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Basic Info

What is Iron Chloride Hexahydrate?

Ferric chloride hexahydrate is brownish-yellow crystal, odorless, astringent, strong hygroscopicity and deliquescence, it can deliquesce into reddish-brown liquid in the air, easily soluble in ethanol, acetone, and liquid sulfur dioxide , ethylamine, aniline, insoluble in glycerin, phosphorus trichloride.

Iron chloride is a chloride in the form of iron (III). It has a range of applications. Industrially, it can be used for sewage treatment and also drinking water manufacturing (such as arsenic elimination); Used as leaching representative in chloride hydrometallurgy; In the manufacturing procedure of published circuit boards, copper is etched with two actions of oxidation-reduction reaction to generate copper chloride (I), and then copper chloride; As a driver for the response of ethylene and also chlorine gas to manufacture dichloroethane. the laboratory, it is normally used as Lewis acid to militarize chlorination of fragrant compounds and Friedel-Crafts reaction of aromatic substances. The ferric chloride test can be used as the typical phenol colorimetric test. Iron trichloride can also be utilized for over the determination of cholesterol as well as cholesterol esters. In the field of condition, it can be made use of to induce arterial apoplexy and also to examine apoplexy. t can likewise be made use of for decolorization of disperse and also reactive color options.

Iron Chloride Hexahydrate Uses

Ferric chloride hexahydrate can be used as clinical reagent (amino acid in urine).

Ferric chloride hexahydrate is mainly used as a water treatment agent, a corrosion agent for printing plate making, electronic circuit board, a chlorination agent for metallurgical industry, an oxidant and mordant for dye industry, a catalyst and oxidant and a chlorination agent for organic synthesis industry, and as a raw material for manufacturing other iron salts and pigments and for mineral processing.

Iron (III) chloride hexahydrate is used to prepare organic templated iron phosphate. It is used for sewage treatment of industrial waste, chlorination hydrometallurgy (Silgarin process for silicon production), drinking water production, production of PVC precursors and copper base metals in printed circuit boards. As an etching agent, it plays an important role in photographic plate making and photography. It can be used as a mordant for dyeing and printing textiles. Used for the detection of phenols and their derivatives; γ- Hydroxybutyric acid and Trinder spot test for detection of salicylic acid.

Iron (III) chloride hexahydrate (FeCl 3.6 H 2O) can be used as oxidant for the following conversion:

  • Synthesis of 2-substituted 4 (3H) – quinazolone (yield=77-93%).
  • 1,4-Dihydropyridine (1,4-DHP) is oxidized to corresponding pyridine.
  • 4-Isopropyl-1,4-DHP is oxidized to dealkylpyridine.

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Application of Iron Chloride Hexahydrate

Nano-iron oxide is a semiconductor with high resistance. It can absorb oxygen, enhance the activation of oxygen molecules, and can also be used as a catalyst to support combustion. Nano-iron oxide has strong electronegativity and can absorb electrons on the surface of particles, thereby increasing the crystal. The number of holes has good optical properties, magnetic properties, and catalytic properties, but the preparation cycle is long.

CN201711086481.2 provides a method for preparing nano-iron oxide, which solves the problem of long preparation time of conventional nano-iron oxide. For solving above-mentioned technical problem, the present invention adopts following technical scheme: a kind of preparation method of nano-iron oxide, it comprises: Ferrous chloride is mixed with secondary water into aqueous solution, heating solution, adds HCL simultaneously and regulates pH value to 2 , adding sodium dihydrogen phosphate to adjust the concentration of the solution to 0.002moL per liter, heating the solution to 80 degrees to prepare ferric chloride hexahydrate, washing the above ferric chloride hexahydrate, and centrifuging to obtain ferric chloride Grinding the above iron trichloride to form powdery ferric chloride, putting the above powdery ferric chloride into a muffle furnace and heating to above 290 degrees for 10-12 hours to obtain nanometer iron oxide.

Compared with the prior art, the beneficial effects of the present invention are: the present invention generates ferric chloride hexahydrate through ferrous chloride, centrifugally separates ferric chloride hexahydrate, and dehydrates to obtain nano-ferric oxide, which can absorb oxygen , enhance the activation of oxygen molecules, and can also be used as a catalyst to support combustion. Nano-iron oxide has strong electronegativity and can absorb electrons on the surface of particles, thereby increasing the number of holes inside the crystal and effectively improving conductivity.

