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Basic Info

What is Hexafluorobisphenol A?

Bisphenol AF is also known as hexafluorobisphenol A, 2,2-bis(4-hydroxyphenyl)hexafluoropropane, referred to as BPAF, also known as polycarbonate in industry, and is mostly used in the production of shatterproof plastics. It is slightly soluble in carbon tetrachloride, hardly soluble in water, easily soluble in ethanol, acetone, ether, toluene and other organic solvents and strong alkali solutions. Bisphenol AF can decompose and burn when heated to 510°C. BPA is one of the most widely used industrial compounds in the world, used in the manufacture of food packaging materials, medical devices, baby bottles, water bottles, eyeglass lenses and hundreds of other everyday products.

Bisphenol AF dissolves in dilute alkali to generate corresponding metal salts, which can undergo nitration reaction, nitrosation reaction, Friedel-Crafts alkyl substitution reaction, halogenation reaction, carboxylation reaction, esterification reaction, and can be condensed with acetone to form polyphenol. Excess formaldehyde condenses in alkaline medium to generate phenolic resin, and condenses with fatty alcohol, epoxy polymer, epichlorohydrin, etc. to generate corresponding ether.

BPA is likely to migrate from containers or packaging materials into food and beverages after exposure to heat, and many studies have shown that exposure to BPA may affect neurological development and immune system function, especially in infants and young children. BPA can also simulate female hormones, disrupt the endocrine system, and may cause fertility problems, precocious puberty, affect breast development and reproductive function, and even cause various hormone-related cancers. With the occurrence of various research results and adverse events of bisphenol A, such as the “baby bottle containing bisphenol A” incident, many countries and regions have established strict control standards for bisphenol A.

Hexafluorobisphenol A Uses

Hexafluorobisphenol A serves as an endocrine disruptor (EDC) that triggers estrogen with the estrogen receptor ERα. It is a full agonist of estrogen receptors.

Bisphenol A is an important raw material and one of one of the most extensively used commercial substances worldwide. It is generally utilized in the manufacturing of polycarbonate, epoxy resin, polysulfone resin, polyphenylene ether material, as well as unsaturated polyester resin It can likewise be utilized to produce fine chemical products such as plasticizers, flame resistants, anti-oxidants, warmth stabilizers, rubber anti-aging agents, pesticides, and also coverings.

Bisphenol AF is primarily utilized as vulcanizing representative (crosslinking agent) of fluororubber, and greater than 70% of fluororubber embraces bisphenol AF vulcanization system. Bisphenol AF can be utilized as a monomer to synthesize fluorine-containing polyimide, fluorine-containing polyester, fluorine-containing polyarylether, fluorine-containing polyether ketone, fluorine-containing polycarbonate, fluorine-containing epoxy resin, fluorine-containing polyurethane and also Various other fluorine-containing polymers are used as gas separation membranes, proton exchange membranes, dielectric finishings, fiber optics sheaths, photocell substratums, adhesives, and so on, and also are widely made use of in microelectronics, fuel cells, optics, space technology and various other areas.

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Hazards of hexafluorobisphenol A

  1. Hexafluorobisphenol A is a low toxicity chemical. Pet experiments have actually found that bisphenol A has the result of mimicing estrogen, even at a very reduced dosage, it can cause precocious female puberty, reduced sperm count, and prostate development in pets.
  2. Some data show that bisphenol A has specific embryotoxicity and also teratogenicity, which can considerably increase the event of ovarian cancer, prostate cancer, leukemia and also other cancers cells in pets.
  3. Bisphenol A in plastic items such as plastic baby bottles may impact the growth and also advancement of infants and young kids, and cause damages to youngsters’s brains and sex-related organs.
  4. Research studies have actually shown that the computer product utilized to make plastic containers may release hazardous bisphenol A, as well as the greater the temperature level, the extra it will be released and also the faster it will be launched. Yet there is still a lot of debate, and also scholars from all walks of life have various viewpoints. Presently, plastic containers including bisphenol A remain in regular use in many nations in the world, including China.


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