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Basic Info of Grape Seed Oil

What is Grape Seed Oil?

Grape is one of the oldest plants in the world. In addition to fresh food, grapes are mainly used for brewing. Among them, grape seeds account for about 5% to 7% of the weight of grapes. Grape seeds are by-products produced in the process of pressing grape juice in wineries. In the past, most of these were discarded as waste, which not only harmed the environment and polluted the air; another part of the grape seeds were used as feed to feed livestock and soil fertilizers, but did not contribute much to the economic benefits of farmers and manufacturers. If the grape seeds are used effectively, it can not only save the waste of resources, develop new energy, expand the industrial chain, realize the comprehensive utilization of grape seeds, but also improve its economic value and promote economic development. Different varieties of grape seeds and affected by its mature environment, the oil content of grape seeds is about 6% to 22%, and grape seed oil is the main product developed by grape seeds. Grape seed oil is rich in nutrients and has high nutritional and health benefits.

Grape seed oil is a pure natural product obtained by pressing and separating selected grape seeds. Among the various animal and vegetable oils currently known, grapeseed oil contains the highest content of fatty acids that are essential to the human body but cannot be synthesized by the human body, reaching more than 90%. Among them, 75% is linoleic acid (that is, vitamin F), which is a fatty acid that the human body must absorb and cannot synthesize by itself. Grapeseed oil is refreshing and not greasy, suitable for frying, boiling, frying, frying, salad and other cooking. It has a high melting point and is not easy to smoke.

Grape seed oil is also rich in vitamin E, a certain amount of vitamin A, D and various trace elements, so grapeseed oil is a rare pure natural product, its nutritional value, cosmetic efficacy and medical effect are all It has been fully affirmed by domestic and foreign medical circles and nutritionists.

Grape Seed Oil Use for Skin

  1. Increase flexibility
    Grape seed oil can promote the formation of moderate cross-linking of collagen. In addition, it can also act as an effective free radical scavenger, which can prevent the skin from “over-cross-linking” and prevent the appearance of skin wrinkles and vesicles, thereby keeping the skin soft and smooth.
  2. Remove wrinkles
    Grape seed oil has high antioxidant and free radical scavenging effects, and is easily absorbed by the skin’s connective tissue, which can protect the skin from UV damage and reduce skin diseases and wrinkles.
  3. Whitening
    The main extract of grape seed is proanthocyanidin, which has super antioxidant capacity, 50 times that of vitamin E, 20 times that of vitamin C, helps to delay aging, and also helps to eliminate pigmentation, chloasma and butterflies Spots and other spots.
    Grape seed oil can also block ultraviolet rays, reduce the impact of ultraviolet rays on skin damage, promote the production of collagen, accelerate the production of skin cells, and restore the skin to a white and smooth state.
  4. Moisturizing lock water
    Grape seed oil can be used to improve the loss of moisture and lack of moisture in the skin due to damage or destruction of skin cells. Grapeseed oil can regenerate cells and fill the protected epidermal cells with moisture, which has the effect of moisturizing and locking the skin. 

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Application of Grape Seed Oil

Grape seed oil is refined from grape seeds by the most innovative cold-pressing approach. It has an attractive and natural pale yellow or pale environment-friendly color. It is one of the most prominent and also efficient selections of base oils. Grapeseed oil has all-natural and also non-toxic residential or commercial properties, so it appropriates for children, expectant ladies, the senior and also professional athletes.

Skin treatment: The skin is fairly dry in autumn as well as wintertime, specifically the hand joints, foot joints as well as elbow joints are prone to dry skin and creases. The base oil has moisturizing and maintenance functions, which can restore the natural flexibility of the skin. It can be rubbed three times a week on typical completely dry days as well as everyday on especially dry days. Or utilize it as a full-body oil for skin care after every bath. It is an excellent body oil.

Grape Seed Extract: Grape Seed Extract Proanthocyanidins (OPC) is an extremely efficient complimentary radical scavenger. It can get rid of harmful totally free radicals in the body, protect human cells and tissues from oxidative damages by cost-free radicals, and stop more than 80 cost-free radical-related illness such as allergic reactions and also aging.

Typical Chinese medication components: Energetic components: proanthocyanidins, grape polyphenols. Proanthocyanidins can be divided into monomers, oligomers as well as polymers. Our grape seed remove is mostly oligomer (OPC), which contains two types of proanthocyanidins. Monomer structure, particularly catechin and also epicatechin.

How to Use Grape Seed Oil

  1. Grape seed Oil Skin Care
    How to use: After applying a hot towel to the face, apply grapeseed oil on the skin and massage gently to fully absorb it. It can remove the dirt in the pores, make the skin shiny, delicate and elastic, and can also eliminate wrinkles and stains, and delay skin aging. But if you have sensitive skin, it is not recommended to use it.
  2. Body after Grape seed Oil Bath
    How to use: After bathing, apply grapeseed oil to the whole body and massage to speed up blood circulation, reduce muscle tension, and make skin smooth and delicate. Apply grapeseed oil around the waist and belly button, massage with palms in circular motions, it can help burn excess fat and eliminate stretch marks.
  3. Apply grapeseed oil before makeup to prevent makeup from falling off
    How to use: After cleansing the face and using toner and lotion, apply grapeseed oil, wait for absorption, and then apply foundation. Applying grapeseed oil before makeup can prevent powder from coming off. When removing makeup, grape seed oil can also help remove makeup, gently wipe the face, you can remove makeup, and will not cause skin damage.
  4. Grape seed oil lip balm
    Grapeseed oil can deal with the effect of chapped lips. In the dry season, apply grapeseed oil on the lips for three days to restore the luster to the lips.


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Over the years, relying on professional team experience and customer-centric team concept to meet customer needs in a timely manner, our company enjoys a high reputation in the world. At present, our company has served more than 6,000 customers and has established long-term cooperative relations with customers from many countries.

If you have a demand for grape seed oil and related products, please contact our service staff Zhishang Chemical – White directly, and we will provide you with high-quality products at the best price.

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