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Basic Info

What is Glucono Delta Lactone?

Glucono-δ-lactone is referred to as lactone or GDL, and its molecular formula is C6H10O6. It is a non-toxic edible substance. White crystal or white crystalline powder, almost odorless, the taste is first sweet and then sour. soluble in water. Glucono-δ-lactone is used as a coagulant, mainly used in the production of tofu, and also as a protein coagulant for dairy products. It can also be used as a sour agent, leavening agent, antiseptic preservative, pigment stabilizer, calculus Preventive agent, widely used in egg, candy, fruit products, soft drinks, meat, fish processing, etc.

It exists naturally in foods rich in glucose such as honey and fruit juice. It hydrolyzes back to acidic gluconic acid, giving them a fermented, slightly sour taste that is about one-third as acidic as citric acid. Its metabolism in the body is achieved by converting it into glucose, and gluconolactone and sugar have similar calorific value.

The yeast family Saccharomyces bulderi is able to further break down gluconolactone into ethanol and carbon dioxide.

In organisms (such as bees), D-glucose loses two hydrogen atoms under the action of glucose oxidase, carbon No. 1 is oxidized to carboxyl group and finally removes a molecule of water to form 1,5-lactone. Another product of the reaction is hydrogen peroxide. Glucose oxidase produced artificially has been used in blood sugar test strips for diabetics to allow patients to determine the concentration of glucose in blood or urine samples by themselves. However, most of these tests have been replaced by electronic assay devices.

Glucono Delta Lactone Uses

  1. The lactone (cyclic ester) of D-neneneba gluconic acid is used as a chelating agent, acidifier, or curing agent, pickling agent or Leavening agent.
  2. Geogard (R) Ultra is a synergistic mixture of Glucono delta-lactone and Sodium benzoate. This mixture can provide broad-spectrum protection for various personal care formulas to prevent product deterioration.
  3. D-neneneba gluconic acid -1,5-lactone is a lactone derivative of D-nenenebb gluconic acid. D-neneneba gluconic acid -1,5-lactone is widely used as food additive to achieve the effect of curing, curing or bulking.
  4. Because Gluconic acid free radicals maintain their active chelating ability in alkaline solution, they become a component of many cleaning compounds; Preventing lactolithiasis in the dairy industry; Preventing beer stones in breweries; As a potential acid catalyst for acidic colloidal resins, especially in textile printing; Used as a coagulant for tofu.
  5. Glucono delta-lactone is used in cosmetics because of its anti acne properties. Due to its water locking ability, it can also help improve skin hydration. In addition, the formula designer can choose Glucono delta-lactone as the product stabilizer (chelating agent). Some studies have shown potential free radical scavenging ability. These characteristics make it particularly suitable for manufacturing anti-aging, moisturizing, and possibly sunscreen products.

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Application of Glucono Delta Lactone

  1. As a coagulant: this product is hydrolyzed in aqueous remedy to create gluconic acid to coagulate protein, and also the impact is better than calcium sulfate, calcium chloride and bittern. The tofu made with this item has great water retention, fragile appearance, smooth as well as tender preference, and also has antibacterial effect. When making tofu, add 2.5 ~ 2.6 g of this item per kg of soymilk. This product can be liquified in a percentage of water first, and then included in soymilk, or the soymilk with this product included canned, heated to 80 ° C with water isolation, shielded for 15 mins, as well as tofu can be coagulated.
  2. As a chemical, it has antiseptic impact on mold and mildew and also general germs, and can be utilized for disinfectant preservation of fish, meat, fowl, shrimp, etc, to ensure that the appearance of the product is shiny and also does not brown, and at the same time it can maintain the elasticity of the meat. Including 0.3% of this product to luncheon meat, sausage, red sausage, and so on can make the item brilliant in color, great in water holding ability, elastic, antibacterial, and minimize the development of nitrosamines in the item.
  3. As a loosening representative, this item is compatible with sodium bicarbonate and combined to make baking powder. When heated up, gluconic acid responds with sodium bicarbonate to generate carbon dioxide, which has great swelling effect and also no peculiar scent. Particularly ideal for pastry, fried food, etc. This item is blended with sodium bicarbonate at a ratio of 2:1 to develop baking powder, as well as its dose can account for 50% to 70% of the sour agent. It can be used in biscuits, fried dough rolls and also bread, etc, specifically for cakes. The dosage has to do with 0.13% of wheat flour.
  4. As a chelating agent, it can be made use of in grape juice or other berry red wines. Adding this item can prevent the formation of tartar. Used in milk products to stop milk stone formation.
  5. As a sour agent, it can additionally be created right into top-quality beverages with sodium bicarbonate. It not only has strong gas production capability, however also can slowly hydrolyze gluconic acid, which is trendy as well as delicious as well as has no excitement to the belly.

Production Method of Glucono Delta Lactone

At present, there are three main production methods of gluconolactone: one is to directly prepare gluconolactone by enzymatic and electrochemical methods using glucose as the starting material. However, this method has low conversion rate and difficult reaction control. The other is to use calcium gluconate as the starting material, and prepare gluconolactone through acidification, pressure filtration, ion exchange, concentration, crystallization, separation and drying. The period of this method is longer, and will produce a large amount of industrial waste liquid. The other is to use sodium gluconate as the starting material to obtain the product of gluconolactone through ion exchange, concentration under reduced pressure, static crystallization, centrifugal separation, and constant temperature drying. This method has long production cycle, high energy consumption and high production cost.

The ultraviolet/hydrogen peroxide method is a new type of advanced oxidation technology, which uses a strong oxidant and light to generate OH free radicals with strong oxidizing ability. Due to its unique and excellent oxidation properties, it has received extensive attention in recent years. It is mainly used in the treatment of nitrogen-containing dye wastewater, advanced water purification treatment, and research on desulfurization and denitrification. Good results have been achieved in these fields. The key of the present invention is to use this technology to solve many problems encountered in the industrial production of gluconolactone.

CN102367244A discloses a method for preparing gluconolactone. The method includes the following steps:

Glucose is dissolved in deionized water to obtain glucose solution as a raw material, and ultraviolet light is used to irradiate the glucose solution. The reaction device is equipped with a ventilation pump to speed up the mass transfer process. During the reaction, hydrogen peroxide is added, and the catalytic oxidation reaction is carried out under stirring conditions. The temperature is 20-60°C, the time is 1-4 hours, and the gluconic acid solution is obtained by filtration; then the gluconic acid solution is concentrated under reduced pressure at 70°C-80°C until the crystal liquid content is 70%-90%; the concentrated Add crystal seeds to the liquid, place it in a crystallization mixer for crystallization, and obtain the gluconolactone product.

The invention not only shortens the production cycle, does not cause industrial pollution, but also reduces the production cost, has low energy consumption and high yield, and is suitable for industrialized production.


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