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Basic Info of Glycerol

What is Glycerol?

Glycerin was first discovered by Scheel in 1779. In 1823, people understood that the oil part contained Chevreul, which means sweet in Greek, so it was called Glycerine. During the First World War, since it was the raw product for making gunpowder, the production increased greatly.

Appearance as well as Feature: Anemic thick fluid, odorless, with a cozy sweetness that can soak up dampness.

Solubility: Miscible in ethanol, miscible with water, insoluble in chloroform, ether, carbon disulfide, benzene, oils. Some inorganic substances can be liquified.

Gas chromatographic fixed liquid (the highest temperature is 75 ℃, the solvent is methanol), which can divide and also assess low-boiling oxygen-containing compounds, amine substances, nitrogen or oxygen heterocyclic substances, as well as can completely separate 3-methylpyridine (boiling point 144.14 ℃) as well as 4 -Picoline (boiling point 145.36 ° C), appropriate for evaluation of aqueous solutions, solvents, gas meters as well as shock absorbers for hydraulic presses, softeners, nutrients for antibiotic fermentation, desiccants, lubricating substances, pharmaceutical industry, cosmetic preparation, natural synthesis, Plasticizer. It can be liquified with water in any percentage, as well as the low-concentration glycerol solution can be made use of as lubricating oil to hydrate the skin (Kaisailu).

The chemical name of glycerin is glycerol, which has solid water absorption. Due to its appearance as a clear as well as viscous liquid, many people error it for an oil. In fact, glycerin is an alcohol, a material that is better to alcohol. Glycerin takes in rapidly, and it is a great hydrating product for skin that removes in seasons, skin with acne scars, and also delicate skin. In addition to being used to wipe hands and feet, glycerin is additionally very efficient in avoiding chapped lips.

Glycerol Uses

  1. Damping
    Glycerin is used as the filler of the pressure gauge to suppress vibration. External vibration from compressors, engines, pumps, etc. will produce harmonic vibration in the Boden instrument, resulting in excessive movement of the pointer and inaccurate readings. Excessive swing of the needle will also damage the internal gear or other components, resulting in premature wear.
  2. Film industry
    The film industry uses glycerin when shooting scenes involving water to prevent the area from drying too quickly.
    Use glycerin – mixed with water (about 1:99) – to create a smooth smoke environment.
  3. Internal combustion engine fuel
    Glycerin is also used to power diesel generators and FIA Formula e series electric racing cars.
  4. Chemical intermediates
    Glycerol is used to produce nitroglycerin, which is the basic component of various explosives (such as explosives, open flames) and propellants (such as cordierite). Relying on soap making to supply glycerol, a by-product, made it difficult to increase production to meet wartime needs. Therefore, the synthetic glycerol process was the focus of national defense before World War II. Nitroglycerin, also known as triglyceride (GTN), is usually used to alleviate angina pectoris and is taken in the form of sublingual tablets, patches or aerosol sprays. Trifunctional polyether polyols consist of glycerol and propylene oxide. Glycerol is oxidized to obtain medium oxalic acid. [36] dehydrate glycerol to obtain hydroxyacetone.

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Application of Glycerol

Preparation of Glycerol

A method for purifying medicinal glycerol, comprising the steps:

S1, the muscovite is ground, and the barium nitrate aqueous solution is added to mix and stir, and the pH value of the system is adjusted with hydrochloric acid to be 5.5 to 6.5, and hexadecyltrimethylammonium chloride is added to heat up and stir, filter, and wash to obtain pretreated muscovite;

S2, heat the sepiolite powder, keep warm, cool to room temperature, add hydrochloric acid, heat up and stir, filter, wash until neutral, dry, add furfural and mix evenly, heat up, keep warm, heat up under nitrogen protection, keep warm, cool, Wash until neutral, add pretreated muscovite, stir, dry, and pulverize to obtain sepiolite muscovite compound;

S3. Add water to the crude glycerin, add the sepiolite muscovite compound, stir, and let stand; filter under reduced pressure, and the filtrate passes through the 001×7 type cation exchange resin column rinsed with water, and then passes through the 201×7 type anion exchange resin column. Resin column, rotary evaporation, heating and evaporation until no distillate distillates, and continued pumping; sent to distillation tower, collected 152 ~ 158 ℃ fraction, sent to deodorization tower for deodorization and heat exchange, and then sent to decolorization tower for decolorization treatment to obtain Pharmaceutical grade glycerol.


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