dried over anhydrous magnesium sulfate, distilled under reduced pressure, and the fractions at 39-40°C/99.08kPa were collected to obtain 190 g of isopropyl nitrite (1), which was collected rate of 71%.


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