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Basic Info of Hydroxypropyl Acrylate

What is Hydroxypropyl Acrylate?

Hydroxypropyl acrylate is a transparent and colorless liquid, which can be miscible with water in any proportion and most organic solvents. It is a general bifunctional acrylate monomer with high reactivity.

Hydroxypropyl acrylate is mainly used as comonomer in polymer manufacturing or chemical reactant in chemical intermediate manufacturing. In the manufacture of polymers, hydroxypropyl acrylate can be copolymerized with acrylic acid, acrylate, methacrylate, vinyl acetate, vinyl chloride, vinylidene chloride, styrene, butadiene, etc. The co reactants with hydroxypropyl acrylate include aromatic and aliphatic isocyanates, anhydrides and epoxides. Polymers and chemical intermediates made of hydroxypropyl acrylate can be used in automotive topcoats, architectural coatings, UV curable resins and adhesives.

Hydroxypropyl Acrylate Uses

  1. Hydroxypropyl acrylate can be used in the manufacturing of adhesives, thermosetting coatings, fiber treatment representatives and also modifiers for synthetic resin copolymers, along with in the preparation of lubricant additives.
  2. As a functional monomer, hydroxypropyl acrylate is used as a cross-linking monomer for acrylic materials, which can boost the bond, weather condition resistance, chemical resistance, effect resistance and gloss of items. Made use of in the manufacture of fiber therapy agents, latex, publishing inks, medical products, etc.
  3. Hydroxypropyl acrylate can be utilized in the manufacturing of thermosetting finishes, adhesives, fiber treatments as well as modifiers for synthetic resin copolymers. It can additionally be used as one of the primary crosslinkable useful group monomers utilized in acrylic resins.
  4. Hydroxypropyl acrylate is primarily made use of in the manufacture of thermosetting acrylic coverings, photocurable finishes, photosensitive finishes, fabric treatment representatives, adhesives, paper processing, water quality stabilizers as well as polymer materials. It has the features of less use, but can significantly boost product performance.

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Application of Hydroxypropyl Acrylate

Preparation of Hydroxypropyl Acrylate

  • Chromium-based catalyst method
    Among many preparation processes, the synthesis of hydroxypropyl acrylate using chromium-based catalysts is a traditional synthetic route. Chromium-based catalysts mainly include chromium trichloride, chromium trioxide and complex acetate, etc. Its catalytic activity is relatively high, but the preparation is difficult and The process is dangerous. Chromium-based catalysts are often used in combination with catalytic promoters and polymerization inhibitors. In particular, chromium trioxide is a strong oxidant with strong oxidizing and corrosive properties, and the storage and transportation process is very dangerous.
  • Iron-based catalyst method
    The iron-based catalysts mainly include ferric chloride, ferric sulfate and ferric hydroxide, etc. The experimental study on the synthesis of hydroxypropyl acrylate with ferric chloride as a catalyst, the reaction temperature is 75 ~ 80 ℃, and the yield reaches 88.3%. There are many by-products in the synthesis of hydroxypropyl acrylate with iron-based catalysts, the content of by-products is also high, and the color is darker, which affects the color of the product.
  • Solid base catalyst method
    Zirconium dioxide is a transition metal oxide with acid-base, oxidizing and reducing properties at the same time. Using the unique characteristics and properties of zirconium dioxide, K-Fe/ZrO2 solid base catalyst is prepared by impregnation method. The preparation process of the catalyst is to activate the zirconium dioxide carrier in a muffle furnace for 3 hours, add anhydrous ethanol dissolved with potassium fluoride and ferric nitrate to the activated zirconium dioxide carrier and stir for 3 hours, evaporate the ethanol and water, and then vacuum After drying, it is reset and calcined in a muffle furnace to obtain a K-Fe/ZrO2 solid base catalyst. 8%。 The catalyst has high catalytic activity and good stability for the reaction of acrylic acid and propylene oxide, the reaction temperature is 100 ° C, and the yield reaches 77.8%.
  • Composite catalyst method
    The catalyst used in the original production process of hydroxypropyl acrylate was mainly a composite catalytic system of chromium trioxide and iron acrylate, the reaction temperature was 90°C, and the yield reached 91%. However, chromium trioxide is a strong oxidant, and during use, agglomeration is likely to occur in the reaction liquid and the residual liquid of the post-system.


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