Water-based paint industrial sewage refers to the sewage discharged from the production process of resins, varnishes, and colored paints. The sewage of water-based paint mainly comes from the cleaning of the batching tank. When the paints of different colors or properties are mixed, the sewage of the batching tank is generated. The sewage has high concentration, high chroma, and high content of suspended solids. Sewage pipeline pumps are required for sewage treatment. The water-based paint sewage has high concentration, high chroma, high content of suspended solids, and high content of metal ions. Long-term transportation of the sewage will cause blockage inside the pump body due to dirt adhesion or corrosion. Thus affecting the transmission efficiency and the service life of the pump. The traditional cleaning method is to directly use clean water for cleaning. Although the cost is low, the cleaning effect is poor. There is no effective cleaning for the composition and characteristics of the water-based paint sewage, so that the purpose of thorough cleaning cannot be achieved.

CN201710547357.5 provides a water-based paint sewage pipeline pump regular cleaning agent that is easy to use, has good cleaning effect and low cost. The technical problem to be solved by the present invention is realized by the following technical solutions: a regular cleaning agent for water-based paint sewage pipeline pump, which is composed of the following raw materials in parts by weight: 12-15 parts of activated carbon powder, 8-15 parts of quartz sand, hexahydrate 6-8 parts of ferric chloride, 0.1-0.2 parts of chitosan, 50-80 parts of water, 15-20 parts of lemon juice, 30-50 parts of anti-rust oil. Further, the anti-rust oil comprises the following components by weight percentage: 15% of sodium petroleum sulfonate, 5% of lanolin magnesium soap, 10% of No. 10 machine oil, 4% of kerosene, 0.3% of diphenylamine, and 65.7% of industrial vaseline .

Beneficial effects of the present invention: the present invention first uses lemon juice to soften and loosen the attached scale, then uses ferric chloride hexahydrate as a flocculant, and chitosan as a coagulant to separate the polluting ions in the pump body, and then uses activated carbon The powder and quartz sand are cyclically cleaned to remove all the softened and loose scale, flocculated pollutants and suspended solids in the pump body. Finally, anti-rust oil is used to prevent the pump from being corroded by water-based paint sewage after long-term use, thereby prolonging the service life of the pump. The invention has strong cleaning ability, is convenient to use and can provide follow-up protection for the cleaned pump.

CN201811137012.3 provides a preparation method of Fe3O4-carbon nanotube lithium battery negative electrode material, which connects metal oxide nanomaterials to the surface of carbon materials with large specific surface area, and the structural stability of carbon materials can withstand the impact caused by volume changes. Stress, overcome the shortcoming of poor conductivity of the nano-metal oxide active material, so that the composite material can obtain excellent lithium battery performance. The technical scheme that the present invention solves its technical problem to take is:

A preparation method of ferroferric oxide-carbon nanotube lithium battery negative electrode material, comprising the following steps:

Step 1: Disperse the purchased carbon nanotubes in concentrated nitric acid (65%-68% in mass fraction), perform high-temperature acid treatment, and then wash and dry for subsequent use;

Step 2: dispersing acid-treated carbon nanotubes into deionized water;

Step 3: Add ferric chloride hexahydrate, urea, and polyvinylpyrrolidone into the mixed solution obtained in step 2, then add sodium potassium tartrate as a reducing agent, stir and dissolve fully, wherein ferric chloride hexahydrate: urea: sodium tartrate The mass ratio of potassium is 3.8~4.5:8~11:5~7; ferric chloride hexahydrate is used as the raw material of magnetic ferric oxide, and the input amount determines the magnetic ferric oxide particles attached to carbon nanotubes The thickness of urea provides an alkaline environment for the conversion of ferric ions, sodium potassium tartrate is used as a reducing agent, and the ratio of ferric ions to ferric ions should be strictly controlled to ensure the amount of ferric ions to be reduced.

Step 4: Pour the mixed liquid obtained in Step 3 into a polytetrafluoroethylene-lined stainless steel reaction kettle, seal and heat to 180-210° C., keep warm for 10-15 hours, wash and dry to obtain the nanocomposite material.

Preparation of Iron Chloride Hexahydrate

A preparation method for ferric chloride hexahydrate, include the following steps:

  1. Put the scrap iron in a beaker, measure concentrated hydrochloric acid and concentrated nitric acid with a measuring cylinder respectively, the volume ratio of the concentrated hydrochloric acid and concentrated nitric acid is (1.5-3): 1, put the two acids in another beaker After mixing, slowly add to the beaker where scrap iron is placed.
  2. After the scrap iron is completely dissolved, filter the dissolved solution to obtain a clear solution
  3. Put the clear solution in an evaporating dish, heat and evaporate, and stir continuously during the evaporation and concentration process.
  4. When slightly yellow crystals appear on the surface of the solution, stop heating immediately, cool and crystallize naturally, and place in a cool place for no less than 10 hours to obtain ferric chloride hexahydrate.


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