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Basic Info of Guanidine Hydrochloride

What is Guanidine Hydrochloride?

Guanidine hydrochloride, its chemical name is carbamidine hydrochloride, its architectural formula is: NH=C(NH2)2 · HCl, and also its molecular formula is: CH6ClN3.

Guanidine hydrochloride is a white or yellow-colored lump with a melting point of 181-183 ° C as well as a relative thickness of 1.354. At 25 ° C, the pH value of a 4% aqueous solution is 6.4. The solubility in 100g of the complying with solution at 20 ° C is: 200g/100g water, 76g/100g methanol, 24g/100g ethanol, almost insoluble in acetone, benzene as well as ether.

Guanidine hydrochloride can be made use of as medicine, pesticide, dye and other natural synthesis intermediates. It is an important basic material for the manufacture of sulfadiazine, sulfamethazine, sulfamethazine and also other medicines and also folic acid. It can also be used as an antistatic agent for synthetic fibers.

Guanidine Hydrochloride Uses

  1. Guanidine hydrochloride is used for RNA seclusion to dissociate nucleoproteins as well as inhibit RNase.
  2. Strong fluid release representative for healthy protein denaturation as well as subsequent refolding. This solid denaturant can dissolve insoluble or denatured proteins, such as addition bodies. This can be made use of as a first step in refolding a healthy protein or enzyme into an energetic type. Urea and dithiothreitol (DTT) may also be needed.
  3. Guanidine has excellent bacterial and also antiseptic efficacy when utilized in reduced concentration, as well as can also be used as anti-bacterial.
  4. Guanidine hydrochloride used as an organic synthesis intermediate; used as an antistatic representative for synthetic fibers; a strong chaotropic representative for healthy protein denaturation and succeeding renaturation.
  5. Guanidine hydrochloride can be made use of as intermediates in medicine, pesticides, dyes and also various other natural synthesis. It can be utilized to manufacture 2-aminopyrimidine, 2-amino-6-methylpyrimidine, 2-amino-4,6-dimethylpyrimidine, and also is used to manufacture sulfadiazine such as sulfadiazine, sulfamethazine, sulfamethazine and folic acid.

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The Purification Method of Guanidine Hydrochloride

A method for purifying pharmaceutical grade guanidine hydrochloride, which comprises the following steps:

  1. Under normal pressure, add 500 g of water into the mixer, then add 1200 g of crude guanidine hydrochloride, stir at 60 ° C for 30 min, stir evenly and then pump into a coarse filter to remove mechanical impurities and incompletely dissolved solid particles to obtain Guanidine hydrochloride crude guanidine aqueous solution;
  2. The crude guanidine hydrochloride aqueous solution obtained by removing mechanical impurities and incompletely dissolved solid particle impurities through the coarse filter is pumped into the ultrasonic crystallization system for continuous and cyclic treatment to obtain guanidine hydrochloride clear liquid to induce the precipitation of fine impurities (the ultrasonic crystallization system adopts Continuous treatment type, it has internal circulation system to carry out the circulation treatment of guanidine hydrochloride crude guanidine aqueous solution), obtains guanidine hydrochloride clear liquid;
  3. Pump the guanidine hydrochloride clear liquid that has been induced by the ultrasonic crystallization system to remove impurities into the precision filter to remove the fine impurity crystal grains that are not completely removed by the ultrasonic crystallization system; then pump the guanidine hydrochloride solution that has passed through the precision filter into the decolorizer , in order to remove the trace amount of cyanamide impurities dissolved in the solution to obtain a refined guanidine hydrochloride solution, the process conditions of the decolorizer are: temperature 60 ℃, pressure 0.15MPa (G) and hydraulic residence time 30min;
  4. Pumping the purified guanidine hydrochloride solution into the finished product crystallizer for crystallization and purification; separating the crystals and drying to obtain pharmaceutical grade guanidine hydrochloride; the yield is 85% (calculated as crude guanidine) and the purity is 99.7%.

Preparation Method of Guanidine Hydrochloride

  1. Melting, the weight ratio of dicyandiamide and ammonium chloride of 1: 1.27 is put into the reactor, and melting reaction is carried out at 170~230 ℃ to obtain the guanidine hydrochloride crude product.
  2. Dissolving, at normal temperature, the guanidine hydrochloride crude product is dissolved in water at a ratio of 1:1, and the solution is added with the ammonium salt removal alkaloid whose dosage is determined according to the ammonium salt content in the guanidine hydrochloride crude product.
  3. Filtration, the raw material and reaction by-product are removed by the method of filtration.
  4. Dehydration, dehydrating the filtered mother liquor at high temperature.
  5. Crystallization, cooling the supersaturated solution, and concentrating the crystallization to obtain high-purity guanidine hydrochloride.
  6. The guanidine hydrochloride after step e is then added to dicyandiamide into the reaction kettle, and the melting reaction is carried out at 170 to 230 ° C for 3 to 4 hours, and then through steps b, c, d, and e, higher purity guanidine hydrochloride is obtained, and Repeat this step as many times as necessary.
  7. The guanidine hydrochloride after step e is further subjected to steps b, c, d, and e, wherein the ratio of step b to water is 1.5:1 to obtain guanidine hydrochloride with higher purity, and this step can be repeated many times as needed.


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