Isobutyl Iodide CAS 513-38-2

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  • Appearance: Colorless to light organic liquid
  • Purity: 99. 0%min
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Basic Info of Isobutyl Iodide

What is Isobutyl Iodide?

Colorless to fade yellow liquid. The melting point is -93 ° C, the boiling point is 120 ° C, the relative thickness is 1.605 (20 ° C), the flash point (open mug) is 22.2 ° C, as well as the refractive index is 1.4960 (20 ° C).

Isobutyl iodine is flammable in case of open fire, heat and also oxidant; in case of heat, it creates toxic iodide gas.

Isobutyl iodine is inappropriate with strong oxidants as well as lowering representatives. On top of that, it is incompatible with several amines, nitrides, azo/ diazo substances, alkali steels and also epoxides.

By isobutanol and also phosphorus triiodide response obtained. Initial mix red phosphorus as well as isobutanol, warmth on a water bathroom, slowly include iodine, remain to react for 4 hrs after adding, distill the crude product, and after that conduct fractional distillation, as well as gather the fractions at 119-122 ° C to acquire the ended up item.

Isobutyl Iodide Uses

  1. Isobutyl iodide is used as solvent, analytical reagent, raw material for organic synthesis.
  2. Isobutyl iodine is a useful synthetic structural unit, such as its application in palladium catalyzed alkylation of arylpyridine with alkyl iodine.

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Isobutyl Iodide Chemical Structure Description

The chemical structure of a molecule includes the arrangement of atoms and the chemical bonds that bind atoms with each other. Isobutyl iodine particle has 13 bonds, consisting of 4 non-H bonds.

The chemical framework representation of isobutyl iodine is as complies with:


2 dimensional (2D) chemical structure representation of isobutyl iodine


3 dimensional (3D) chemical structure layout of isobutyl iodine

The two-dimensional chemical structure layout of isobutyl iodine, likewise referred to as skeleton formula, is the standard sign of natural particles. The carbon atom in the chemical structure of isobutyl iodine is indicated to be in the corner, and the hydrogen atom attached to the carbon atom is not suggested – each carbon atom is taken into consideration to incorporate with enough hydrogen atoms to give four bonds of the carbon atom.

The 3D chemical structure photo of isobutyl iodine is based upon the bat model, revealing the three-dimensional position of atoms as well as the bonds between them. For that reason, the span of the ball is less than the size of the pole, so as to see the atoms and bonds in the whole isobutyl iodine chemical framework design more clearly.


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