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Basic Info of Isonicotinic acid

What is Isonicotinic acid?

4-Picolinic acid, also known as isonicotinic acid, chemical name pyridine-4-carboxylic acid, molecular formula is C6H5NO2, structural formula is: white needle-like crystalline powder, odorless; melting point 319 ° C, 260 ° C (2kPa) sublimation; soluble in hot water , slightly soluble in cold water, almost insoluble in benzene, ether, etc. The substance is an amphoteric compound, soluble in both acid and base, reacts with acid to form pyridinium salt, and reacts with base to form carboxylate. Pyridinecarboxylic acids are all internal salts in aqueous solution, that is, exist in the form of zwitterions. Isonicotinic acid is a widely used intermediate.

Isonicotinic acid can be used as a pharmaceutical intermediate. There are many methods for synthesizing isonicotinic acid, which are mainly divided into oxidation method, hydrolysis method and biocatalysis method. The oxidation method is divided into potassium permanganate oxidation method, nitric acid oxidation method, catalytic air oxidation method, ozone oxidation method and other traditional chemical oxidation methods and electrochemical oxidation methods.

Isonicotinic acid Uses

  1. Isnicotinic acid is a widely used intermediate. Mainly used as isoniazid (ramiphen), terfenadine, isoniacic acid and other first-line anti-tuberculosis drugs raw materials, can also be used as preservatives, electroplating additives, photosensitizers. Resin stabilizer, PVC heat stabilizer, non-ferrous metal flotation agent, etc.
  2. Isoniazid can be obtained by condensation and melting dehydration of isoniazid and hydrazine hydrate. Isoniazid has good antibacterial effect on mycobacterium tuberculosis, good efficacy, small dosage, relatively low toxicity. It is used to treat all forms of tuberculosis. It can also be used for advanced tuberculous meningitis and other extrapulmonary tuberculosis, during the period of dissolution and spread, and during the period of improved absorption. These preparations include tablets and injections.
  3. It is used as a pharmaceutical intermediate, mainly for the production of anti-tuberculosis drug isoniazid, and also for the synthesis of derivatives such as amides, hydrazides, and esters.
  4. Isonicotinic acid, also known as pyridine 4-carboxylate, is an intermediate of the plant growth regulator Trexamine, as well as an intermediate of isoniazid, a medicinal anti-tuberculosis drug.
  5. In addition, isonicotinic acid can also be used to synthesize other organic compounds or prepare chemical materials. Examples of its applications are as follows:

The method includes the following steps:

  • Take 4-picoline as raw material, use water as solvent, and oxidize it to 4-picolinic acid with potassium permanganate, wherein the molar ratio of 4-picoline to potassium permanganate is 1:2.1 -2.3, the oxidation temperature is 75-80 ℃, heating for 35min, the reaction is completely adjusted to the acidity of the reaction solution, and then cooled and filtered to obtain 4-picolinic acid;
  • 4-picolinic acid and methanol generate methyl 4-picolinate under acidic conditions, wherein the molar ratio of 4-picolinic acid and methanol is 1:1.3;
  • reducing methyl 4-picolinate is 4-pyridinemethanol;
  • 4-pyridinemethanol reacts with thionyl chloride to obtain the target product 4-chloromethylpyridine hydrochloride, and the molar ratio of 4-pyridinemethanol to thionyl chloride is 1:1.1-1.3.

Include the following components by weight:
20-35 parts of cis-isoprene rubber, 10-13 parts of carbon black, 8-12 parts of polyoxypropylene glyceryl ether, 7-10 parts of potassium tetraborate, 9-14 parts of polyisobutylene, dimethylaminoethanol dianisole 10-15 parts, 6-10 parts of petroleum resin, 3-8 parts of tetraethylammonium iodide, 7-16 parts of methylprednisolone acetate, 2-6 parts of zinc molybdate, 5 parts of tetraethyl silicate -9 parts, 1-3 parts of expanded perlite, 2-4 parts of manganese antimonide, 9-12 parts of polyethylene wax, 12-15 parts of 4-picolinic acid.
The waterproof material can meet the needs of waterproof operation in a high temperature environment, and has wide application prospects.

Each substance containing the following weight components:
50-70 parts of base oil, 10-15 parts of 2-decen-2-ol, 5-9 parts of chloroform, 3-7 parts of 2-amino-2-methylpropane, 1H-imidazole-4-ethylamine 6-10 parts, 12-16 parts phthalimide, 4-8 parts calcium lignosulfonate, 2-5 parts zinc dibutyl dithiocarbamate, 10-ethylene glycol monomethyl ether 15 parts, 8-13 parts of propylparaben, 7-13 parts of dicyclopentadiene, 4-9 parts of 4-picolinic acid, 3-8 parts of 2,4-dinitrophenol.
By using a variety of chemical substances to modify the base oil, it can adapt to the harsh environment of severe cold and meet the requirements of lubricating use in this environment.

Include the following components by weight:
40-80 parts of fiber material, 10-20 parts of polyisoprene, 15-22 parts of silicone rubber, 8-15 parts of folin isobutyrate, 10-18 parts of polybrene, 7-4-picolinic acid 14 parts, 2-6 parts of hexamethylcyclotrisiloxane, 4-8 parts of urea, 1-4 parts of calcium chloride, 6-12 parts of isocyanate.
The textile fibers have good electrical conductivity, and people can directly control smart devices through the textiles prepared from the textile fibers, and have strong practical performance.

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