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Basic Info

What is Iron Hydroxide Oxide?

Iron oxides, including iron hydroxides and hydrated oxides, are natural minerals and geocatalysts that are abundant in the earth’s crust. Because the chemical properties of iron are very reactive, there are many secondary iron minerals, such as maghemite (γ-Fe2O3), hematite (α-Fe2O3), lepidocrocite (γ-FeOOH), goethite ( α-FeOOH), hydrated iron (III) oxide (Fe5HO8·4H2O) and magnetite (Fe3O4) exist in large amounts as suspended matter in the water system. Iron oxides play a very important role in various chemical and biological processes involving the transformation of organic compounds in aquatic ecosystems.

Hydrated iron (III) oxide refers to a natural nanoscale iron hydroxide mineral commonly found in the natural environment (soil, water sediments, etc.), and can also be easily synthesized in the laboratory. Hydrated iron(III) oxide is difficult to characterize due to its small size and low crystallinity.

The structure of hydrated iron (III) oxide can be described by two models, one is the standard model PW proposed by Drits et al.; the other is the new model PU recently proposed by Michel et al. The essential difference between the two models is that the first model is a multi-phase structure, while the second model is a single-phase structure. According to the standard model, hydrated iron (III) oxide is a multi-phase material, including three components, namely defect-free microcrystals (f-phase), defective microcrystals (d-phase), and iron-red ferrocrystals. There are many homogeneous polycrystalline variants of natural hydrous hydroxides. The crystal structures of these different forms of hydrous hydroxides are iron ions occupying oxygen octahedrons.

Iron Hydroxide Oxide Uses

In terms of purifying water; As an absorbent in chemical processing; As a pigment; As a catalyst.

Iron hydroxide (III) is used for purifying water and as an absorbent in chemical processes. It participates in the preparation of iron oxide hydroxide nanoparticles, which are used as excellent adsorbents for removing lead from aquatic media. It is also used as a pigment, catalyst, and as a phosphate binder in aquarium water treatment. In addition, it is also used in the paint varnish industry.

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Application of Iron Hydroxide Oxide

With the rapid economic development, my country’s water environment is becoming more and more polluted, and there are newer and higher requirements for the development of water treatment technology. Nowadays, more pollution control technologies are used for pollutants, mainly including chemical methods, biological methods, adsorption methods, etc. Among them, adsorption method is a simple, efficient and economical method, which is often used in water treatment, such as powdered activated carbon, granular Activated carbon and sand are used as filter materials in projects. Nowadays, with the deepening of research, there are many studies on the development of new adsorbents, such as modification research on activated carbon and sand, among which there is modification by connecting metal oxides to their surfaces.

Hydrated iron (III) oxide is a hot spot among metal oxides. The research on hydrated iron (III) oxide started very early. As early as 1994, the adsorption of arsenic by iron-manganese oxide coagulants was started. The research on fluoride ions by iron oxide coated sand was proposed in 2000. Later, related research on hydrated iron (III) oxide was carried out at home and abroad, and certain progress was made.

Hydrated iron (III) oxide is an excellent adsorbent that can adsorb a variety of pollutants. With the deepening of research, it has been found that hydrated iron (III) oxide has adsorption properties for more pollutants, which has expanded the application range of hydrated iron (III) oxide. The preparation process method is the most intrinsic and critical factor that affects the adsorption performance of hydrated iron (III) oxide. For example, the loading content and loading temperature of hydrated iron (III) oxide have a great influence on the adsorption performance of hydrated iron (III) oxide.

If we can further study the preparation process of hydrated iron (III) oxide in subsequent research, reduce the nanoparticle size of hydrated iron (III) to improve the adsorption performance of hydrated iron (III), and promote the use of hydrated iron oxide (III) application, which will be of great significance to environmental protection and pollution prevention. When hydrated iron (III) oxide is used in actual water treatment, the actual environmental factors and conditions must be adjusted, such as adjusting the pH of pollutants treated with hydrated iron (III) and eliminating interference from ionic strength and organic matter. conditions to improve its adsorption performance.


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