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Basic Info of Hydroxylamine Sulfate

What is Hydroxylamine Sulfate?

Hydroxylammonium sulfate (NH2OH)2·H2SO4 is a sulfate of hydroxylamine. It is mainly used as an easy to handle hydroxylamine form, which is easy to explode when pure. Hydroxylammonium sulfate, or HS, is a colorless crystal, soluble in water and slightly soluble in alcohol.

The solution is corrosive to the skin. It is used as reducing agent, photographic developer, purifier of aldehydes and ketones, chemical synthesis, textile chemicals, antioxidant of fatty acids, catalyst, oxime for making paints and varnishes in biological and biochemical research, and rust prevention.

Hydroxylamine sulfate can be prepared by mixing stoichiometric hydroxylamine and sulfuric acid. It can also be prepared by electrolytic reduction of an aqueous solution of ammonium sulfate.

Hydroxylamine Sulfate Uses

  1. Hydroxylammonium sulfate is a minimizing representative in digital photography; Stimulants, swelling representatives and also copolymerization inhibitors in the polymerization procedure; In chemical synthesis; As fabric chemicals; As an antioxidant; Oximes for the manufacture of paints as well as varnishes; In corrosion avoidance; Non blemishing stoppers for synthetic rubber; For hair removal; In organic as well as biochemical study; As a purifying agent for aldehydes and also ketones; Aldehydes as well as ketones are converted to oximes, and also acid chlorides are transformed to hydroxamic acids.
  2. Hydroxylamine sulfate can be utilized to prepare cellulose tape with high sensitivity for formaldehyde gas discovery. It can be made use of for quantitative decision of perchlorate in organic liquid by spectrophotometry.
  3. Hydroxylamine sulfate is likewise called hydroxylamine sulfate and also hydroxylamine sulfate. Its by-products oxime or hydroxamic acid derivatives can be utilized to generate pesticides such as methomyl, aldicarb and thiomethomyl, in addition to fungicides and also herbicides.
  4. Hydroxylamine sulfate is a decreasing representative, programmer and also rubber vulcanizing agent. It is an important raw material for the synthesis of caprolactam. It is mainly used for the prep work of caprolactam and as an intermediate of medicine as well as pesticides, along with for the production of isoxazole derivatives, sulfa drugs, vitamins B5 and B12, as well as also for polymer synthesis as well as chemical evaluation.
  5. Not natural logical lowering representative, which can minimize the compounds of gold, silver and mercury to monomer components, and also reduce Fe3 +, Cu2 +, V5 + to low-cost compounds, figure out selenium, conduct biological and biochemical research, photo programmer, manufacture oxime, driver, swelling agent, polymerization inhibitor for copolymerization reaction, natural leather hair elimination, and so on.

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Application of Hydroxylamine Sulfate

Ammonium hydroxide sulfate is used in organic synthesis to convert aldehydes and ketones into oximes, carboxylic acids and their derivatives (such as esters) into hydroxamic acids, isocyanates into N-hydroxyurea, and nitriles into amidoximes. Hydroxylammonium sulfate can also be used to generate hydroxylamine-o-sulfonic acid from fuming sulfuric acid or chlorosulfuric acid.

Hydroxylammonium sulfate is used to produce anti crusting agents, drugs, rubber, textiles, plastics and detergents. It is a free radical scavenger that can terminate free radical polymerization and is used as an antioxidant in natural rubber. (NH 3OH) 2SO 4 is the starting material of some insecticides, herbicides and growth regulators. It is used as a stabilizer of color developer and an additive of color film emulsion in photography.

Production Method of Hydroxylamine Sulfate

  • Methyl ethyl ketone is responded with sulfuric acid and ammonia to generate methyl ethyl ketoxime, which is then responded with sulfuric acid to acquire hydroxylamine sulfate (crystalline type), methyl ethyl ketone and ammonium sulfate spin-offs via hydrolysis.
  • The reaction is performed by blending salt nitrite and ammonium bisulfite, introducing sulfur dioxide at reduced temperature to absorb the reactant to acquire hydroxylamine disulfonate, and then hydrolyzing to get hydroxylamine sulfate.
  • Hydroxylamine sulfate can likewise be acquired by responding sulfuric acid with nitro hydrocarbons.


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