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Basic Info

What is Furfural?

Furfural (2-Furaldehyde) is an industrial chemical that can be extracted from various agricultural by-products, including corn cobs, oat and wheat bran and sawdust. The word furfural is derived from the Latin word furfur, which means wheat bran, since this is where furfural is obtained.

Furfural is an aromatic aldehyde. Pure furfural is an almond-flavored, colorless, oily liquid that quickly turns yellow when exposed to air.

Furfural is a chemical product, which is hydrolyzed into pentose (monosaccharide) by the high-poly bran (cellulose, hemicellulose) in the plant fiber raw material under a certain temperature and the action of a catalyst, and the pentose is dehydrated to form furfural. Furfural is an important chemical raw material. There are more than 1,600 kinds of chemical products synthesized directly and indirectly from furfural. It is widely used in synthetic plastics, medicine, pesticides and other industries. It is also an excellent organic solvent for refining high-grade lubricating oil and diesel. There are many raw materials for furfural production, such as broad-leaved wood, camellia husk, cottonseed husk, dry bagasse, corncob, rice husk, etc. Ton of furfural consumes 11-13t of corncob, and 22t of rice husk.

Furfural Uses

  1. 2-Furaldehyde is used as a solvent in petrochemical refining to extract dienes from other hydrocarbons for the manufacture of synthetic rubber.
  2. Furfural is also a raw material for the production of furan and tetrahydrofuran solvents. HMF has been used in a wide variety of heat-processed foods.
  3. GB 2760-96 stipulates that it is allowed to use food spices; extraction solvents. It is mainly used to prepare various heat-processed flavors, such as bread, butterscotch, coffee and other flavors.
  4. Furfural, and its derivative furfuryl alcohol, can react with phenol, acetone, and urea to produce resins. This resin is used to make fiberglass, some aircraft parts and automobile brakes.
  5. 2-Furaldehyde is an important organic chemical raw material, which can be used to prepare maleic anhydride, oxalic acid, furfuryl alcohol, tetrahydrofuran, and can also be used to synthesize furfural resin, furan resin, rubber vulcanization accelerator, rubber and plastic antioxidant, preservative wait.
  6. Determination of cobalt, determination of sulfate. Reagents for the determination of aromatic amines, acetone, alkaloids, vegetable oils and cholesterol. Determination of pentose and polypentose as a standard. Synthetic resin, refined organic matter, nitrocellulose solvent, dichloroethane extractant.

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Application of Furfural

Furfural is the raw product for the preparation of several drugs and also industrial products. Furan can likewise be made right into succinic dialdehyde by electrolytic reduction, which is the raw product for the manufacturing of atropine.

Some by-products of furfural have strong bactericidal ability as well as wide anti-bacterial range. As an example, furfural is compressed with 5-nitrofurfural and also semicarbazide hydrochloride to obtain furacilin, which is an anti-bacterial and also antibacterial. Furfural is the raw material of furan acrylic acid, furylamine fumaric acid, adipic acid, furfuryl alcohol as well as various other intermediates. It is extensively utilized in the synthesis of pharmaceuticals, chemicals, vet medicines, dyes, flavors, rubber accessories, chemicals as well as various other fine chemicals.

Furfural is taken in most as solvent as well as raw material for synthetic material. In terms of resin synthesis, it can create furan material, furfural material and furfural ketone material. Furan material is also called furfuryl alcohol resin. Furfural is hydrogenated under high pressure to produce furfuryl alcohol, which is polymerized to get furfuryl alcohol resin. This resin has solid alkali resistance, high warm resistance as well as water resistance, as well as can be made use of as caulking resin concrete, anti-corrosion lining and also adhesive. As a solvent, furfural can precisely draw out unsaturated components from oil and grease. The aromatic parts in lubricating oil and diesel oil were drawn out with furfural. Enhance the top quality of these products. In the manufacturing of synthetic rubber, butadiene and also isoprene are detoxified by furfural removal. Furfural can stimulate skin and also mucous membrane, and the optimum allowable focus airborne is 5ppm.

History of Furfural

Johann Wolfgang D ö bereiner, a German chemist, first separated furfural in 1821 (released in 1832). He created a small amount of samples as a byproduct of formic acid synthesis. In 1840, the Scottish drug store John Stenhouse uncovered that the very same chemicals could be created by distilling numerous crop products (consisting of corn, oats, bran as well as sawdust) with sulfuric acid aqueous solution; He additionally figured out the empirical formula of furfural (C5H4O2). George Fownes named this oil “furfurol” (from furfurfur (bran) as well as oleum (oil)) in 1845.

In 1848, the French drug store Auguste Cahours determined that furfural was an aldehyde. It spends some time to determine the structure of furfural: the molecule of furfural consists of a type of cyclic ether (furan), which commonly splits when treated with harsh reagents. In 1870, the German drug store Adolf von Baeyer speculated on the framework of furan as well as 2-furoic acid with comparable chemical properties. This sight is supported by the supplementary research study of Heinrich Limpricht, a German chemist. From his job published in 1877, Bayer confirmed his previous sight on the framework of furfural. By 1886, furfural was called “furfural” (abbreviation of “furfural”), and also the proper chemical framework of furfural was recommended. By 1887, the German drug store Willy Marckwald had actually deduced that some furfural by-products had furan cores. In 1901, German drug store Karl Harris confirmed the framework of furan by researching succinic dialdehyde as well as 2-methylfuran, thus verifying the structure of furfural.

It was not up until 1922 when Quaker Oats Firm started to produce furfural in huge amounts from oat shells that furfural was reasonably unknown. Today, furfural is still created by agricultural by-products such as bagasse and also corncob. Presently, the major producers of furfural are the Dominican Republic, South Africa and also China.


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