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Basic Info

What is Heptanoic Acid?

Enanthic acid, additionally known as heptanoic acid, is an organic compound made up of 7 carbon chains terminated by carboxylic acid useful teams. It is an anemic oily fluid with an unpleasant rank smell. It can cause the smell of some putrid oil. Somewhat soluble in water, very soluble in ethanol and ether. The salts and esters of heptane acid are called heptane esters or heptane esters.

Its name comes from the Latin oenanthe, which is likewise derived from the ancient Greek oinos “red wine” and anthos “flower”.

Initially, heptane-1 and syngas are carbonylated to obtain heptaldehyde, which is after that oxidized by air to obtain heptanoic acid. First, send out the Heptene synthesis gas (carbon monoxide gas+hydrogen), distributing gas and also catalyst option into the carbonylation reactor, with the control temperature of 94-150 ℃ as well as pressure of 1.30 MPa; The reaction products are separated right into aldehydes through vacuum cleaner flash purification, and also the catalyst and also heavy parts can be reused. After that, the aldehydes are fed right into the oxidation reactor and also oxidized in air under a pressure listed below 0.69 MPa in a blended change metal driver system. Amongst them, almost all aldehydes are transformed, so there is no requirement for separation and circulation. After getting rid of the trace amount of driver had in the obtained product, it is sent out to a double tower distillation system. The heavy components (which can be used as fuel) are eliminated in the first tower, and also the above materials are sent out to the second tower to obtain the completed branched chain acid.

Heptanoic Acid Uses

  1. GB 2760-1996 stipulates that edible spices are allowed to be used.
  2. Heptanoic acid can be used as a raw material for the production of spices, antifungal drugs, chemical reagents, organic synthesis raw materials, and solvents.
  3. The excellent anti-corrosion performance of heptanoic acid makes it used as a metal working fluid, industrial water-based refrigerant, and paint anti-corrosion additive.
  4. Heptanoic acid has the characteristics of low low-temperature viscosity and low high-temperature volatility, and can be used as an industrial lubricant in fields such as aviation, refrigeration, and automobiles.
  5. In fragrance and also fabricated fragrances. It is likewise used in the production of emollients, skin conditioners, and also thickness control representatives in cosmetics.
  6. Heptanoic acid can be used as a raw material for the production of spices, antifungal drugs, chemical reagents, organic synthesis raw materials, and solvents.
  7. Heptanoic acid is made use of as an organic structural device in the synthesis of numerous compounds. It is involved in the esterification of steroids, and is utilized to prepare the active components of medications such as trombolone heptate, Testosterone enanthate, tratarandrosterone heptate, and also metenolone heptate. It is also made use of as an inner requirement in the gas chromatography evaluation of unpredictable acid butyl ester. Its ester by-products are made use of in perfume and significance industries, as well as cosmetics and also industrial lubes in air travel, refrigeration and automobiles. Utilized for preparing sodium heptaneate and as a corrosion inhibitor.


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