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Basic Info

What is Iron Nitrate Nonahydrate?

Ferric nitrate nonahydrate, additionally called high iron nitrate, Fe(NO3)3 · 9H2O= 404.02, light purple or gray-white monoclinic crystal, very easy to deliquescence. Ferric nitrate nonahydrate has a family member thickness of 1.684 and also a melting point of 47.2 ° C. It breaks down when warmed to 125 ° C. It is soluble in water, ethanol as well as acetone, easily soluble in ether, as well as somewhat soluble in nitric acid. The liquid remedy can be broken down right into ferrous nitrate and oxygen by ultraviolet rays, so it is oxidizing. Ferric nitrate nonahydrate is prepared by the activity of pure iron filings or iron oxide and also focused nitric acid. Ferric nitrate nonahydrate is utilized as a chromatographic reagent, catalyst, mordant as well as copper colorant for medication.

Ferric nitrate (III) dihydrate is an extremely water-soluble crystalline iron resource, ideal for applications suitable with nitrates and also low (acidic) pH. All steel nitrates are inorganic salts of given metal cations and also nitrate anions. Nitrate anion is a monovalent (- 1 cost) polyatomic ion, which is bonded by a single nitrogen atom ion to 3 oxygen atoms (molecular formula: NO3). The overall molecular formula is 62.05.

Iron Nitrate Nonahydrate Uses

  1. Ferric nitrate dihydrate can be used as catalyst, mordant, metal surface area therapy agent, oxidant, logical reagent and contaminated material adsorbent.
  2. Ferric nitrate nine hydrate is used for the determination of phosphate.
  3. Ferric nitrate 9 hydrate is utilized as a mordant for coloring black and light yellow. Various other applications in tanning; Weighted silk; As well as prepare the analysis requirements.
  4. It is utilized as a driver for the synthesis of salt amino from sodium and also ammonia, and also for the etching of silver and silver alloys. Ferric nitrate is made use of in the synthesis of organic templated ferric phosphate, and also β Alkenylation of dicarbonyl compounds to β Enaminones function as effective catalysts. Ferric nitrate fertilized clay can be used as oxidant. Clayfen is made from ferric nitrate and montmorillonite, which is used to oxidize mercaptan to disulfide and also alcohol to aldehyde. Ferric nitrate can be utilized for regioselective as well as stereoselective nitration of various fragrant, aliphatic as well as heteroaromatic olefins. This reaction provides outstanding E selectivity for nitroolefins. With Keggin kind heteropoly acid, it uniquely oxidizes various hydroxyl teams.

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Application of Iron Nitrate Nonahydrate

Preparation of Iron Nitrate Nonahydrate

Iron filing method: Add nitric acid with a family member thickness of 1.38 right into an acid-resistant reactor filled with water, warmth it to 40-50 ° C, gradually include fine iron filings for response, respond for 3 hrs, warm the service, and also expel nitrogen oxide gas. Filtering, vaporized as well as focused the filtrate to form a crystalline movie, sent it to an air conditioning crystallizer to cool down to listed below 0 ° C to precipitate crystals, filtered with suction, as well as washed the crystals with 20% nitric acid. The finished item of ferric nitrate was acquired. The reaction formula is as complies with.

Fe +4HNO3 → Fe(NO3)3+NO +2H2O
Fe +6HNO3 → Fe(NO3)3 +3 NO2 +3H2O

Mommy alcohol can be reused. The nitrogen oxide gas launched in the response process is usually taken in by caustic soda service in industry, as a result of its quick absorption rate, the obtained neutralization fluid is utilized for the production of sodium nitrate.


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