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Basic Info of Hexachloroethane

What is Hexachloroethane?

Hexachloroethane is also known as perchloroethane and carbon hexachloride. Chemical formula Cl3CCCl3. There is a camphor odor. There is sublimation.

Hexachloroethane responds violently with metal zinc in alcohol remedy to produce zinc chloride and also tetrachloroethylene. Can also respond with other steel powders. Hexachloroethane is the most poisonous of chlorinated hydrocarbons. It has toxic impacts on the human control center as well as stimulates the skin as well as mucous membrane layers. The minimal lethal dose for intravenous injection in canines was 32.5 mg/kg. The optimum allowable concentration in the workplace is 1 × 10-6.

Hexaethane is an anemic solid that progressively vaporizes when revealed to air. It is additionally called HCE, perchloroethane and carbon hexachloride. In the USA, regarding half of hexachloroethane is made use of by the armed forces to make smoke tools. It is likewise made use of to eliminate bubbles from molten light weight aluminum Hexachloroethane may exist as an ingredient in some fungicides, chemicals, lubricating substances and plastics. Hexachloroethane is not naturally generated in the setting. When shedding materials containing chlorinated hydrocarbons, the incinerator will certainly develop some hexachloroethane. Hexachloroethane itself is difficult to catch fire. Some hexachloroethane is additionally developed when chlorine reacts with carbon substances in alcohol consumption water.

Hexachloroethane Uses

  1. Hexachloroethane can be made use of as lubricating oil additive, and can also be made use of in the manufacture of insecticides, bug sprays, smoke screens, etc.
  2. This item is used as a solvent and used in the manufacturing of Freon-113, chemicals, drugs, veterinary medications, smoking agents, defoaming representatives, degassing agents for light weight aluminum products, deoxidizers (light weight aluminum, magnesium, copper and also their alloys), reducing Oil ingredients and also polyvinyl chloride co-plasticizers, natural synthesis intermediates.
  3. Hexachloroethane is used as a camphor substitute as well as a rubber vulcanization accelerator.
  4. HCH itself is also a veterinary anthelmintic. Generally made use of for ruminant liver leech condition and also stomach leech disease, other orchidosis and also nematode disease.
  5. Utilized as resources for natural synthesis, degassing agent for light weight aluminum and its alloys.
  6. Hexachloroethane has actually been utilized in the solution of extreme stress lubes. Hexachloroethane has been made use of as an insect repellent, rubber accelerator, fungicide as well as chemical solution in veterinary medication, along with a moth repellent and plasticizer of cellulose ester.
  7. Hexachloroethane is utilized as smoke agent and anti-riot representative in the United States.

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Production Method of Hexachloroethane

It is acquired by chlorination of tetrachloroethane. The dried tetrachloroethane is put into the glass-lined separation reaction pot, and also chlorine gas is presented under solid light irradiation, as well as the reaction temperature level is slowly raised, and finally maintained 90-100 ° C. When the reaction remedy turns from muddy to clear and crystals show up in the chlorination tube, the chlorination will get to the end factor. Stop the chlorine circulation, raise the temperature to 120 ° C, as well as discharge the recurring chlorine in the pot to reach completion point. Quit the chlorine flow, raise the heat to 120 ℃, and also discharge the recurring chlorine in the pot. Release right into a formation pot loaded with boiling water, wash with warm water, add 1% sodium carbonate as well as 5% urea remedy to stir and also get rid of chlorine. After fully washing with water, cooling down as well as crystallizing, centrifugal purification, and also lastly soaking the crystals in distilled water and after that drying, drying out at 40 ° C, as well as pulverizing to obtain hexachloroethane.

Trichloroethylene as well as chlorine are likewise utilized for photochlorination in industry. Trichloroethylene reacts with chlorine to produce pentachloroethane, and after that responds with liquid antacids to create tetrachloroethylene. Perchloroethylene and also fluid chlorine (1:0.213) go through photochlorination to obtain crude items, which are after that neutralized with soda ash, washed with water, taken shape by cooling, centrifugal filtering, dried out, as well as shattered to acquire finished products. Using this method to produce hexachloroethane takes in 680kg of trichloroethylene as well as 700kg of liquid chlorine per ton of item. On top of that, carbon tetrachloride reacts with chlorine in the presence of light weight aluminum chloride, or ethylene responds with chlorine at 300-350 ° C to obtain this product.


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