Helional CAS 1205-17-0 2-Methyl-3-(3,4-methylenedioxyphenyl)propanal

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Basic Info

What is Helional?

Xinyang jasmonal (Helional) is an aromatic organic substance, which can be considered a homologue of piperonal. It has the structure of phenylpropanal. It is insoluble in water but soluble in alcohol. It has a flowery aroma and is typically made use of in business. Fragrances and also odorants.

Piperonyl propionaldehyde is a kind of spice with fresh watermelon aroma and light lily of the valley as well as jasmine-like fennel fragrance. It is commonly used in the preparation of various floral, woodland as well as sea-breeze scents such as jasmine type and also bunny ear blossom. The scent lasts for a very long time.

Helional is additionally called “piperonal”. In many publications introducing seasonings as well as significances, the scent of helional is called the supposed. The “sunflower” fragrance, as a matter of fact, the scent of jasmonal ought to be a bean scent with anise flavor, which has nothing to do with the “floral fragrance”. This spice is also extra prone to staining, particularly if it encounters a small amount of indole, it will additionally transform pink, so you need to listen. In soap essence, bean fragrance is really essential, coumarin is the “first” due to its economical rate and also no danger of staining, however the aroma of coumarin is “also tedious”, adding some helional will certainly have a “Exotic flavor” (the so-called “foreign flavor”) is much more able to touch the hearts of customers. When a large amount of helional is included, particularly when there are nitro musks (such as sunflower musk, dimethyl, benzene musk and also ketone musk, etc, it is best to include some geraniol to make the generated appearance stable. Discoloration.

Helional Uses

  • 2-Methyl-3-(3,4-methylenedioxyphenyl)-propanal is an aromatic aldehyde used as the active moiety in nanobiosensors for the study of human olfactory receptors 17-40.
  • Helional can be made use of in day-to-day chemical scent solutions, generally for the release of numerous floral scents such as jasmine and rabbit grass.
  • Helional can be utilized in the blending of mostly all flower scents such as cyclamen, jasmine, lily of the valley, lilac, rose, and so on, as well as also consists of various international popular brand name fragrances. It is an essential precious seasoning.
  • Xinyang jasmonal is acquired by utilizing helional as basic material, initial condensing with propionaldehyde, and afterwards careful catalytic hydrogenation. Its scent has actually generally broken away from the “frame” of helional, with eco-friendly, aldehyde, as well as oz one-well scents, as well as the floral scent is not too apparent, but it makes individuals feel like a cucumber, and this environment-friendly fragrance can be found basically throughout. The main deployment of scent kind significance is optional.

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Preparation of Helional

International countries have been investigating and creating the synthesis and application of Xinyang Jasminaldehyde because the 1950s, and also have actually understood the core synthesis modern technology. However, there are few residential reports on the synthesis as well as application of Xinyang Jasmonal. The synthesis yield is as well low, and also the side reactions are serious. Serious environmental pollution problems have made it challenging to recognize automation.

Tang Jian (Synthesis of Jasmonal in Xinyang [J] Guangxi Chemical Market, 1998, 27 (3 ): 33 ~ 36) introduced the Claisen-Schmidt condensation reaction of piperonal as well as propionic acid, making use of a not natural strong base as a stimulant, and also Mr. Piperonylidene propionaldehyde (α, β-unsaturated aldehyde) is uniquely decreased by hydrogenation to get new jasmonal, and its primary response conversion price is 56%. Due to the fact that the stimulant is as well alkaline, side reactions such as disproportionation reactions are prone to take place. The yield lowers as well as the reaction product is tough to cleanse and divide.

A maximized prep work method of Xinyangjasmonal, which is special in that the prepared Xinyangjasmonal makes use of piperonal as a beginning material, catalyzed by a strong standard anion exchange resin, and undergoes Claisen-Schmidt condensation with propionaldehyde Response to get piperonyl propionaldehyde, and after that catalytic hydrogenation to get Xinyangjasmonal.


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