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Basic Info of Imidocarb Dipropionate

What is Imidocarb Dipropionate?

Midocadipropionate is a propionate of imidazolidinylurea and a chemical drug specially used for animals as a new type of antigen worm. It is generally used as a preparation in clinical practice, and it is used to treat and prevent various diseases caused by Babesiosis, piroplasma, trypanosoma, eperythrozoon, limbic nematode and Tyler’s worm by intramuscular or subcutaneous injection.

In the prior art, midocadipropionate is a non sterile drug substance, and the preparation method is recrystallization after the synthesis of imidazolidinyl urea and propionic acid in different organic solvents. This method requires a large amount of organic solvents, a large amount of recrystallization mother liquor causes a large amount of product loss, and the energy consumption of solvent recovery is high. With the discovery of new clinical uses of midocalam dipropionate, such as the disclosed preparation method of midocalam dipropionate long-acting veterinary preparation and the disclosed preparation method of midocalam dipropionate veterinary compound preparation and preparation method for eperythrozoonosis. It is more difficult to prepare compound preparation with non sterile midocarpine dipropionate raw materials.

Imidocarb Dipropionate Uses

  1. Imidocarb is an antigen worm agent, which is used as dipropionate in the treatment of babesiasis and ehrlichiasis. It is suitable for various diseases caused by Babesia, Pyroplasma, Trypanosoma, Eperythrozoon, Borderline worms and Tyler worms.
  2. Imidocar dipropionate (trade name Imizol ® ) It is a substance abuse to deal with infections triggered by protozoa (single celled microorganisms that in some cases cause illness). As an example, it is made use of to deal with babesiasis infection in canines. Babesiasis is triggered by Babesia protozoa, which is transmitted to pet dogs through tick bites.
  3. Mizovir dipropionate is used to treat Ehrlichia disease or liver worm disease in dogs, cell worm disease, babesiasis or haemoplasmosis in cats, and piriform disease in horses.

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Application of Imidocarb Dipropionate

Midocadipropionate has specific effects on Babesia bifida, Babesia bovis, Babesia ovalis, Babesia catapultica, Babesia equi, Babesia gibesi, Babesia mosoni, Taylonia ovis and plasmosis. In addition, it is not metabolized by the body, and the elimination is slow, so the plasma concentration can be maintained for a long time.

It can be injected intravenously or intramuscularly. The drug excretes slowly and can directly act on the worm body, causing nuclear expansion and disintegration. Its toxicity, dosage plate, safety range and curative effect are better than quinoline urea sulfate, triazine, yellow pigment, trypan blue, primaquinone phosphate, oxydiphenylurea, m-mirbenclamide and neoplasmin, and it has a very good preventive effect. It is the best diphenylurea anti piriform drug at present, with good social value and application value. It is also the only drug allowed to be used in the United States for the treatment of piriform disease.

Preparation of Imidocarb Dipropionate

A preparation method of sterile drug substance of midocarpine dipropionate, the steps are as follows:

  1. Add 34.8kg imidazolidinyl phenyl urea into 104.4kg purified water, mix well and stir to form a suspension; Heat the suspension to 30 ℃, maintain the temperature at 30 ℃, drop 14.8kg propionic acid, stir the reaction (the reaction solution is dissolved), and obtain the initial drug solution.
  2. The initial liquid medicine is passed through the diaphragm pump and the three-stage filter respectively. When passing through the diaphragm pump, the speed of feeding liquid is controlled to be 1.0 kg/min under pressure; In the three-stage filter, the pore diameter of the first stage filter element is 0.5um, and the pressure is 4bar; The pore diameter of the second stage filter element is 0.2um, and the pressure is 4bar. The pore diameter of the third stage filter element is 0.2um, and the pressure is 1.5bar; The sterile liquid medicine is obtained after filtration.
  3. Spray and dry the sterile solution in the sterile area under the following conditions: inlet air temperature 130-135 ℃, outlet air temperature 60-65 ℃, feeding speed 1.0 kg/min, and hot air flow rate 12 m3/min; The spray dried products are packed separately under aseptic conditions; A total of 47.6 kg of sterile midocadipropionate was obtained with a molar yield of 96.0%.


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