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Basic Info of Hydroxylamine Hydrochloride

What is Hydroxylamine Hydrochloride?

Hydroxylamine hydrochloride is an inorganic compound with the chemical formula NH2OH·HCl, which is usually used as a reducing agent.

Hydroxylamine hydrochloride is colorless monoclinic crystal, easily soluble in water, soluble in ethanol, glycerol, and insoluble in ether. It has strong hygroscopicity and gradually decomposes after being wet. It also decomposes when heated to above 151°C.

Hydroxylamine chloride can reduce the blue cupro ammonia solution to produce a colorless cuprous ammonia solution:

4 [Cu(NH3)4]2+ + 2 NH2OH2+ + H+ → 4 [Cu(NH3)2]+ + N2O + H2O + 4 H+ + 8 NH3 + H2O

It reacts with zinc oxide or zinc carbonate to generate hydroxylamine complex Zn(ONH3)Cl2.

Sodium nitrite and sodium metabisulfite react in water, acidify with sulfuric acid, add a certain amount of acetone, and neutralize with liquid caustic soda. The acetone oxime is distilled out, and the acetone oxime is reacted with a certain proportion of hydrochloric acid to generate hydroxylamine hydrochloride and acetone. Hydrolysis of nitromethane and hydrochloric acid produces hydroxylamine hydrochloride.

Hydroxylamine Hydrochloride Uses

  1. Hydroxylamine hydrochloride is an important organic chemical intermediate, mainly used in the preparation of oximes in organic synthesis reactions, such as the intermediate of trimoxazole in the pharmaceutical industry, and the preparation of isatin intermediate in the synthetic dye industry.
  2. In medication, it is additionally made use of to create cotrimoxazole, danazol, ethinyl estradiol, norethisterone, methyl testosterone, hydroxyurea, chlordiazepoxide, etc. In the artificial rubber industry, it is utilized as a non-coloring short-term quit.
  3. Because hydroxylamine hydrochloride has a good decreasing impact, it is frequently made use of as a lowering representative in industry, such as in the oil industry, it can be used as an antioxidant as well as antioxidant for fatty acids and soaps.
  4. Not natural evaluation of decreasing agents, complexing representatives, electroanalytical depolarizers, anti-oxidants for fats as well as soaps, analysis of formaldehyde, camphor and also glucose, and so on, organic analysis of aldehydes and also ketones, trace evaluation of sulfonic acids, determination of magnesium in steel, Prep work of oximes by natural synthesis. Color photo processing. driver. swelling representative. Copolymerization prevention.

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Application of Hydroxylamine Hydrochloride

CN201510189160.X discloses a preparation and purification method of erythromycin oxime. The reaction product of erythromycin oxime is prepared by reacting methanol, hydroxylamine hydrochloride and erythromycin thiocyanate to prepare the filtered mother liquor of the reaction product in erythromycin oxime, and red thiocyanate is added to it. Mycin, methanol and hydroxylamine hydrochloride, the added amount of hydroxylamine hydrochloride is 0.1-10 times the molar amount of erythromycin thiocyanate, the amount of methanol added is 0.1-0.5 times the volume of the mother liquor, and the amount of erythromycin thiocyanate is 0.1-0.5 times. The amount of addition is 0.5-1 times of the volume of the mother liquor, then the pH of ammonium bicarbonate is added to 6-7, and then the oximation reaction is carried out. Obtain the wet product of erythromycin oxime salt, then add alkali to free erythromycin oxime to obtain erythromycin oxime, repeat the above steps, and recycle the reaction mother liquor 1-10 times, so as to maximize the utilization of erythromycin thiocyanate and hydroxylamine hydrochloride. yield, reduce waste discharge, and reduce costs.

CN201911070018.8 reported a preparation method of octanoyl hydroxamic acid, comprising the following steps: Step 1: Mix hydroxylamine hydrochloride and methanol to prepare a methanol solution of hydroxylamine hydrochloride with a certain concentration; Hydroxylamine hydrochloride methanol solution, liquid sodium methoxide, and methyl octanoate are added to the reactor, and under the condition of normal pressure and a reaction temperature of 60 to 75 ° C, the oximation reaction is carried out for 300 seconds to 3 hours; Step 3: The solution after step 2 is reacted The temperature is lowered to 15-30° C., hydrogen chloride gas is introduced into the solution until the pH value of the solution is 2-4, and then the octanoylhydroxamic acid product is obtained after centrifugation, concentration, crystallization, centrifugation and drying. The invention adopts liquid sodium methoxide as the raw material for synthesizing octanoyl hydroxamic acid, which not only greatly improves the yield of the product, but also has high product purity and few impurities, and no waste water is generated in the synthesis process, thus reducing the production cost and being more environmentally friendly.

Preparation of Hydroxylamine Hydrochloride


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