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Basic Info

What is Glycerol Monooleate?

Glycerol monooleate has a weak fat smell. It is a polar lipid. It broadens in water to produce multiphase monooleic glyceride with various rheological buildings. Monooleic glyceride is a mix of oleic acid as well as various other fats, mainly composed of monooleic acid esters. It has monooleic glycerides (C21H40O4) and fatty acid glycerides existing in commercial oleic acids.

Monooleoglycerol ester is described as a mix of monoacylglycerol (mostly monooleoglycerol) as well as variable amounts of diacyl and also triacylglycerol. They are defined by the small web content of monoacylglycerol and also are acquired by partial glycerolysis of grease consisting of mainly oleic acid triacylglycerol or by oleylation of glycerol, which is of vegetable or animal origin. Suitable anti-oxidants can be added.

Glycerol Monooleate Uses

  • Glycerol monooleate is used to synthesize water-soluble drugs that need sustained release drugs.
  • Glycerol monooleate is used for oral and local pharmaceutical preparations, and is generally considered as a relatively non irritating and non-toxic excipient.
  • 1-Oleoylglycerol is a 1-monoglyceride in which the acyl group is oleoyl. It has the function as plant metabolite. It is 1-acylglycerol 18:1 and monooleoylglycerol. It is functionally related to oleic acid.
  • Non ionic surfactant with emulsifying, thickening as well as defoaming homes. In the daily chemical sector, it is used as the emulsifier, solubilizer, sunscreen as well as defoamer for the manufacturing of cream cosmetics as well as fluid cleaning hair shampoo. In the fabric market, it is used as a fabric completing agent and additionally as a pigment grinding additive. It can be used as defoamer, with thickness lowering and also foam inhibiting results.

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Application of Glycerol Monooleate

Monoolein is a polar lipid that can swell in water to form multiple phases with different rheological properties. It has two grades: non emulsified (n/e) and self emulsified (s/e). The self emulsified grade contains about 5% anionic surfactant.

Non emulsifying grade is used as an emulsifier for emollients and water in oil lotion in topical formulations. It is also a stabilizer of oil in water lotion. Self emulsifying grade is used as the main emulsifier of oil in water system.

Monoolein is gel in excess water to form a highly ordered cubic phase, which can be used to slow release a variety of water-soluble drugs. It is also the basis of mucosal adhesive drug delivery system.

It has been reported that monooleic glyceride can enhance skin and oral penetration.

Preparation of Glycerol Monooleate

Glycerol monooleate is prepared by esterification of glycerol and fatty acids (mainly oleic acid). Since the fatty acid is not a pure substance, but a mixture of fatty acids, the product obtained from esterification will contain a mixture of esters, including stearic acid and palmitic acid. Diester and triester may also be present. Therefore, the composition and physical properties of monooleic glycerides may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer; For example, the melting point may vary between 10 – 35 ° C.

Monooleic acid glyceride shall be stored in a closed container in a cool and dry place away from light.


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