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Basic Info

What is Hexadecane?

N-hexadecane (chemical formula: C16H34), relative molecular mass is 226.44, white solid or colorless liquid, melting point is 291.2K, flash point is 408K, boiling point is 560K, critical temperature is 723K. Miscible with ether, petroleum ether and chloroform, slightly soluble in hot ethanol, insoluble in water, often used as a solvent. As an important medium-long chain alkane in paraffinic base crude oil, n-hexadecane is often used as a standard substance for determining the combustion quality of diesel oil.

Prepared by catalyzed chlorine addition of 1-hexadecene. Add hexadecane iodide and zinc powder in the laboratory, add glacial acetic acid, saturate with dry hydrogen chloride, and then heat the reaction. The generated hexadecane will float on the liquid surface, and the finished product will be obtained by distillation under reduced pressure.

Hexadecane Uses

  1. Hexadecane belongs of fuel used as a solvent, organic intermediate, ignition criterion for diesel fuel, and also raw material for the hydrocracking process.
  2. N-Hexadecane-d34 is a labeled compound of hexadecane (H293630). Cetane has been utilized to prepare cream in water. It is additionally made use of as a substrate for microbial production of biosurfactants.
  3. Utilized as an adsorbent, gas, and also fuel additive in industry. It is also utilized in textiles, fabrics, and natural leather items. Ignition standards for solvents, organic intermediates, and also gasolines. Gas as well as related items. Hexadecane is used to recover beneficial amines from alkanolamine aqueous options extensively used in the gas processing sector via purification.
  4. Hexadecane is made use of as a solvent, as a recommendation material for gas chromatography contrast samples, and also for determining the combustion quality of gasoline. The cetane number of diesel oil is equal to the common fuel (cetane and α- The quantity percent of decane contained in a mixture of methyl naphthalene, that is, when the combustion high quality is the same as the evaluated diesel under specified operating problems. Hexadecane is utilized as a gas chromatography criterion and as a fixed option and solvent. Also utilized in natural synthesis.

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Application of Hexadecane

  • n-Hexadecane is studied as a representative of microbial degradation of petroleum
    Among the various components of petroleum, the content of C14~C18 is generally the highest (Li Anjie et al., 2005), and the spontaneous combustion index of diesel oil is usually expressed by the content of n-hexadecane (Zhang Jie et al., 2013). Petroleum industrial processes (manufacturing, cleaning activities or spills) generate various pollutants that have a negative impact on the environment due to their toxicity, carcinogenicity and mutagenicity. N-hexadecane is one of the components with the most content in petroleum. It has the characteristics of low water solubility and low volatility. Once it enters the environment, it is difficult to be eliminated. It is a persistent pollutant. Moreover, cetane also has many hazards. For example, cetane vapor can irritate the upper respiratory tract, eyes and skin of the human body, and direct inhalation of liquid into the lungs can cause chemical pneumonia. Therefore, n-hexadecane can be studied as a representative of petroleum hydrocarbons.

    Many scholars have used hexadecane as the research object of petroleum pollutants, explored the metabolic changes of microorganisms to different substrates, and discussed the optimization strategies to improve the degradation level of pollutants, providing theoretical support for environmental pollution control.

  • Hexadecane as a standard sample for gas chromatography
    Gas chromatograph verification, calibration, evaluation of the accuracy of analysis results, and quality control of analysis and measurement processes all require the use of reference materials, especially in the metrology and verification industry. . In the use of gas chromatography, the hydrogen flame detector (FID) is the most widely used, and the detector is responsive to almost all organic compounds. According to the “Verification Regulations for Gas Chromatography” (JJG 700-2016), the reference material for FID detector verification is the standard material of n-hexadecane solution in isooctane, and the mass concentration is 10~1000ng/μL.

    N-hexadecane is an important component of petroleum and can persist in the environment. Moreover, my country’s environmental monitoring system stipulates that volatile organic compounds whose retention time is between n-hexane and n-hexadecane when analyzed by a non-polar column of gas chromatography are collectively referred to as total volatile organic compounds (TVOC). “Indoor Air Quality Standard” (Standard No.: GB/T18883-2002) has made clear limit value regulations on TVOC content in the air. The standard sample of n-hexadecane solution in methanol is of great significance for my country’s environmental monitoring and related industry laboratories and scientific research institutions to provide environmental standard samples in line with my country’s national conditions.

Diesel Cetane Number

Diesel is a light petroleum product, which is a complex mixture of C10~C20. It is usually processed by crude oil distillation, catalytic cracking, thermal cracking, hydrocracking, petroleum coking and other production processes. rock extraction or coal-to-oil production. As an important component of diesel, n-hexadecane content will be an important index to measure the ignition performance of diesel in compression ignition engines. The higher the cetane number, the better the ignition performance of the diesel, the shorter the ignition delay period, the more uniform the combustion, and the smoother the engine starts. A low cetane number indicates that it is difficult to burn and ignite, and the flame delay period is long. However, if the cetane number is too high, it will also produce a small amount of black smoke due to partial incomplete combustion.


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