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Basic Info

What is Iron Oxide?

Iron trioxide, chemical formula Fe3O4. Also known as iron oxide black, magnet, magnetite, or black iron, it is a black crystal with magnetism, hence it is also called magnetic iron oxide. It cannot be pronounced as “ferrous metaferrite” or “ferrous metaferrite” Fe (FeO2) 2, and is not a mixture of iron oxide and ferrous oxide, but can be approximated as a compound of ferrous oxide and ferrous oxide. This substance is soluble in acids, insoluble in water, alkali, and organic solvents such as ethanol and ether. Natural ferric oxide is insoluble in acids and can easily oxidize into ferric oxide in the air in humid conditions. Usually used as a pigment and polishing agent, it can also be used to manufacture audio tapes and telecommunications equipment.

Iron trioxide has a high hardness and magnetism, and can be regarded as a compound composed of ferrous oxide and iron oxide, in the form of inverse spinel and cubic crystal systems. It can move directionally under an external magnetic field, has superparamagnetism within a certain range of particle size, and can generate heat under the action of an external alternating electromagnetic field. Its chemical properties are stable, making it widely used.

Iron Oxide Uses

Ferric oxide is used in industries such as medicine, metallurgy, electronics and textiles, as well as as catalysts, polishing agents, pigments in paints and ceramics, glass colorants, etc. Special magnetic iron oxide can be used to make audio tapes and telecommunications equipment. The application fields of spherical ferroferrite magnetic powder are as follows:

  1. Raw materials for the production of high-end toner for laser printers and raw materials for the production of toner for copiers (high coercivity).
  2. Magnetic seal, which can be used as a rotating shaft seal for mechanical seals.
  3. Metals, ceramics, nanoceramics, composite ceramic substrates, ferrite materials.
  4. The cathode plate of alkaline dry batteries can be used for steel flaw detection in the machinery manufacturing industry.
  5. Anti-UV materials, microwave absorbing materials, and magnetic recording materials.
  6. Magnetic health-care materials can be widely added to various types of chemical fibers, plastics, rubber, etc. to produce various health-care products and health-preserving products.
  7. Coloring of building structures and concrete products. Watercolor, paint, paint, etc.

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Application of Iron Oxide

Because the preparation method of ferric oxide is simple, the morphology is controllable, and it also has excellent magnetic properties and biocompatibility, it has a very wide range of applications.

Surface Modification of nano-Fe3O4 Particles

Since the prepared Fe3O4 particles are easy to agglomerate, be easily oxidized, or are not perfect in some aspects, their surface needs to be modified during use to purposefully change the physical and chemical properties of the particle surface, such as surface chemical structure and surface hydrophobicity. , chemical adsorption and reaction characteristics, etc. Commonly used surface modification methods are as follows:

  • Surface chemical modification method
    Surface chemistry methods are used, such as the adsorption or chemical reaction of functional groups in organic molecules on the surface of Fe3O4 particles to partially coat the particle surface to organicize the surface, thereby achieving surface modification. This is currently the main method for surface modification of Fe3O4 particles. . Surface modifiers used in surface chemical modification are mostly anionic surfactants, nonionic surfactants and organic polymers with functional groups. Such as oleic acid, lauric acid, sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonate and other anionic surfactants.
  • Precipitation reaction modification method
    Precipitation reaction modification refers to the precipitation reaction of inorganic compounds on the surface of Fe3O4 particles to form a coating layer, thereby improving its oxidation resistance, dispersion, etc. The co-precipitated Fe3O4 nanoparticles were acidified in a sodium silicate solution to obtain magnetic particles with a core-shell structure coated with a SiO2 layer on the surface. Due to the steric hindrance of SiO2, the agglomeration and continued growth of Fe3O4 crystallites are restricted, so that the Fe3O4 nuclei are dispersed in the product to maintain a smaller grain size. The coated product exhibits superparamagnetism and at the same time improves the weather resistance of the magnetic components. 
  • Sol-gel modification
    The sol-gel process refers to the formation of a three-dimensional network structure from inorganic precursors through various reactions. SiO2 is the most widely used surface modifier in sol-gel modified Fe3O4 to adjust surface and interface properties. This method usually uses ethyl orthosilicate as the raw material, and coats the surface of Fe3O4 particles with a layer of SiO2 by optimizing the hydrolysis conditions to improve the stability of the Fe3O4 particles.
  • Electrostatic self-assembly modification
    Electrostatic self-assembly, also known as layer-by-layer self-assembly or layer-by-layer self-assembly, is a new particle self-assembly method that has emerged in recent years. It provides a new option for the synthesis of new, stable and functional core-shell microspheres. , and the technology is simple and easy to implement, no special equipment is required, and water is usually used as the solvent. Therefore, it has attracted much attention from domestic and foreign researchers.


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